Panasonic ew1311 in the test – current mouth showers in the comparison test

Panasonic ew1311 in the test - current mouth showers in the comparison test

Panasonic EW1311 in the test

Panasonic EW1311 in the test: Read here our review of the Panasonic EW1311 and compare it with other current oral showers.

Panasonic EW1311 – Review

With the EW1311 Panasonic finally provides a worthy successor to our previous test winner. The price is just under 60 euros fair and in our test shows the EW1311 then no major weaknesses. The workmanship is solid and the three settings should provide the right level of water pressure for most users.

Panasonic oral showers

Panasonic is a Japanese manufacturer of electrical appliances and now has more than 100 years on the corporate hump. In addition to cameras, televisions, computer parts and many other product groups, Panasonic also supplies with devices from the field of oral hygiene. These are, among other things, a few sonic toothbrushes, which occupy but in comparison to the overpowering competition of Oral-B or Philips but hardly a significant market share. The situation is different with the oral showers. Of course, there are also strong competitors here, but the devices from Panasonic still play at the top here for many years. The EW1211, for example, was launched on the market in 2009 and has been one of the top places in the sales charts since then. Also in our test, the EW1211 was able to do very well at the time and was for a long time one of our test winners under the mouthwashes. The here tested EW1311 is brand new and something like the direct successor. The expectations are accordingly high and we are curious what the evaluation of the new EW1311 will be.


Just like its predecessor, the Panasonic EW1311 is a battery-operated oral irrigator with integrated water tank. It holds 130 milliliters and is housed in the handle of the EW1311. For filling, the tank can be removed or simply held directly under the tap. With an empty water tank brings the irrigator already almost 300 grams on the scales, including a tank filling, it is accordingly around 430 grams. The battery is not charged via a cable, but via the supplied station. It also offers space for up to 2 slip-on nozzles and can also be attached to the wall using the enclosed screws.

Technical specifications:
Mass: about 300 g (empty)
Tank volume: 130 ml
Water: integrated
Power levels: 3
Max. Water pressure: 5.9 bar
Pump frequency: 1,400 pulses / min
Mouthwash addition:
Replacement nozzles: 4

Overall, the price even 4 nozzles, including colored rings for easy distinction, included. The oral shower has 3 modes, which differ greatly in terms of intensity. With the JET function, pure water is ejected at a pressure of approximately 590 kPa (5.9 bar), while in the two AirIn modes Mixed with air becomes. The more powerful “Regular” setting still comes to 390 kPa (3.9 bar), while the “Soft” setting settles at around 200 kPa (2 bar). In all modes, the water pressure through about 1,400 pulses per minute generated.

Test result – only minor criticism in the handling

The predecessor was able to convince over 10 years ago with a very good build quality and also the Panasonic EW1311 can score in the field. All parts make a high quality impression and all Controls work reliably. There are no irregular gaps and nothing wobbles. The only moving part, next to the control buttons, is the suction hose between the tank and the nozzle. But he also makes a solid impression. The only criticism was for us one at the beginning slightly noticeable plastic smell. But that was not really annoying and disappeared after the first few applications also relatively fast.

On the paper is the Operation a breeze, but in practice it sometimes takes some practice. A button for switching on, one for selecting the jet setting and also the filling of the water tank is self-explanatory. In addition, you have to pay attention to the To keep the irrigator reasonably straight, otherwise it can suck in air from the tank and the pressure decreases or even no more water comes. But you get used to it quickly.

The tank size is in our opinion a good compromise of manageability and sufficient amount of water. So the oral irrigator is not too heavy and can easily be operated with smaller hands. There is also enough water in the tank, for an operating time of about 35 seconds without interruption. Depending on the application, you can do without refilling, but at least with a second filling most should be able to do a complete cleaning.

The battery allows for approximately one operating time in the two AirIn modes 15-20 minutes, while in JET mode it drops to around 12 minutes. Given the rather long recharge time (according to the manufacturer, 15 hours are recommended in the charging station), the values ​​are somewhat disappointing, but in practice, one can also come to terms with it. It is a pity, however, that there is a lack of an ad that would indicate the completed charging process. The charging LED is always on and according to the instructions you should just pull the plug after about 15 hours. The would certainly be a little more comfortable.

The cleaning performance of the Panasonic EW1311, however, we are without criticism. The 3 settings differ significantly from each other and for most users probably also the right degree of intensity. In the JET setting is the Water jet really strong and is perfect for cleaning the gaps. The two gentler settings with added air, on the other hand, are good for sensitive gums or for massage. The angled nozzle heads also make it easy to reach all areas in the mouth.

Test conclusion – bottom line of the test victory

Anyone who prefers an oral irrigator with an integrated water tank will hardly miss the Panasonic EW1311. Good workmanship, easy handling, sensible equipment and last but not least excellent cleaning performance. In addition, since the price-performance ratio is very good, the EW1311 lands on the throne of the test winner.

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