Hiking equipment – equipment for hiking in the travel blog

Hiking equipment - equipment for hiking in the travel blog

Equipment for hiking

What is the right hiking equipment?
Good that you already know about hiking equipment for your hikes in the Karwendel! If you go for a hike, you should first think about it, so that you have the right equipment. If you’re up in the mountains and find out you’re missing a jacket or you’d better put on other hiking boots, it’s too late. Depending on which hikes you plan, there are different requirements.

walking boots

The "must" for hiking equipment: hiking boots
For small and easy mountain hikes in summer, the most important thing is a sturdy footwear. These can be fixed half-height walking shoes, which are constructed in principle similar to sneakers, but meet the specific requirements for firmness of the shoe and good sole. See, e.g. the Salewa hiking boots. In detail informs here our purchase advice for hiking boots.

–> I think that’s important when it comes to hiking boots.

hiking backpack

A good hiking backpack
To be able to transport all this comfortably, a good hiking backpack is ideal. There is a very large selection of backpacks for hiking! Too often I have met people with backpacks that are too big on my walks. At home, think about what you really need on the way – and then take a suitably large or better small backpack with you.

Hiking backpack for day hikes and hut tours
For day trips, thanks to the new space-saving hiking equipment a backpack with about 20 liters capacity is sufficient. If you make multi-day hikes from hut to hut, but you need a larger hiking backpack. I would recommend a backpack with 30 liters.

It makes little sense, however, to haul the big backpack on small day hikes on the mountain. Save on weight and use your power to hike, not to backpack! More information I give in my blog post about hiking backpack.

Right here you will find a good hiking backpack online:

hiking jacket

Hiking equipment – not without a good jacket
Do not forget a jacket: in good weather a softshell jacket or in mixed weather a rain jacket. On the mountain, it can quickly become cooler and the wind blow. If you cool down because of this, the fun of hiking is quickly over and it can also be life-threatening. Here I have an overview of the current hiking jackets, you can order them also cheap:

walking sticks

Aluminum poles or hiking sticks made of carbon?
Depending on your preference you can take hiking sticks with you on the hike. They help uphill a bit to get up. Especially downhill, they are a help, if you can relieve his knees by leaning on the hiking sticks. Great is also the product variety. You can choose from trekking poles made of aluminum or carbon. Carbon is lighter, but breaks faster. I am very satisfied with my aluminum hiking poles.

Foldable hiking poles or telescopic trekking poles?
The second major theme in hiking poles is the type of length adjustment. Meanwhile, the length of all hiking poles can be adjusted, this is perfect to be able to set the correct length when climbing uphill and downhill (uphill shorter, berab longer). Widely used and most of the cheaper walking sticks is the "telescope"-Variant, the stick elements are pushed together and fixed by turning to the correct length. The expensive hiking poles are foldable. This reduces the length of the pole if you want to pack it in the backpack. Ideal for long mountain tours, where you need your hands to hold on the rock or safety rope in between.

Hiking poles with plastic, foam or cork handle
Depending on the price, you can choose between different handles. What I would never take are walking sticks with plastic handles – so you’ll get blisters on your hands quickly. Whether foam or cork is better depends on the individual wishes. I made just as good experiences with cork handles as with foam handles.

Hiking poles with suspension
A luxury a few years ago, today available on many hiking poles: A suspension in the walking stick. The cushioning protects your wrists when going downhill – hiking. Shoulders and elbows are less stressed. If it is reasonably priced, I would definitely choose hiking poles with anti-shock suspension!

The right hiking sticks
You see, the only RIGHT walking stick does not exist, depending on what kind of hikes you want to do, you can estimate whether you are looking for a telescopic walking stick made of aluminum or rather the high-end variant, a foldable carbon walking stick.

Here I have the current product overview of Amazon, where you can look at your hiking poles and order the same cheap:

Hiking boots for alpine hikes

Equipment for more demanding hikes
The longer a hike takes or the more demanding it becomes, the more it is necessary to think through what you need on the way. For more difficult hikes firmer hiking boots are needed. These are higher and go over the ankles. If you hike into high alpine terrain or even over ice and glacier (Here also the guidance by a professionally trained mountain guide is recommended) crampons suitable for crampons are necessary to attach crampons to the hiking boots in the ice.

Water and food on the hike
It is also important to take enough water to drink. This is often the main reason for inexperienced hikers why a hike comes to a bad end. After you have not been able to know beforehand, whether you come to a hut – and whether it really has opened on the day you go there – is also to think of a strengthening: Whether cereal bar, sandwiches or fruit, everyone has to know for themselves.

Equipment winter hiking

Equipment for winter hikes
When winter hiking is yet to pay attention to other things. Read more here at the guide for winter hiking equipment.

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