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Marten Jan Lindeman (MSc)

"My profession is both my passion and my hobby: Working as a dentist in my hometown of Zeven is very fulfilling.

Following my studies in Munich and Hamburg, I spent my assistantship from 1991 to 1993 in a dental practice focused on surgery and implantology. Modern dentistry without implants became unthinkable for me. Since then my practice in 1994, I have thus placed more than 1,000 implants from German and Swedish premium suppliers.

There’s always something new to learn

I consider lifelong learning (LLL) to be part of normal life, especially since my profession is very fulfilling. That is why I am constantly taking part in further training for my patients in order to learn from the best in the dental industry. Zeven from the United States, Asia or European countries, I bring the dental progress along in my suitcase – new treatment options and materials to ensure the best possible treatment for my patients.

I continue with training in all areas of dentistry. Alongside implantology and oral surgery, laser treatment (since 1997) or metal-free dentures with the CEREC® system (since 1995) belong to the treatment range offered by the Lindeman dental practice.

I am currently specializing in aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry, which includes complex four-quadrant restoration: I apply implantology, oral surgery, periodontics and prosthodontics with the objective of restoring my patients’ teeth to an almost natural state , An exciting challenge!

Committed to staying on the cutting edge

I am a member of numerous professional societies. Although I can not always be present at all the activities of the professional associations, I still receive very valuable input for the treatment of my patients via publications, training courses and exchanging specialist information with colleagues.

I am a member of the following associations:

Staff life

One leitmotif of my life – "Always be curious and never stop learning" – is reflected in my further training activities. I have set myself the goal of helping those in need: In recent years, I have been on the road for several weeks each year to help out with humanitarian operations in Israel, Kenya and India. This volunteer work gives me a lot of energy for treating my own patients in Zeven.

In everyday life, I stay in shape with physical activities: triathlon, running, road and mountain biking, swimming and weight training are among my active hobbies, as well as surfing, windsurfing or skiing on holidays. I truly enjoy listening to live music – I enjoy going to concerts with my three children. I love seeing you grow up and strive for happiness."

Nina Kristien Lindeman

"The combination of medicine, aesthetics and manual skill. Dealing with people on a daily basis and the individual challenges of each patient are something that I find to be particularly valuable.

Computer-assisted dentistry, implantology and oral surgery in particular, started to fascinate me during my studies in Giessen, which I started in 2010. I am looking forward to continuing to improve my skills in these therapeutic areas with a variety of further training courses.

A special highlight during my studies was my humanitarian engagement in Tonga in the summer of 2013. This great experience gave me a variety of vivid impressions of the field of dentistry. Reconciled my feeling of having the right career.

The possibility of cooperating closely with my father and his family is a motivating and stimulating opportunity.

Lindeman dental practice team since April 2016!"

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