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HTC Smartphones – Experience Innovative Technology with High Tech Computer Corporation

Smartphones with numerous functions and features have long since conquered the mobile phone market and won over them – because they can do more than just send messages and receive calls. A smartphone is today Everyday companions of most technology-loving people, because it reminds you of appointments, retrieves data from the Internet and can always be in touch with loved ones, but is also helpful in everyday tasks. Therefore, the selection of manufacturers offering smartphones with many features is now very large. In addition to the well-known brands Apple, Samsung and Sony are manufacturers such as HTC very popular in the field of smartphones, because they stand for innovative technology. What HTC’s smartphones are all about and what they need to know about the company, you can read more about below.

HTC smartphone test 2019

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The company from Taiwan

The well-known company HTC is a brand from Taiwan that focuses on the Production of high tech equipment such as mobile phones, tablet PCs and fitness trackers. The company, which is in great demand today, was founded in May 1997 with headquarters in Taoyuan. Since 2008, the company’s mobile devices use Google’s Android operating system, making it compatible with some other devices (such as fitness trackers). Today, the HTC brand has more than 17280 employees worldwide and is one of them to the leading high tech companies at all.

The HTC smartphones in comparison

A total of nine HTC phones you can get in the category of smartphones from HTC. All HTC smartphones are characterized by the fact that they seem to be more affordable compared to many other providers – nevertheless, the HTC phones to the experience thanks to innovative functions, which you would not want to do without in everyday life soon. Below you can find out more about the HTC Smartphones of the series One A9, A9s and M9 and in comparison.

HTC phones of the One collection

From the HTC One series, you can currently buy three models according to the HTC smartphone comparison, all of which are characterized by an elegant design in different colors. But the picture quality can be seen after the HTC mobile phone test – the HTC One M9 smartphone as an example offers you 5.0 inch display with Full HD and 1080p, while the variants HTC One A9 and One A9s also come with 5.0 inches, Full HD and Gorilla glass, which should be even more robust and scratch-resistant. According to the HTC smartphone comparison, the model HTC One M9 comes with a particularly good 20 megapixel camera with sapphire lens, which by the integrated autofocus and the 4K-V > can recognize.

Tip: All three variants are characterized by a front camera, through which video calls are made possible, and by one, through which the navigation with the HTC smartphone is made possible.

In addition to classic features such as sending and receiving text messages and calls, these phones allow you to use social media, access the Internet, use a calendar, an alarm clock, and other features after the HTC Mobile Test. Practically that is the smartphone mute by simply turning the device over For example, if calls come in, you will not be disturbed when you are in the office and need to concentrate.

The aluminum cases of the devices ensure after the HTC Smartphone test that the HTC Smartphone models appear light and thereby repel scratches and other signs of wear. The sensor of the homebutton recognizes the fingerprint of the smartphone owner and thus unlocks the smartphone even easier. Practically that is through the Andro > sometimes shows – even then Access to your beloved memories, if you have lost your best HTC smartphone or it has been damaged.

Implement your own ideas with the HTC Freestyle Layout

If you want to buy a HTC smartphone, prove after some overview not only the prices as an advantage – Test reports show that especially the HTC freestyle layout ensures that you from your smartphone Profit even more in everyday life can. No matter which HTC smartphone models you choose > use the freestyle layout of the brand, which gives you a completely indiv > you can customize backgrounds and as well Arrange apps the way you would like. As a result, you no longer have to use the usual sharing of apps.

The individual models in a detailed overview

Since every user attaches importance to other functions and details when they want to buy one of the HTC phones, it is worth collecting information about the individual devices through one or the other HTC smartphone test. However, this can take a lot of time and can be painstaking if you take a closer look at each device. Therefore, like you have HTC smartphones in an overview and their most important properties. Whether you want to buy a HTC smartphone cheap without a contract with dealers such as Media Markt and Saturn or rather put on a model with a contract and monthly tariff – below you can through our overview and the technical details for each model discover the right HTC smartphone for yourself.

Properties of the devices

Benefits in this area

Design of HTC smartphones
  • slim shape
  • rounded edges
  • big displays
  • different colors available
  • often seamless, easy-care design
  • Homebutton for easy operation
the display
  • large displays with full format
  • Glass surface or sapphire crystal-protected to avoid scratches
  • brilliant colors and sharp image qualities
The camera
  • innovative smartphone cameras for rear and front
  • sharp pictures
  • Special features such as double optical image stabilizers and laser autofocus (not on all models)
The performance
  • Apps start very fast through the auto-optimization
  • Fingerprint scan for more security (not all models)
  • latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors for best performance
  • fast network speeds through 4G LTE
Other special features
  • faster load times (for example, the HTC 10)
  • good sound quality
  • many possibilities for personalization
  • a lot of accessories for HTC smartphones available

Pros and cons of a HTC smartphone

  • Many HTC smartphones have the practical size of 5.2 inches, making them ideal for writing messages, making phone calls, surfing and of course playing games.
  • All models have at least two cameras, of which the main camera is usually equipped with a laser autofocus.
  • In addition, the manufacturer attaches great importance to smartphones with a lot of storage space, which can be extended in most cases still by a memory card.
  • Many designs are available in black or white. The difference of the devices is of course only in the design.
  • on some devices the batteries can not be changed.

What you should consider when buying your HTC smartphone

If you want to treat yourself to a HTC smartphone, you should note that the Models not waterproof are. So if you like to do outdoor tours and go swimming, you should pay special attention to your new companion. If you want to make a real bargain, you can also buy second-hand models of the individual series after the HTC smartphone test – but this only applies to a HTC smartphone without a contract, as variants with tariff binding could be tied to certain SIM providers. After the HTC phone test can be a HTC smartphone without a contract After some time, it will work optimally if you take care of it – so you should check the functionality before buying a used model. By the way, most HTC smartphone models are available in black, gray, silver, red and gold, so the right thing for every taste can be and use the useful companion also for individualizing your own look.

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