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Optimized ultrasonic scaling thanks to state-of-the-art Piezon products

The innovative ones "Piezon"-EMS products have revolutionized ultrasonic scaling in dentistry with their unsurpassed performance. Equipped with a piezoelectric system, the devices show optimized vibration behavior compared to conventional methods. In this way, our dentists succeed in increasing the quality of treatment in the context of professional teeth cleaning. Concrements and bacterial plaques are removed particularly effectively and gently. In combination with the established "Air-Flow"-The method reaches the "Master Piezon" a new dimension of prophylaxis. Below we introduce you to the Piezon products and the Air-Flow technology; If you are interested in further information, please contact us personally in our practice.

The advantages of the original Piezon method from EMS

The refined Piezon products are superior to conventional techniques in these points:

  • Highly efficient yet gentle treatment
  • Special no-pain system for a painless procedure
  • Protection of the healthy tooth substance
  • No attack of the gingival epithelium
  • No irritation from aggressive and abrasive powders
  • Automatic force adjustment and good controllability of the instruments
  • Connection with Air-Flow-Polishing possible (Master Piezon)

What is Scaling??

The scaling is used in our practice during a professional tooth cleaning. In principle, this is a method for the removal of hard calculus (calculus), soft bacterial plaques and unsightly tooth discoloration. Scaling can be done above or below the gum; The Piezon scaler is primarily used to remove supragingival deposits. The aim of the scaling is always the elimination of the causes of gingivitis and caries or the prophylaxis of these pathological processes. The fastest possible intervention from the dental side is essential, as severe periodontal disease may develop in the course of the disease.

Intelligent technology for precision in ultrasound

In ultrasonic scaling, our dental team uses modern electrical equipment instead of traditional hand instruments. A particularly sophisticated technology is provided by the Piezon products developed by EMS. These scaler are powered by a piezoelectric system that ensures extremely fast vibration of the instrument tip. Due to the high frequency of 32,000 oscillations per second, the cell membranes are broken up by bacteria on the tooth substance. Plaques and concrements are removed so comprehensively and effectively.

Compared to other devices, the Piezon scaler scores points with its extremely favorable vibration behavior. Four ceramic discs mounted on a titanium shaft transmit the ultrasonic vibrations very precisely to the Piezon instrument. This ensures controlled vibrations, which are aligned linearly with the tooth surface. Thanks to uniform movements, the Piezon products also protect adjacent tissue from injury and damage. The manufacturer EMS also pays attention to the processing of the best materials; Piezon Scalers are made exclusively from high quality, biocompatible surgical steel.

Gentle treatment thanks to Piezon No-Pain System

For unprecedented patient comfort, EMS has introduced intelligent no-pain technology. The No-Pain installation kit is compatible with all EMS-Swiss devices and thus supports not only the scaling procedures, but also treatments in the field of endodontics and periodontics. It generally allows a more precise control of device performance to allow the most seamless and enjoyable treatments, as well as selective feedback control.

If the movements of the scaler coincidentally and uncontrollably on the teeth or gums of the patient, this can cause considerable pain. But thanks to the Piezon No-Pain technology, the performance of the devices is now given sinusoidal, so particularly even. In this way, we achieve optimized, linear vibration behavior and can guarantee you defined and controlled instrument movements. You as a patient enjoy the advantage of a very gentle and almost painless treatment. The healthy tooth substance and the gingival epithelium are spared; Results include minimal abrasion and a uniformly roughened tooth surface.

Air-Flow Master Piezon – unique combination of powder and ultrasonic processes

In order to provide our patients with even more effective prophylaxis, we rely on the combination miracle called "Air Flow Master Piezon". This high-tech device combines air flow technology with powder and the Piezon system. In the context of professional teeth cleaning, we first apply the air-polishing process: Here, we spray your teeth with a mixture of water, compressed air and the finest powder. This thoroughly polishes the tooth surfaces; unsightly discolorations and dental plaque are therefore a thing of the past. Special powder products with smaller granule size also allow patients with sensitive gums a painless treatment. With the help of the Piezon Scaler, we additionally clean your teeth and realize a pleasant smoothing of the tooth surfaces. In addition to no-pain scaling and supragingival cleaning, the Air Flow Master Piezon is also suitable for subgingival use in periodontal pockets. In addition, the device enables our dentists to easily switch between perio- and standard modes of operation.

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