Ecotourism *** what exactly is behind eco tourism?

What is eco-tourism??

Have you ever heard of eco-tourism? Is Ecotourism now the next travel trend? Does that have anything to do with wellness? And what does that have to do with SPANESS? Questions about questions …

Ecotourism – The next big thing or …?

Who deals with the topic Sustainability on the road or Slow Travel busy, that’s not the case for ecotourism. I too am increasingly concerned about my travel behavior and questioning travel trends; my motto is not in vain WellBeing work, life & travel. I notice more and more often, I can not and do not want to take some things anymore.

On the one hand is mine great desire to travel and on the other hand, I feel more and more often a guilty conscience when we talk about distant destinations think. Especially with regard to our ecological footprint … this is where ecotourism comes into play!

What exactly is behind Ecotourism?

Ecotourism = Eco Tourism?

So is Ecotourism with ecotourism equate? In fact, that is certainly not so sweeping to say … because the Ecotourism Definition actually includes much more. Ecotourism is more related to sustainable travel. Of course, this also applies to ecotourism – but Eco Holidays are about a little more. It is about the responsible interaction between humans and nature and I would even consider the topic of culture here.

It’s not just about it, on environmental protection to pay attention. Ecotourism should and can even be tackled. I myself was z. For example, two years ago on a press trip on Ecotourism Thailand. Here we have planted trees, looked at a turtle rescue station, reintroduced turtles and also threw a look at regional farmers. Of course, one does not have to travel far (or perhaps one should not) for such a journey if one feels the urge to assist here. Because such projects are also available on your own doorstep.

At school, for example, we started a school trip to the forest to help the foresters at work. Optionally, there are beach cleaning and Entmüllungs actions or support Conservation projects z. On a North Sea island.

Turtles release in Thailand

Sightseeing of the turtle station Thailand

But with all the “good deeds” is of course (and unfortunately) the ecotourism to look at it with both eyes. If you look closely, tour operators will sense a large (contradictory) market. A market that earns first and foremost times billion profits, because more and more people want to reassure their “green conscience”. Times quite plump summarized “So if I travel to distant countries and thereby pollute the environment, but I want to do something for nature on the spot”. Because Eco-tourism seems to be addressing high-income people from heavily industrialized corners of the world.

Thailand – tourist numbers are rising!

Eco holidays: Gentle tourism focuses on nature and affluent clientele

In times of Overpopulation and Overtourism – in the form of more and more people traveling and destinations that are and are completely overrun, eco holidays may really be an alternative. Because in order to uncover abuses, one must first understand them. But you should really ask yourself with all this actionism, if you actually have to travel for a short trip to the Caribbean or visit with the cruise ship polar bears? If you want to do “good” for environmental and species protection, even on holiday, you can start on your own doorstep. How about z. B. Garbage to collect on a Hike in the Harz or at one Island vacation in the North Sea. Of course you should also “twice” look at the choice of accommodation. It does not have to be certified organic accommodation with a sustainability seal and pipapo. But the question may be asked calmly … Where does the accommodation get their food from? How is cleaned? How is dealing with employees? What is the use of disposable items? These are just a few questions that you should ask yourself critically.

Remember: Eco holidays should be an alternative to mass tourism. Nature and people at a holiday and travel destination should not be affected if possible. The aim is to make the environment (nature and landscape) of a destination to be experienced, to protect and to be very careful with it.

Wangerooge Holiday – On the Lower North Sea islands, the theme of environmental protection is lived and constantly expanded …

Eco Holidays Germany, Europe & worldwide

As well as on the subject of wellness, I therefore think that you should do not start on vacation, to live healthier or to behave correctly – let’s say, to ease one’s conscience. And those who start on vacation should not start their normal everyday life after their holidays. If you are with the thought or the idea “Eco holidays” busy, then think about how you can incorporate and consider the topic in everyday life. Ask yourself quite honestly the question, what you pay attention to when choosing your holiday destination? Is it the price? If an offer is cheap around the corner, then you look more critical, which may remain on the track to hold such an offer? Is it the beauty or the exotic ambience of the place? What are you doing then to get something for the future??

Finally, a tip. Because there are really serious travel topics and providers who deal with environmental protection – even in Germany. Here are regularly looking for “volunteers” who volunteer to help and support. Some of these volunteer projects are already helping young people aged 16 and over. Co-operative projects are offered starting from one week. During this time the helpers are really active in the project. Costs usually arise anyway -. For example, for the flight or other means of travel, proportionate for the catering, etc. The possibilities are varied: Wildlife projects in Africa, dune protection on Juist, guest advisor in the National Park House u. v. m.

Of course, Eco Tourism starts with its own behavior when traveling …

* I do not want to play the teacher or minder here. In this section and with such articles I would like to share my travel thoughts with you and also to encourage you to think about your own behavior. Again and again I get caught in the process of carelessly traveling. Often the thoughts come to land and people only when I’m back home. When I have time to organize and rethink what I have experienced. But exactly these thoughts ensure that we, as a family, step by step try to improve … (even more carefully) to deal with people and the environment. To question things and more often to look behind the “beautiful” scenes. Surely this is a long way … but every step is important and useful and if I can only encourage one reader through this post, to (more) deal with the topic is also a further step.

Tell me how you travel. Is the topic Eco Tourism or something like gentle tourism for you in question? Have you ever dealt with that? Or are you actually hearing about it for the first time??

Fancy more travel ideas?

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