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DSL connection as part of everyday life

Only a few years ago, the new landline connection was a key task when moving to a new apartment. After all, it was not just about being directly accessible again, but also avoiding high mobile costs. But the focus has changed in the meantime. Because the position that used to be cheap landline telephony came today, especially the DSL connection and connected with it, too usable internet connection.

Classic DSL versus VDSL

While a normal DSL connection Bandwidths up 16,000 kbit / s or 16 Mbit / s includes, allows VDSL High-speed bandwidths up 100,000 kbit / s or 100 Mbit / s and is thus much faster than the classic DSL.

What is DSL?

In the context of the Internet remains an encounter with the word DSL usually not out. The abbreviation DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, which means as much as digital subscriber line. It is a kind of collective term for a transmission technology for data, the Breibandteilnehmeranschlüsse and as a result a fast data transmission speed over the telephone network enable. It is particularly important that – unlike the previous analog modem connection – the availability of the telephone line is not affected.

A DSL line is partly towards the end of the normal telephone line made of copper wire, on both high and low frequencies can be sent. While the telephone connection only needs a small range of low frequencies, the remaining bandwidth for the internet be used.

In summary, DSL thus allows high bandwidth during data transmission, which are made available by a digital transmission method over the telephone network.

What is a DSL flatrate?

Both new customers and changers are usually confronted with the term flat rate or Internet flatrate in the DSL tariff comparison. This term stands for a tariff variant, in which the customer monthly one contractually agreed amount for internet use paid. Thus, a kind of user fee is paid, whereby the actual use of the contractual service does not cause any additional costs. This means paying a certain amount per month for using the Internet connection, which is usually independent of how large the volume of data received or sent during this period is.

What is a DSL contract with throttling?

While it is common in the mobile sector that a data flat rate is limited, remains one Throttling with DSL Flatrates rather a rarity. Throttling is then mentioned when the contractually agreed volume of data for the respective period has already been used up and then the maximum Speed ​​of Internet connection reduced becomes. The construction of web pages in the browser takes, for example, much longer.

In the course of a DSL contract comparison customers will usually only discover individual fare offers with throttling. These are worthwhile primarily for Households with low or highly predictable internet usage. Due to the differently designed DSL tariffs the respective achievements should be examined already before conclusion by a DSL Flatrate comparison.

Which criteria have to be considered in the DSL comparison??

If a DSL tariff comparison is made, before the conclusion of a DSL contract above all the respective Services of the offer to be considered exactly. Criteria that play a role in the search for a suitable DSL contract are, in particular, the following points:

Which surfing speed is available or required?

how high is the Basic charge the offer?

How long does it fall? Minimum term at the respective DSL contract?

Falls one Connection or provision fee on? If so, how high is this?

Are there any special features in the notice period the offer?

Does the offer contain one Throttling the surfing speed?

Include the DSL tariffs special conditions, e.g. Free months or other discounts?

When DSL price comparison speed of the DSL rates note

A particularly important criterion in the choice of the appropriate DSL contract is the speed the offered internet connection. The higher this goes, the faster data is received or sent over the Internet. The speed of DSL contracts usually goes up to 16,000 kbit / s. For example, faster internet connections are VDSL contracts, the speeds or bandwidths up to 100,000 kbit / s enable. The speed available or useful depends on various criteria:

What role does the postal code play in the DSL comparison??

But before you deal with a DSL comparison, interested parties should learn which Speed ​​in their residential area even available is. For this purpose, a so-called availability check which, based on specific information, provides information on the Internet speed available by the provider.

To get this information, you usually need to enter either the user’s address or the potential customer’s landline number. After entering the data, an evaluation of the respective provider and the display, the available surfing speed. If the desired speed (still) not available, with some providers, the Progress of broadband development be researched with glass fiber.

After DSL provider comparison note the respective tariff conditions

If the customer has opted for a surfing speed, not only a price comparison should distinguish the DSL tariffs from each other. The general conditions of the respective offer should be included in the Choice of the appropriate DSL tariff be taken into account.

In addition, a DSL comparison can also be carried out under extended search criteria. Because also the telephony and the watch TV can be completed as part of a DSL contract. While telephoning via IP telephony is already widespread, internet TV is gaining in importance lately. Depending on the need, consideration should therefore also be given to a combined contract that does not just cover a communication channel of the household.

Information in the DSL comparison: new customer or changer?

Another criterion that must be stated when concluding a DSL contract is the question of whether the prospective customer is a New customer or a changer is. Because this separation is not always self-explanatory by the two terms alone. Therefore, to be considered a new customer one of the following conditions must be met:

The customer had in from the provider given period no Internet or telephone connection with this provider

The customer needs one new telephone number

The preselection area the customer changes

The customer is one new connection owner

Depending on whether it is a changer or a new customer, grant different providers different discounts or especially promotional prices for a contract. If customers want to terminate their DSL contract, providers often grant the attractive conditions that are otherwise available only to new customers. All these aspects should be considered in the DSL comparison. Because in this way costs can also be saved in the longer term and unnecessary expense avoided.

DSL connection comparison: procure the appropriate technology

In addition to the appropriate DSL tariff and the necessary technology for Internet use should be purchased. Finally, you must first connect to the Word Wide Web. Will the broadband internet access not over the phone line, but over the cable TV used, in addition to the router often a cable modem is needed.

In many cases, the Hardware matching the tariff also be purchased directly from the provider. Here is often the opportunity to rent the required technology either for a monthly Ovolus or to buy completely.

Classic landline versus modern landline

Rotary dials and cable-mounted handsets are images many people still see today when they hear the term landline. While one is usually accessible worldwide with mobile phones, the remains Range of the fixed network also limited in today’s time. Although cables rarely restrict freedom of movement within their own four walls, the range of reception remains limited even today. In addition to cordless touchscreen phones, there is still another innovation in the fixed network area and this is called IP telephony.

The future of IP telephony begins

Whereas the telephone line was formerly used exclusively for landline telephony, its purpose has changed a bit today. In the past, the main purpose of the telephone line was solely the transmission of speech, but today this is only one of its peripheral tasks. Because the Future of the fixed network is the so-called IP telephony, the voice transmission over the Internet Protocol, which is an abbreviation for VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony.

Landline telephony still has advantages

Although mobile phones and smartphones are already part of everyday life for most people, so does the Fixed network connection still its right to exist. Not only that by far not all mobile users with an Allnet-Flat can make free calls to all mobile and landline, even international calls are often more expensive with the phone.

In addition, there is usually the possibility of a landline connection, manage different phone numbers, so that the offspring does not block the family phone for hours. So it is not only a question of cost to completely dispense with the fixed line, but also one of the convenience. Because often the landline is not only a cheap, but also a basic service of many DSL contracts.

For a lifetime the same landline number

Especially with regard to Convenience The landline connection offers further advantages. Because not only is the landline number usually much shorter than that of a cellphone, so you can remember this easier. In addition, no area code must be entered via landline, if calls are made in-town.

So there is often the possibility of a telephone number transfer with a provider change. In such a case, the phone number can also be used in the new provider and relatives or acquaintances must remember no new landline number.

DSL: Internet comparison should also consider TV

But not only the landline has been modernized through the Internet, also the television has made great progress in recent years. For the days are over, in which weekend was thought about a trip to the nearest video store. Internet TV, media libraries and TV with internet access (Smart TV) now offer so many opportunities that DSL is often the only requirement for a relaxed movie weekend at home.

What is IPTV??

Synonymous with the term IPTV is the term Internet TV. In this, the television program is also transmitted via the Internet protocol on the TV. Often these offers are available extended program spectrum, which can also be booked separately. This includes besides special branch programs, e.g. in the field of sports or feature films, often the use of Online video stores can be borrowed or bought through the films.

What are media libraries??

Numerous television programs offer their viewers so-called Online media libraries in which parts of the broadcaster program can be consumed. In addition to live streams, there are often already broadcasted contributions to find. Here, an interest-specific online research can certainly be worthwhile.

But the media library usually includes not the entire offer of the transmitter. For example, feature films are usually not available through this source. Often, media libraries can also via app via a smartphone or a smart TV with an internet connection.

Consider speed and diversity of broadband DSL comparison

Use DSL Speedtest

A DSL speed test determines which DSL speed is possible at the preferred place of residence. Those interested can use these in advance to make sure that the Internet connection also allows a good television picture.

Important when watching TV over the Internet is the speed of the DSL connection. After all, you want that TV program without jerking and ideally also in optimal picture quality. If only a low-bandwidth Internet connection is available, there is usually no IPTV available. There is still interest Watching TV over the Internet, can also be requested from various providers.

In addition to the speed of the Internet connection, the variety of channels offered should also be taken into account in the search. Especially when special interest transmitter You should be informed in advance, under what circumstances these can be received or booked.

Think of everything when comparing DSL

Basically there is the possibility, with a DSL contract not only one Flat rate for internet use complete. Also the areas landline and watch TV can be covered by the conclusion of such a tariff. Finally, these too Communication channels via the Internet Protocol be used. Accordingly, one should think before starting a DSL comparison, whether the channels should be completed individually or by a complete package. Here you should not only be influenced by the costs, but also by the services of the various offers. Because in addition to a DSL price comparison, the speed, the variety of channels and other criteria of the tariffs should be compared. In this way you will find quickly and easily the offer that best suits your own needs and offers an ideal price-performance ratio.

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