Specialist practice, dentist hall

Specialist practice

A dentist in Halle an der Saale and his qualifications

Against the bleeding gums!

The name of our practice “Dental Health Hall” is for dentist Roger Barz and his team program. We want your teeth to stay healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. For this reason, we have focused our treatment range very early on the health of your periodontium. Not diabetes or heart and circulatory diseases are the “common disease number one”, but it is the periodontal disease, also commonly referred to as periodontal disease. In the course of his life, a good 95 percent of his teeth are not lost through tooth decay, but due to bleeding gums and inflammation in the mouth. This fact is certainly surprising for you.

Many years of expertise in healthy teeth

Since the founding of his first practice on Willy-Brandt-Strasse, the owner of the practice has successfully completed extensive training that predestines him to become a proven specialist in periodontology – the preservation of your teeth. Even with the foundation of his new practice at Geiststraße 32 in 2008, this treatment focus was consistently implemented. In a specially created prophylaxis department, trained prophylaxis assistants carry out a professional dental cleaning (PZR) and comprehensively advise you on how your teeth will stay healthy for a lifetime. You will also learn more about the topic “How do I get whiter teeth?” (Whitening) and which toothpaste or toothbrush is probably the best for me?

Course of Periodontology 2006

Ways out of the fear of dental treatment

Since his work as a dentist, Roger Barz has been focusing on a special group of patients who have developed a more or less pronounced dental phobia. Through his wealth of experience and his knowledge in anesthesia and nitrous oxide treatment, dental hypnosis and behavioral therapy, he succeeds, after only a few intense appointments, so positive change patients that the visit to the dentist is back to a normal business. The therapeutic concept developed by him over the years is interdisciplinary, unique and has a high success rate. That’s special.

Engaged in the German Society of Dental Hypnosis (DGZH)

I am anxious patient at the dentist

Dentist Roger Barz receives patients with pronounced dental phobia during his special consultation. In addition to a thorough dental examination here in his practice also ways out of fear are discussed.
If you belong to this patient group, then please notify us when you first contact our practice or when placing an appointment on the phone. We want to be able to disfigure you.

Together strong with other specialists for your dental health

Dentist fear – taboo topic also for health insurance

Neither the statutory nor the private health insurance companies in Germany take into account in their service catalog that nearly 20% of the population have a pronounced problem with the visit to the dentist. Costs for a therapy or for the increased additional expenses are thus not reimbursed to the patient. Therefore, all benefits, under this care, are paid privately. Please stay relaxed. In our practice we represent a clear cost transparency. Unwanted surprises are spared you here.

Mediator and speaker in the school for ZMFA

Here is a little tip from us

Before your appointment with dentist Roger Barz, go on a journey of discovery. For example, find out on the Internet which forms of therapy are currently available and what appeals to you personally. In a first and mutual conversation, we then find out what is probably the best way out of fear for you and for the subsequent dental therapy. So make yourself a little smart beforehand!

Always busy, even outside the practice

Every experience is helpful

But Roger Barz is not just a specialist in his treatment room. Outside of his practice, he can also have many and interesting qualifications that also help him to treat his patients. Here, at this link below, you can learn more about his activities, whether it’s his funny videos or his biography beyond the Zahngesundheit Halle dental practice. A good dentist does not just have to be able to drill.

Your contact person is Dentist Roger Barz

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