Puberty: mum, you are so embarrassed!

Mom, you are so embarrassed!

During my first pregnancy, my husband and I have thought a lot about how we want to be as parents. Each of us was looking forward to certain things, others were afraid. We only smirked about each other’s worries.

My husband has recently mastered his biggest anxiety situation at the Christmas market. He had wondered what he should do as a vegetarian, if the child wants a sausage and he has to check the temperature of the sausage.

Unchained by Claudia Herrmann

My biggest concern is the smelly sneakers that will pile up in the hallway when the son enters puberty. For me as an asthmatic, the bronchi are already tied up at the thought of it … The book “Fully Unchilled” opens on page one with this anxiety situation. Brrr! I did not know when reading whether to laugh or cry …

Of course the stories about two teenagers are really funny. But at the same time they are also brutally scared! When Claudia Herrmann writes about how the children in their rooms each produce different chaos, different music and different smells I go crazy with worry. We are definitely missing a room! Do we have to leave the beloved old apartment to survive the puberty of our kids? Heavy stuff!

My husband has been reading the book for a while and found it very funny. I was a little surprised, because the man of Claudia Herrmann comes in the book rather bad way. He mainly turns up to a) worry that the son might become gay or b) give up his wife’s Amazon orders. He mainly participates in the life of his children in that his wife confesses to him in the evening in front of the TV, how bad the son is at school. Yawn.

Sorry, but I’m too much post-medieval, as I could easily skip that fact. Not funny. Especially not because both parents work full time. It catches me, that only mom gets annoyed with homework, school references and beverage crates. Of course, Mr. Herrmann is then also exuberantly praised for letting himself down to listen to Mommy’s worries in the evening. Huh?

Unchained: Claudia Herrmann writes about the puberty of her children

After all. On page 239, it’s all about the mother role and the eternal dichotomy between job and kids. But no worry. It will not be too profound. After all, each family member must prepare their own dinner, taking into account the different likes and dislikes. Not even the spouses can agree on a common court. But do not worry: Mrs. Herrmann likes to cook 4 different dishes, as she hastily assures.

Yes, I am mean. And too strict. I know! But contrary to what the title promises (how I survived the puberty of my children), Mrs. Herrmann writes more about how she has endured the puberty of her children passively. This book is slapstick. Not more. An embarrassment gift maybe.

After reading, I’m sure of one thing: You can not tolerate the puberty of your own children.

The book Voll ungechillt by Claudia Herrmann has been published by rohwolt and costs 9.99 €. We thank the publisher for providing a free trial copy.

Lisa Figas

Lisa Figas is a mother of two small children and works part-time as a project manager. She talks about the experiences of family life and thinks about the society into which we integrate our offspring. In addition, Lisa is concerned with books around the topic of parenting and regularly writes reviews here on HausHofKind.

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