What to do in february vacation in karwendel? Tips winter holidays

What to do in february vacation in karwendel? Tips winter holidays

February holiday in Karwendel

What can you do in February in the Karwendelgebirge??
February is the time when you can really do any winter sport in the Karwendel: all ski areas are open, the cross-country trails are groomed, there are guided winter hikes and snowshoe hikes. And while ski touring you can gather very special impressions of the winter.

There are various events suitable for this, see more below. Your vacation time in Karwendel will not be enough to experience all this.

Snow and sun in February

Why plan the winter holiday in February??
In connection with the many winter activities, February is especially good with regard to the snow: February is also the perfect month for traveling, because the days are getting longer and there are still powdery powder snowfalls!

If you want to have snow on vacation, do not book over Christmas and New Year in the mountains. February is much better! And if not the main holiday season in February, is much less going on than on Christmas and New Year‘s Eve.

Skiing in the Karwendel

Skiing on the Rosshütte in Seefeld
In February you have good slope conditions on the Rosshütte! For me it is the best ski resort in Karwendel. You will find great ski slopes here that will go very well in February with great certainty. Up on the mountain there is a great gastronomy, you can sit on the large sun terraces or relax after skiing on the special sun swings with mountain views.

–> Check it out here, that’s the ski resort Rosshütte.

Snowshoeing in February

Snowshoeing in powder snow
Anyone who has heard of snowshoeing before and now wants to try it out for themselves can visit the Karwendelgebirge "to attempt". You can borrow the snowshoes and try it yourself in the area of ​​the Kellerjoch. There are signposted snowshoe routes in Pillberg am Kellerjoch. The snowshoes for this gives the guests of the region the local tourist board in Schwaz free of charge.

Guided snowshoe hikes
If you prefer to do a snowshoe tour with an experienced guide and want to have the technique explained to you, you can join a guided snowshoe hike. These take place several times a week, i.a. in Seefeld, at the Achensee and around Schwaz (here they are even free with guest card). Just inform the landlord.

Signposted snowshoe hike in Seefeld
In Seefeld there is a signposted snowshoe hike on the Brunschkopf – the start of the tour in the snow is at the Wildmoosalm, a piece above Seefeld.
–> This is how the snowshoe hike goes in Seefeld. The easy tour with snowshoes on the Gschwandtkopf was also great. The snow shoe hike leads up the former ski slope. That was the snowshoe hike on the Gschwandtkopf.

Karwendel events in February

Popular events in February in Karwendel
Depending on how the carnival season falls, there is in February in the Karwendel the custom of moving with the Mullern. For months, the jeckens and fools carve their carnival masks made of wood. Great is the spectacle when they are worn in public. Thousands of visitors line the streets, an experience.

3-valleys run at the Achensee

Cross-country event at the Achensee
Sporty ambitious guests can participate in a beautiful cross-country event at the Achensee. Since the end of February the 3-Valleys-Run takes place. With classic cross-country skis you drive 33 kilometers on the trails through the Dristenautal, Falzthurntal and Gerntal. Skaters have 28 kilometers to drive. In addition to the time counts also the landscape pleasure.

Ganghofer run in Seefeld

Cross-country event in Seefeld
Also for cross-country skiers since 1970 in February the Ganghofer run in the region of Seefeld. The cross-country competition for everyone runs through the Leutaschtal, more than 1500 participants are counted at this Volkslanglaufveranstaltung. There is a rating for adults and children at Ganghoferlauf

February ski tours in the Karwendel

Ski tour workshops in the Karwendel
For ski tourers there will be workshops on avalanche and safety in the entire Karwendel in February. You can learn the right behavior in case of avalanche danger on site. Who is practiced in, here’s my overview for beautiful ski tours. Especially beautiful in February were these ski tours on the Achensee.

Offers for a February holiday

And if you are looking for a good hotel in the Karwendelgebirge, here you will find my recommendable hotels in Karwendel.

Otherwise, you can also ask me directly for free.

More Karwendel insider tips?

Leisure activities in the Karwendel
Was not the right thing for you or do you just want to learn more? – You can specifically search for the desired activities here – hiking, cycling, skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing, ski tour, cross-country skiing, sledding. and much more.
–> to find under what to do in the Karwendel.

The Karwendel travel guide
Otherwise, I have in my online travel guide the overview of what is so special in the Karwendel and introduce there also the individual regions and places:
—> this is my Karwendel travel guide.

Order brochures or a free quote
You can also make a request and get the information sent.
–> directly to the request.

The most beautiful tours

This is real winter: Our most beautiful tours to snowshoeing in the mountains on huts and pastures in Karwendel

Winter hiking Karwendel

Here it goes to winter hiking in the Karwendel area – our winter hikes to huts and pastures in the snowy mountains

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