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Outdoor tent Bergans Wiglo LT4 in the test: Exciting!

June 16, 2019 Comments Off on outdoor tent Bergans Wiglo LT4 tested: Exciting!

The Bergans Wiglo LT4 family tent had to prove itself. On a paddle and a bike tour we had the tent with us and so we could get to know the pros and cons of the Wiglo LT4 outside.

Finding a hardware store is easier than finding one at the hardware store. In most cases, it is more likely to hit the yeti in the himalayas than a seller / s has time for the customer to get into the hardware store. Between walls of stacked peat bags, rolled up reed mats and sad hanging geraniums, the customer is wandering through the outdoors. Suddenly he finds, as befits a hardware store, a whole camping exhibition. Gas-operated grilling stations, separated by sacks of charcoal and behind them: family tents. A tent for six people costs less than 150 euros. A bargain. Why lie down more, if it is so cheap? On the other hand, people who are looking for a tent from well-known manufacturers get their breath-taking. For the Bergans Wiglo LT 4 900, – Euro are due. In return outdoorers get six family tents in the hardware store and could accommodate 36 people. But let’s take a look at the details. Many outdoor enthusiasts assume that the higher the water column is from the outer tarp, the higher the quality of a tent. Actually, 300 to 600 millimeters are enough. There are no zeros missing here. This water column has a cotton fabric, from which a classic English umbrella is made. Why does it keep dry anyway? Because the fabric is perfectly stretched. The same applies to tent.

The Bergans Wiglo LT4 presents itself well ventilated and stable. photo (c) kinderoutdoor.de

It is important how well it is exhausted. If wrinkles or bumps form, the interior transforms into a stalactite cave in a short time. Between 1,500 and 3,000 mm, the water column should be for an outdoor tent. Who goes on an expedition with his tent, needs extreme material. For the Berganz Wiglo LT4, the water column is 3,000 mm on the outside and 5,000 mm on the bottom tray. But the key difference is how well the tarpaulin is stretched. Here is the special feature of Bergans: It combines two tent shapes. While the tent from the hardware store is only suitable for camping in the garden behind the house in summer, the Bergans Wiglo LT4 is a transportable accommodation for the whole year. When building the other big difference noticeable. While the construction market version is always hacking, the structure of the tent from Norway runs like the water from the mountain stream during the snowmelt in spring. Anyone who is halfway experienced in the construction of tents, is intuitive and without building instructions quickly progressing. Three bars and the whole thing is almost ready.

Test: Began’s Wiglo LT4 and the interesting details

The Bergans tent is securely anchored. photo (c) kinderoutdoor.de

It is also impressive how easy this tent is. Only about 6 kilograms it brings on the scales. Here the competitor from the hardware store proves to be a heavyweight and weighs almost 11 kg. The pack size is correspondingly bulky. Easier to spread the Bergans tent. Especially when paddling or cycling, this is important. Wrap the outer tent in the one waterproof bag, the inner tent in another bag and finally distribute the sticks with tent-straps. The quality of this tent is also reflected in the aluminum from which the poles are made. They can be folded up small. So the tent fits well distributed in two canoes or on bicycles. Unlike the hardware store, the Bergans tent lacks the windows. But after all, we do not want to camp with this tent, but rather experience adventures outside. If you do not want to spend the night in a campsite and, legally understand, in nature, a space for camping, which often has to do with a few square meters. From this point of view, the Wiglo LT4 is a real miracle. The family tent from the hardware store spreads out quite differently. It takes a lot of space. Accordingly, it is vulnerable even in strong winds. The Bergans tent is much more stable. It is solid in itself and carefully leashed with the lines, sweeping even stronger winds across it. Thanks to the Stormflaps, the tent stays on the ground. A veritable Zitterpartie offers itself in the family tent from the hardware store. Here the wind finds its way inside the tent and shakes it up as the bartender shakes his cocktail shaker.

Storm-tested. The Bergans Wiglo LT4 can be optimally braced. photo (c) kinderoutdoor.de

While at the hardware store the whole thing has to be completely constructed, the outdoor tent by Bergans can be set up separately. The differences in quality are also apparent in the morning. Well-ventilated, the condensate in the Bergans Wiglo LT4 is no problem. Significantly more water accumulates inside the roof of the hardware store. Polyester just. Made of nylon ripstop Bergans can tailor the tent. There is enough space under the outer tent for the equipment and the luggage. In the family tent from the hardware store can stand, while adults in the Wiglo LT4, rather bent over. It is 1.60 meters high in there. In the family tent chairs can be set up. But those who transport their complete luggage by bicycle or canoe are happy to forego such luxury. The interior of the Bergans Wiglo LT 4 is tidier. Six bags are sewn there to stash important items such as headlamps, goggles and other things. Bergans has a long experience in building tents. The tent from Norway can be erected or dismantled much faster than the family tent from the hardware store. Even with heavy rain, the thick drops peared on the Berganz tent. While at the hardware store soon show the first shortcomings, and it drips. With its high quality, the Wiglo LT4 was convincing. For those who need more sleeping space, the tent is also available in a version for six to ten people.


  • Lying area: 5.5 sqm
  • Floor area: 10 sqm
  • Sleeps: four people
  • Weight: 6.1 kg
  • External water column: 3,000 mm
  • Water column inside: 5,000 mm

Our rating: Six out of six possible compasses

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