Teeth cleaning, dentist hall

Teeth cleaning, dentist hall

teeth cleaning

How do my teeth stay beautiful and healthy??

Dentist Roger Barz from Halle an der Saale gives you tips

The awareness of healthy and beautiful teeth is growing steadily in the population. It goes without saying that you brush your teeth twice a day, use floss or use special brushes for the interdental spaces. “Whether manual toothbrush with additional function, electric toothbrush, space brush, floss, waxed or unwaxed … the shelves in drugstores are often long and offer a variety of options for a nearly perfect dental care. That can often be confusing, “says Roger Barz.

Thorough cleaning is often not enough

As rich as the offer is, there are also areas that patients can not reach during their daily cleaning. Especially at the contact points to the teeth and below the gumline. Here, bacterial deposits can form, which ignite the gums and accelerate bone loss and thus the formation of periodontal pockets. Generally, the change is also known as periodontitis. Here, the PZR (Professional Teeth Cleaning) helps. It supports the daily cleaning of the teeth, but does not replace them. Most dental practices offer a PZR. Teeth cleaning is carried out either by the dentist or by the dentist herself or specially trained medical staff.

As a rule, the following services are included

– the removal of hard and soft coverings,
– polishing the surfaces and existing fillings
– finally fluoridation of natural teeth
– Advice on daily oral hygiene for the continued health of your teeth

The prophylaxis aid removes deposits on the tooth surfaces, in the interstices and in the periodontal pockets with special hand instruments or devices that work with ultrasound. This is also the reason why the treatment is called “professional” tooth cleaning: other instruments are used than the patients use everyday. As a result, the treatment also causes discoloration due to tea, coffee or nicotine. By the way, the PZR also has a cosmetic effect. In addition, bad breath and bleeding gums are a thing of the past.

What do you have to pay for cleaning teeth??

The PZR is not a benefit of the statutory health insurance. However, there are now also health insurance companies, which give grants in the context of bonus programs or special tariffs. How much it costs depends on the particular effort. Usually, a PZR lasts around at least 45 minutes – but it can also quickly become 60 minutes. A PZR costs in most dental offices between 70 and 120 euros. “In our practice we live a clear cost transparency. In advance, our patients receive a detailed calculation of how much a PZR may cost in a particular case, “explains Cindy Mecke, responsible for the practice management. “After all, cleaning is not just about the time it takes, but also about the number of naturally existing teeth,” adds the practice manager.

A strong team for your dental health!

“Prophylaxis plays a very important role in the treatment concept of our practice for the dentist and his team. Dental Health Hall without precaution of dental disease I can not imagine, because that is the A & O daily work. “, Says dentist Roger Barz. “Many people think that they lose their teeth due to caries or holes in their teeth. No, that is the case. We lose about 90 percent of the teeth due to abnormal conditions of the dental bed, including, of course, the gums, the surrounding cooking and Faserapperart. “, The owner of the dental practice Halle report.

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