Wurzelbehandlung berlin »pain – cost

Wurzelbehandlung berlin »pain - cost

Root treatment in Berlin – High-quality endodontics at your dentist

A root canal treatment in Berlin, in the medical terminology called endodontics, is often the last chance to save the sick tooth. With a root inflammation very strong pain can occur, usually accompanied by a strong swelling. The need for endodontics results from certain symptoms and is determined by an X-ray. On it can be seen, for example, whether a tooth decay reaches to the pulp and there is an inflammation. In our dental practice in Berlin we carry out a root canal treatment with the most modern methods and equipment.

When will a root canal treatment be necessary??

If a caries has spread to the pulp or nerve, a root canal treatment is inevitable. This type of tooth decay may be accompanied by inflammation of the dental nerve, also known as pulpitis. This inflammation is in most cases associated with immense pain and should not be ignored. Untreated root inflammation can cause serious consequences. For example, the bacteria can penetrate to the jawbone and spread there. In very rare cases, the bacterial pathogens can also penetrate to the brain or heart and cause severe inflammation there. So do not hesitate and contact us, your dentist for a root canal treatment in Berlin.

Root Canal Pain – Why Do You Still Have Pain After Root Canal Treatment??

In a root canal treatment, the root canals are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate all bacteria. This process irritates the entire tooth, so that even after a root canal treatment may still be painful. These can be noticeable immediately after the anesthetic has resolved and can be controlled with special painkillers. After a few days, these pains disappear on their own. However, if the pain persists after more than a week, be sure to visit your dentist in Berlin again.

Root treatment in Berlin – from when you have to perform a caries root canal treatment?

A superficial or incipient caries is still no reason for a root canal treatment at your dentist in Berlin dar. It is different, however, when the caries spread to the inside of the tooth and there could destroy the tooth pulp and tooth nerve. In this case, a root canal treatment must be performed to possibly preserve the tooth.

Further questions about root canal treatment at a glance

In connection with a root canal treatment, many questions still crop up that can be answered in advance.

When can I eat after a root canal treatment??

Usually, after a root canal treatment, a temporary filling is applied to protect the open root canals. If this is the case, wait about an hour to eat. That’s how long the filling takes to harden completely. Just the anesthetic takes a little longer to relax, which can complicate the meal a bit.

When can I smoke again after a root canal treatment??

In the first 24 hours after a root canal treatment should not be smoked, so as not to influence the healing process. Nicotine is a poison that acts in the cells and thus can have a negative effect on the healing. At the end of the 24 hours, the nicotine consumption should also be severely restricted, if that is possible. We as your dentist in Berlin are happy to advise you.

How much does a root canal treatment cost the dentist in Berlin??

The costs for a root canal treatment at the dentist in Berlin are taken over in most cases by the health insurance. Prerequisite for the cost assumption is that the prognosis for the preservation of the tooth in question look very good. However, the reimbursement of costs takes place according to the so-called cash rate, in which only the most important services of a dentist root canal treatment are contained in Berlin. Other treatment steps, such as length measurement (electronic), are not paid and must be borne by the patient.

In order to improve the prognosis for tooth preservation, we use a special rinsing solution (sodium hypochlorite) to disinfect the canal system and to remove the smear layer, as well as the application of an electrical length measuring device to determine the exact channel length. The cost is 80 € per channel.

Which health insurance pays a root canal treatment?

As already mentioned, all statutory health insurance companies generally pay for a root canal treatment if the tooth can be rescued. However, it can happen that the health insurance company classifies the chances of success of the root canal treatment as too low. Then the costs have to be borne by the patient. The same applies to the private health insurance companies, but are clearly more accommodating in the prospects of success. We are happy to inform you about the costs and chances of success in our dental practice in Berlin before starting the root canal treatment.

What complications can occur during root canal treatment??

During a root canal treatment, the following problems may occur:

  • incorrect shaping, by stepping or funnel-shaped Ausackungen in the channel
  • Perforation of the root, by wrong shaping
  • Instrument fracture (file break)
  • Blocking, by dentin shavings and insufficient rinsing
  • About Instrumentation
  • Overpressing the root filling material
  • allergic reaction to rinsing solutions or root filling material

What is the alternative to a root canal treatment??

Root canal treatment is indispensable if the damaged tooth is to be preserved. Otherwise, the tooth must be removed if root canal treatment is not desired. The gap created by the removal of the tooth can be restored by means of a dental prosthesis, in the form of dental implants, a dental bridge or a removable prosthesis

Do you have questions about root canal treatment? Need an appointment?

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