Fundamentals of holistic dentistry: pre-tension

Fundamentals of holistic dentistry: pre-tension

Preload – the fourth foundation of holistic dentistry

It is clear to everyone that a material that is under constant tension breaks more easily. In engineering this condition is called “preload”. Material under such a bias is much less resistant to further additional loads. Chronic biases thus effect

  • increased disease susceptibility and concurrent
  • reduced resistance to additional loads

Just think of a bow: no one would overstretch him constantly – then it breaks. Chronic inflammatory, chronic-toxic and chronic-immunological stress caused by dental disturbances do not have a different effect. As a confirmation, I quote an American paper published in the prestigious medical journal “Lancet”: A 55-year-old woman complains of constant severe pain she feels on the side surface of her left arm, extending from her shoulder to her thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The pain started 17 months ago immediately after a heart catheter over the left armpit. Movement of the arm aggravates the pain. The following findings could be found in addition to the patient’s arm pain:

1. Pain on the left shoulder muscle.

2. Persistent unconscious left deviation while walking.

3. The patient describes one "veil" over the left eye, which is constantly perceived.

Under local anesthesia was the left upper wisdom tooth area cleaned, where a bone cavern of about fingertip size opened, which was filled with softened bone tissue, so a typical Chronic Kieferostitis or NICO (see services of our practice clinic / Holistic Interference Therapy / What is NICO). About half an hour after the operation, the patient reported a total disappearance of pain in the left shoulder, left arm and left hand. The restriction of hand and arm mobility improved very fast postoperatively. The dysphagia, the veil over the eye and the left deviation on walking all disappeared. Three months after the operation, the patient was absolutely free of pain and was able to move the left arm and left hand without restriction.

On the one hand, this case proves the health significance of Chronic Kieferostitis / NICO, which I have been representing for decades; On the other hand, it requires a substantial supplement: The author expressly emphasizes that the patient’s complaints have occurred after the laying of a cardiac catheter. From the usual view it would have been possible to conclude that the trauma of the cardiac catheterization should be linked to the appearance of the patient’s complaints. Interestingly, But the symptoms disappear immediately after the renovation of the Kieferostitis / NICO in the upper wisdom tooth area.

Exactly this fact makes this patient case one wonderful example of a preload:

Of course that was Preload by the interference field “upper left wisdom tooth area” on the entire left side of the body already before laying the cardiac catheter available. But only the additional stimulus of the cardiac catheter has revealed the bias and make it felt. Because the direct appeal of the cardiac catheterization is irreversible, The solution to the problem is the indirect way of anesthetizing the dental field. And the remediation of the interference field also brings the success abruptly.

The author himself also expresses his opinion in Lancet, that many still regard the mouth and its disease processes as isolated processes, which are independent of the rest of the body. This case shows that tooth and jaw processes as a medical fact can contribute to disease symptoms in the body, which are far removed from the chewing organ.

In regulatory medicine, this state of affairs is called “bias-induced bias of the control loop”. The term “preload” plays an interesting role especially in competitive sports: I remember the case of a professional footballer who came to my practice years ago because of multiple tears in his Achilles tendon. What can the Achilles tendon have to do with toothpicks? And why could a footballer’s tendon tear because of teeth and not because of work-related stress? The answer is simpler than expected and of course leads back to the goal only through the indirect thinking of systemic-holistic medicine: the football pro had many amalgams in the mouth. Holistic dentistry knows that Mercury of amalgam fillings the kidneys and thus at the same time the kidney meridian loaded: The kidney meridian is under a chronic-toxic bias.

This consideration makes sense because the kidney meridian is exact over the Achilles tendon runs. The amalgam-induced bias of the renal meridian is transmitted to the Achilles tendon in the form of disturbed metabolism and impaired regulation.

The result limited stress resistance of the tendon leads to a repeated rupture of the occupationally overburdened organ. Amalgam was in this case the preload that led to premature tear of the tendon.

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