Mom blogs, mompreneurs, virtual friendships, mom ocllo blog

Mom blogs, mompreneurs, virtual friendships, mom ocllo blog

From mom blogs and virtual friendships

Mama blogs are many, they are literally sprouting up. Young moms provide us with virtual diaries to look at their family lives and show us how we can make life more creative with our babies.

Mama blogs give confidence

You may still remember our beginnings. In 2013 Mama Ocllo first introduced herself to the public via her own website. Our first organic baby fashion collection had just arrived from Peru and Mama Ocllo was hardly known to anyone until now.

How young moms and dads convince them that our Pima Bio baby fashion is something very special?

We ourselves can write a lot about the unique properties Peruvian Pima cotton to report. We can also try using informative sub-pages and illustrative material to foreshadow the softness of the “silk of South America”.

But so that our words would not end up as “marketing-long” in a drawer that would never be reopened, we needed urgent support. And these we found in experienced moms who tested and honestly judged our clothes.

Test criteria and evaluation

On recommendation, we contacted a handful of mom blogs who were eager to put Mama Ocllo baby fashion to the test of everyday life.

Test criteria were different. Here are some excerpts from different Mama Blogs:

(1) Pima cotton is pleasantly soft and very easy to clean

Mom Miez: “I have already washed our things several times and yes, also dried in the dryer. Soft stays soft and form remains form. “

Mamahoch2: “[…] it is still really nice and soft after several washes.”

(2) Pleasant on delicate baby skin “The pants and the top feel very soft and cuddly. The seams are also soft on the inside, there is nothing to scratch or scratch. “

(3) Pima cotton is breathable

Paul’s little world: “The material is breathable and therefore ideally suited for the summer.”

And another important test criterion was how baby skin reacts, which tends to atopic dermatitis. Sherlyn of Talis, which we have already presented in detail in our blog (go to Article), then sent us the following product review: “Lio has eczema. After only a few days, I realized that I did not have to apply much cream and healed the skin more and more beautifully. “

The consistently positive feedback not only created a first trust in the market, but also strengthened our project. Because you certainly know that. Often one is so convinced of one’s own ideas and products, as we of our Pima baby fashion, that one loses the objective view of it. And this is where the voices of experienced mums help us. In practice they test everything that we describe so beautifully on our website.

From mom blogs and virtual friendships

Competition, tough competition, elbow society … This was also my idea of ​​the market, as I had already met during my training as a bank clerk. With this expectation, we slowly approached the baby market; always on guard against suspicious competitors.

For the first time, we were instructed at the Baby World 2012 in Munich. There we met Jennifer Schaper and her pretty home-sewn baby fashion. Maybe you are already over the Charming Quilt Company became aware of Jennifer. The happy mom of four adorable kids invited us into a Facebook baby group and gave us some important tips for our young start-up. On the other hand, through the baby group, we came into contact with many dedicated mothers and fathers, all of whom, in addition to their main task, namely their family, pursue other activities related to the topic of babies and children. An interesting network for Mama Ocllo, about which we learned a lot and could build nice cooperations. Our gift sets, which we together with the Munich label Luxusweiberl (Owner: Ulrike Alt) and Pekip Toys (Owner: Heike Schwarz) for you, you also have to thank the baby group.

Yes, and to our positive surprise, really nice friendships have emerged from most of the cooperations. Although many of these friendships are so far purely virtual nature, but just beautifully constructed Mama Blogs let one forget the distance. With Franziska Lange from Paul’s little world I would like to briefly introduce you to one of these “virtual” friends.

Paul’s little world and the Bimbaumzwerge

A few days ago, the postman rang and handed me a lovingly packed parcel with sender Apolda (Thuringia). Full of anticipation, I opened the box and hoped to find a self-sewn awning in a monkey style.

My eyes became big when I discovered two presents and a very personal greeting card in them. Together with Baby Miguelito, we unpacked the presents and were delighted with the contents: awning, matching scarf, two pretty bloomers, a baby T-shirt and a gemstone pacifier chain. Madness! And all this, even though we had only commissioned a sunshade.

For the second time, Franziska sweetens the day with her little works of art. Do you still remember the lovely winter wrap cover? The cover has served us faithfully all winter and has been admired from all sides. Thanks to the first-class workmanship, the cover still looks like new and will certainly give many babies warm feet.

Since Miguelito does not feel well at all, when the sun shines on his face in a stroller, a cloth as a cover never helps for long, because he pulls this schwupsdiwupps from the roof, we went in search of a practical shade dispenser. A sun sail had to come! And why fight through the online jungle, when a gifted seamstress is within reach?

So quickly sent a message to Franziska and our sun sails went into production. And the result is convincing! Meanwhile, I have already seen a lot of self-sewn. Often, the seams were crooked, threads dissipated quickly and you just noticed the hasty and inaccurate processing. Since quality plays a big role for us, we pay particular attention to these details.

Franziska masters her craft, she has a good eye for beauty, is reliable and fast. You can find samples of her sewing skills Bimbaumzwerge or directly on Dawanda. Truly admirable are not only their products but also their multi-tasking talent. With her three children Paul, Katharina and Marlene plus husband Franziska should be busy 24 hours. At least that’s what you mean. And yet, there is still time to sew in the evening and night (?), For their kids and for customers.

How the family life can be reconciled with the night operation, which small works of art arise at a late hour and who hides behind Franziska Lange and her little world, you can in her well-visited Mama Blog Paul’s little world read up.

Finally, we would like to say THANK YOU at this point, not only for spoiling our little Miguelito, but also for your friendship, dear Franzi.

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