Dentists in the imperial hall – ts

Dentists in the imperial hall - ts

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Dentists in the Imperial Hall

A jewel shines in new splendor.

In April 2014, a dental practice in Berlin opened that is so unique that it is second to none. The practice premises are located in the so-called Kaisersaal in the Schmuckhof of the “Haus Cumberland” on the Kurfürstendamm. There, the patients can expect a unique historical ambience, combined with state-of-the-art medical equipment. Owner Andreas Bothe relied not only on the expertise of Henry Schein in building his dental practice, but also on the renowned architect Manfred Treiling, whose most well-known project is the redesign of the dome of the Berlin Reichstag building.

Photos: Christian Gahl – Architectural photographer

Photos: Christian Gahl – Architectural photographer

Photos: Christian Gahl – Architectural photographer

Photos: Christian Gahl – Architectural photographer

Owner Andreas Bothe and architect Manfred Treiling answered our questions for this success story.

What was your first thought when you entered the Emperor’s Hall for the first time??

Andreas Bothe: “The traces of the eventful history of “Haus Cumberland” were very clear on my first visit in 2011. Nevertheless, one sensed the old splendor of the room: the magnificent ceiling paintings, the golden stucco, the richly decorated marble fireplaces. Spontaneously I was fascinated by this hidden gem that I discovered. My vision was immediately clear: not only did I want to give this room a new lease of life, but also make it publicly accessible. “

In what condition was the Kaisersaal on your first visit?

Manfred Treiling: “Founded by its history, the hall was in a very, very bad condition. The “House Cumberland” was built in 1911/12 as a “new type of metropolitan residential and inn of the noblest style”. After a short-term use as a hotel, the “Imperial Arms and Ammunition Procurement Office” moved in during the First World War and from 1936 various offices of the financial administration. Most recently, the “House Cumberland” until 2002, the seat of the tax department of the Regional Finance Directorate. Then it was empty including the Kaisersaal and was only temporarily used for various events. You could see that in the rooms. The surfaces were greenish in color and the structure of the surface had also suffered greatly. “

What should be considered when preserving monuments?

Manfred Treiling: “Many builders shy away from projects that are under monument protection. These projects usually leave more scope than the word suggests. In most cases, there are different layers. Then It is important to work out a new formation from the multiplicity of temporal structures. The answer to the questionWhat is the original?” Is often: “Not necessarily the first shift!”. Therefore, the difficulty often lies in choosing one of the structures that has been brought to light rather than bureaucratic hurdles. Specifically, this meant: Broken stucco was reshaped, ceiling paintings restored, colors and golden ornaments as faithfully as possible renewed. In the second phase, a novel spatial concept was realized, an interior architecture with three treatment units. “

How did you find the right team for this extraordinary project??

Andreas Bothe: “In search of the right architect, I fully trusted my gut feeling. After visiting the hall with several architects, I decided on Manfred Treiling. His shining eyes guiding me through the premises gave me the certainty that I had found the right partner for my project. For such a project you need not only high professionalism but also a lot of passion.

When choosing a dental depot, the decision was much easier. Since I’ve been self-employed since 1994 and have worked very happily with Henry Schein for 20 years, it was clear to me that I would also set up my new practice with Henry Schein. “

What did this collaboration look like??

Andreas Bothe: “The planning of the renovation started together with Manfred Treiling. We soon agreed that we wanted to combine tradition and innovation in the Kaisersaal. When it came to innovation, Henry Schein came into play. The practice had to be set up so that all state-of-the-art equipment would find its appropriate place. In the consultation around the product selection and placement Henry Schein stood by our side. Thanks to the clear briefings in the team, Manfred Treiling was able to convince me with his first draft. It was followed by extensive renovation work with great attention to detail. The result surpasses any idea I had before the conversion. The historic atmosphere of the Kaisersaal was perfectly combined with the most modern elements of a dental practice. “

What was the biggest attraction for you to realize this project?

Manfred Treiling: “For me, the biggest appeal was meeting the requirement of Andreas Bothe to combine a state-of-the-art dental practice from the 21st century with the history of a 100-year-old object. I already had the first ideas for this solution on the first visit, and it was clear from the beginning that I absolutely wanted to carry out this project. The collaboration with Andreas Bothe was a stroke of luck. He left me a lot of space, which is unusual for a private client. The puristic cubic shape of the treatment units deliberately sets itself apart from the lavish décor, but takes up structural principles such as the square and the harmonizing symmetry. Glass walls provide transparency, allow for surprising perspectives and still ensure the necessary privacy in the treatment. In the transformation We did not want the style break, but the harmonious complement. That joined me from the beginning with Andreas Bothe. He is the dentist who returns the smile to his patients. Our architectural concept should reflect this approach. “

The Kaisersaal was the first dental practice you planned and implemented. Was that a challenge for you??

Manfred Treiling: “The two biggest challenges were to understand the workflows of a dental practice and the technical structures. My visits to the Dental Information Center (DIC) of Henry Schein helped me a lot. Not only did I have the opportunity to watch the equipment live, but I also had the opportunity to interact with the product, workflow, installation, and engineering specialists: how much space is needed for the occipital work? Which areas are necessary for the assistance? Which connections are needed? Of course you have the opportunity to read this knowledge. But it is much easier and more effective to get a picture in a real environment and to play through different scenarios.

You have to know that a practice like this is challenging for the entire project team. Compared to a new building on the green field or a simple conversion, the demands on all participants are significantly higher. They require enormous know-how and, above all, professional collaboration combined with transparent communication. All these points voted in this project. The result: beauty and functionality that complement each other perfectly. “

Which target group do you contact with your practice??

Andreas Bothe: “As it is important to me to make the Kaisersaal publicly accessible, I treat not only private patients but also cash patients. My practice concept is very focused on holistic therapy, so my target group is the health-conscious patient. We work with state-of-the-art technologies in diagnostics and therapy. At the same time, we always focus on the whole person. Anyone looking for perfect dental care, but also wanting to be treated individually, is in the right place in the Kaisersaal with its unique ambience. The interdisciplinary collaboration with physicians of other disciplines complements this concept. “

Where were the top 3 challenges in realizing your vision of the dental practice in the Kaisersaal??

Andreas Bothe “For me, there were three major requirements: How do I manage to take the Emperor’s Hall as little beauty as possible while at the same time providing soundproofing, privacy and a feel-good atmosphere for my patients? My practice team and I are very happy that Manfred Treiling has succeeded and that we can now work in a practice that fully meets these requirements. “

Thank you for the interview.

Further information on the practice online at

Treatment: Sirona Teneo incl. Multimedia

Roentgen: Sirona X-ray OPG XG3D; Small X-ray device Sirona Heliodent with sensor

Hygiene: Sirona DAC Universal combined autoclave; Melatherm thermodisinfector

compressed air & suction: Dürr Powertower

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