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Play bow test & Comparison – The most beautiful models 2018

Does my baby need a play arc??

The clear answer to this question is clearly yes! Today, in almost every household with a baby, a game arc can be found. But why are more and more parents tempted to buy? What are the advantages and what is the pedagogical value for my baby? A game arc promotes all the senses of your little darling and provides all sorts of entertainment, variety and fun. No boredom is guaranteed here. Most of them offer a lot of toys, which either hang from above or are spread out on the ceiling. It usually consists of a blanket, which is beautifully soft and padded. Here your baby is safe and comfortable. The cover keeps the floor cold and protects the still very soft bones of your favorite. Above your child hang all kinds of toys to admire and feel. Soft toys, small rattles, mirrors: There is so much to discover here. Often it also includes music, which trains your little one’s hearing and ensures a good mood. In addition, the music stimulates to move. Of course, the little one can also listen to music with a music box or children’s CD player. But which is the right one for my child? How do I find the right bow in the big jungle for baby supplies? In the following, I present you the top three of the current leaderboard at Amazon.

Our game arc recommendations

# preview product price
1 Fehn 071559 3-D Activity Blanket Sleeping Forest – play sheet with 5 removable toys for. look at
2 Sterntaler play bow Emmi Girl, age: 0-18 months, 100 x 80 cm, pink look at
3 Fisher-Price DFP08 – Rainforest adventure blanket, playmat with music and lights, play blanket for. look at
4 Hess wooden toy 13381 Baby play equipment made of wood, blue look at
5 Fisher-Price GKD45 – 5 Senses play blanket, cuddly soft playmat with sensory toy. look at
6 Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll, Game Bow with Figures, 0M +, Into the Forest Collection look at
7 HB.YE wooden baby toy puzzle gym trapezoid incl. Trailer Baby gymnastics active toy. look at
8th Fisher-Price CHP85 – Rainforest Friends 3-in-1 play blanket, portable baby playmat incl. look at
9 Bieco 23000015 – Baby Spieltrapeze in a large selection look at
10 Oball, play sheet for the stroller look at

Spielbogen Test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Play bow test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you. Note: Unfortunately, no meaningful game arc test has been published at the moment. We will report as soon as there is one

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Game arc test found?
Review report issue

Baby blankets with a certain experience

To help you make the purchasing decision and make your selection, I’ve reviewed three of the most popular arcades based on Amazon’s bestseller list and thousands of enthusiastic customers, all three models can be recommended with the best of my knowledge and belief. After all, they all have a few things in common: quality, high-quality materials, colorful colors, loving details and last but not least countless possibilities for all senses.

The Rainforest Adventure Blanket by Fisher-Price

An undisputed leader for many years: The Rainforest Adventure Blanket by Fisher-Price. She has enjoyed great popularity with parents and children, not least because of her cute appearance. The blanket is made of soft and easy-care fabric, which is easily washable in case of minor accidents. The ceiling and her bow are colorful and colorful and the theme of rainforest is here program. Elephant, butterfly, giraffe and Co. provide great fun. The arc plays 20 minutes of music and even has relaxing nature sounds ready. Flashing lights promote the perception and concentration of your baby. Even in the important prone position there is a lot to discover. A small mirror provides amazement and promotes self-awareness, small crackling places stimulate motor skills and autonomous gripping. In this lovingly designed play arc, there are a whole 10 game options waiting to be discovered and recorded by your baby. This is just the thing for those who like variety, a colorful design and a varied musical background.

The 3D Activity Sleeping Forest arc of the brand Fehn

Also a real eye-catcher in the nursery: the 3D Activity Sleeping Forest play arch by Fehn. Again, a soft and comfortable blanket forms the basis. On this arc are five toys that can be removed for washing or standalone games. A hedgehog, a bear and an owl, as well as an apple and a house, inspire, touch and discover. It crackles, rattles and squeaks and even to a small mirror manufacturers have thought. The colorful colors are ideal for promoting perception. Your baby is already learning in the first months of life that there are different colors. It is sufficiently large with the dimensions 80 x 105 cm and offers enough space for the crawl and for the first Krabbelversuche. Also, the sense of touch and touch is promoted here, the hanging toys are so interesting and tempting. If you like it cozy and cute, this game arc is guaranteed to make the right choice.

Simple but not boring: Spieltrapez by Roba

A game arc of a different kind is the Spieltrapez from Roba. It is made of wood and does not include a blanket. Also music and loud noises are missing here. The advantage is that your baby will not be overwhelmed so quickly and can focus more on one thing. On this hang above and on the sides of all sorts of toys waiting to be felt and discovered. Hand-eye coordination is a particular focus of this model. On the sides can be rotated and pushed. Perfect training for fine motor skills. It has the EPH quality seal. This stands for highest quality and high quality materials. The varnish saliva-resistant and skin-friendly. So you do not have to worry if your baby wants to examine the playbow once by mouth. All surfaces are washable and can even be disinfected if necessary. You like it plain and simple, troubled colors are not your taste and wood you like much more anyway? Then you definitely have to.

Where can I buy a game arc??

You are convinced of one of the three mentioned arcades and would like to buy it for your baby? Just look at our recommendations, here you will find more information and pictures of your desired product. You are more of a fan of buying locally and want to touch it before? Then confidently turn to a dealer in your city, and he will surely stock your arc. If this is not the case, he will certainly be happy to order it for you within a few days. Whichever bow you choose, I’m sure you and your little miracle will enjoy it. I wish you and your family all the best and have fun with your new arc.

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