Cuddlebug baby wrap – the baby sling for you and your baby! ��

CuddleBug Baby Wrap

The CuddleBug Baby Wrap is a very special sling with a high elasticity. After all, the sling for babies made of 95% cotton, the remaining 5% are spandex. This makes it very elastic. The manufacturer guarantees a lifetime warranty, which is an interesting option for you as a buyer. The numerous positive test results convince at first glance, if you want to carry your baby safely in everyday life.

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  • RETURNS – Part of the money for the elastic sling goes into the support of the.

Preferably hear the heartbeat

A baby always prefers the place where the mother is, and preferably very close, right at the breast. The child is used to the heartbeat because in the abdomen it was familiar during pregnancy. In addition, it can stimulate the healthy physical development of the baby when it is worn in a baby towel. Swinging while walking encourages the building of muscles in the back of the child, at the same time the sense of balance is promoted. Would you have thought that you are even more mobile with the sling and your baby than with a stroller? Think briefly about public transport and think about how stress-free everyday life can be with a sling. The sling is much more versatile than, for example, a carrying aid can be compared. Surely you do not know any other way to transport your baby safely than directly to your body. It’s best to choose the right binding technique so that you can carry the baby in the sling even on longer trips. So the baby will automatically be carried by you anatomically correct. The sling can be used from the first day.

To create a good bond

For the parents child bond and for the early childhood development, the baby sling is especially recommended. Make sure your baby cuddles comfortably and enjoy its scent and closeness as a mother or father. This decisively strengthens the physical as well as the psychological development of the offspring. Also, the hip joints are supported, because the baby is in appropriate squat-spreading attitude.

Create correctly

To put on the baby sling, only three steps are necessary. First you prepare the cloth in front of you in the middle. Make sure the fabric does not twist. It is important that the sling is not too loose and not too tight on your own body. In the second step, the offspring is placed and placed in the bound cloth. One hand secures the baby, the other hand opens the cloth so that the baby slides into it. In the third step, the binding of the baby sling is checked before it really starts. Especially if the cloth is elastic, it should be tested again. It may need to be additionally tightened.

A practical guide to learning

Enjoy the closeness to your offspring in the baby sling CuddleBug Baby Wrap, Use it to create closeness. Overall, the baby towel weighs only 522 g. The special winding technique you can learn quickly, so you are prepared for everyday life. Upon delivery, a guide will be included so that you can use the baby sling in a few steps. Overall, the CuddleBug measures a length of 550 cm and fits babies up to a maximum size of 55 cm.

Very much freedom of movement

Recognize the numerous advantages of this special baby sling at first glance. The sling of CuddleBug is elastic to the correct extent and easy to tie. He does not wear out too much while wearing it. Due to the high cotton content, it can also be used in slightly heavier children. Due to the material the baby does not overheat either. It is very soothing for the baby when it can directly hear the mother‘s heart while wearing it. So your baby can be transported happily and healthy. Another advantage is that you have both hands free in everyday life, if you use the sling for your baby. So it is possible to do smaller jobs in the household at the same time. You can also do your shopping or walk with the baby in a sling. Enjoy the freedom of the CuddleBug Baby Wrap.

advantages and disadvantages

Of course, not only mothers, but also fathers or other family members can use the baby sling. The prerequisite is, of course, that they master the binding of the baby sling when the sling wants to be used correctly in everyday life. The baby is at risk only if the baby sling is not tied correctly. Therefore, make sure that you and other wearers follow the instructions. You may need help from a second person to assist you in the beginning. You could also practice with a bigger doll beforehand.

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