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In mid-April 2016, newcomer noblechairs brings a fresh breeze to the market and brings with the first real leather gaming chair a real innovation at the start. But the EPIC series from the manufacturer’s 2016 collection brings even more into play: this time, not only sports car optics, but also the production of those luxury bodies were the inspiration. The result: Unprecedented precision in blanking covers and embroidery. The 2017 model – the ICON series – builds on the great success of the previous year, brings more innovation, accommodates heavier gamers, and keeps noblechairs in pole position in the marketplace.

The noblechairs epic series

As part of the Epic series, a model has been published that can be purchased with both synthetic and PU leather covers. The two variants therefore separates the material used on the one hand and a price difference of about 200 euros on the other hand. Otherwise, the following key data applies to both artificial leather and real leather chair:

  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years
  • Capacity: 120 kg
  • Lumbar- & Neck pillow: made of fabric and different colors available
  • armrests: adjustable in four directions
  • Framework: steel frame & Aluminum base
  • Reference: PU or real leather
  • rocker- & tilt function: steplessly lockable up to 135 °
  • details: Diamond pattern, stitching, stylish logo patches

The EPIC-Chairs are very precisely covered and sewn by automated manufacturing systems, so that considerably fewer defects should occur than has been the case up to now. Cover and upholstery form a unit, so that the seat looks as if it were made of one piece. This is a realistic sports seat feeling. In terms of color, there is a very broad spectrum as well as many details that can be individually adapted – the art and real leather variants differ in the color styles offered.

Pure luxury: the EPIC real leather variant

The real leather chair trumps with unparalleled breathability and longevity These are two clear advantages that real leather brings. He offers optimal seating climate and works both visually and haptically very noble. For an office chair that is covered with real leather, the noble chic offers a thoroughly good value for money. If it fits into your budget, I definitely advise you to this luxury variant. I sit on it almost every day.

  • The first gaming chair with real leather cover
  • Absolutely high quality materials
  • The upper class under the chairs for gamers
  • Breathable and very resistant

The little brother in PU synthetic leather robe

Even if the cover here is not made of genuine leather, so you have In terms of quality and workmanship with EPIC PU synthetic leather no compromises made. By punched holes helps noblechairs this PU reference according to their own information more breathability, which eliminates a serious disadvantage of imitation leather – ingenious innovation! In addition, there are other small differences that you look at best in my reviews. Overall, a great chair that perfectly complements the noble assortment of the manufacturer. Do you shy away from spending more than € 500 on a gamer chair or do you not like real leather? Then access this model!

  • With PU leather cover & Suede imitation inserts
  • High quality workmanship, great quality
  • Qualitatively equal to the real leather version
  • Again, I recommend the Caseking offer:

The differences in detail

It’s best to watch my comparison video at the top of the page, where I’ll cover all the differences between real and PU leather versions. In addition to the fact that the cover is made of a different material, there are the following differences:

Difference # 1: The incorporated decorative seams show a slightly different pattern.

Difference No. 2: While the right-hand chair is upholstered in smooth genuine leather, which is naturally breathable, the perforation of the PU cover ensures that no excessive sweating is expected on the faux leather chair on the left.

Difference No. 3: The side cheeks are upholstered in imitation leather chair with a suede imitation reminiscent of suede or Alcantara.

Difference No. 4: The logo emblem, which adorns the headrest of all noblechairs, is punched a bit deeper in the lower-priced PU version and therefore more distinctive.

My recommendation: In order to get an accurate picture of the differences, you should definitely take my V >See EPIC Series Genuine Leather Gaming Chair and ▷ EPIC Series PU Synthetic Leather Chair.

Suitable size & stature

The noblechairs EPIC series ergonomically targets the average gamer. Based on my experience from the EPIC real leather gaming chair test I would say that the chairs are suitable for the following body sizes: 170 cm to 195 cm. As for stature, I think everyone from rather narrow over average to max. moderately wide will find room on it.

The seat feel lies between the DXRacer King Series and the Vertagear SL-4000, which creates a balance between free space and lateral support.

Alternative complacent? Do you rather belong to the wider group or do you wish more space and a softer pad, So I recommend you especially the new noblechairs ICON or alternatively: The ▷ AKRacing ProX or the ▷ King series of DXRacer – both I have tested extensively. If it is one cheaper model and you are average built, then take a look at the ▷ Racer 1 test or the ▷ Player Series.

New: The noblechairs ICON series

Finally the time has come: noblechairs once again delivers a first class luxury gaming chair with the ICON. The usual excellent quality is presented in an innovative design and is complemented by revised or completely new features optimally. With this model, noblechairs also offers us a real and a synthetic leather variant.

The clou: The ICON series is also suitable for more vigorous gamers. Everything else, including size and purchase advice, you’ll learn in my article: ▷ ICON series in the test

Features of the new noblechair

As you have already seen in the picture above, noblechairs is launching an innovative silhouette with the ICON – a step away from the usual racing design and closer to the throne. Not only does the bold, new shape appeal visually very well, it also has a decisive advantage in terms of ergonomics:

Heavy, broad-shouldered gamers often felt constrained on previous gaming chairs – including the EPIC. Instead of the bulging wings that push you into the shoulder girdle from behind, the ICON offers total freedom.

The headrest This time it is padded much thicker, so that you can sit comfortably even without a neck pillow. Apart from that, the velvety cushion offers more flexibility in terms of adjustability downwards and upwards due to the new shape – especially for small or large gamers.

The side cheeks are a bit less aggressive than the EPIC. It has a steel strut removed, so the transition between seat and sidewalls continue to be seamless, just flatter. Gamblers with wider thighs will love this feature.

The armrests noblechairs has also upgraded it: The metal parts, which were previously made of stainless steel, now have a black powder coating, the top of the armrest now comes in a high-gloss finish and a little less rough to protect the elbows. The shape is also slightly more compact overall.

In contrast to other manufacturers, noblechairs is in terms of max. Weight indication very conservative set: The EPIC carries officially l120kg, is however much more robustly than many chairs of other manufacturers, which are specified with 150kg or more. noblechairs calculates relevant weight peaks – z. As when sitting down – and is anxious to make a real realistic promise. That’s the way it should be.

With the ICON noblechairs has added another and that footbase made of solid solid aluminum – official carrying capacity: up to 150 kilograms.

For whom is the ICON?

The new chair from noblechairs is basically suitable for the average gamer, but due to the shape, the flat side walls and the robust design, it offers great potential for larger and heavier gamers.

In terms of size advice, you can look in my ▷ ICON review. In general, this chair is incredibly flexible and offers space for gamers between 70 – 120kg and a size of 1.70 – 2m. Note that the relation between size and weight is very relevant and that the smaller gas lift from noblechairs can further shift the size lower limit if necessary.

In my opinion, noblechair once again managed a stroke of genius with this ball chair. Once again, the manufacturer shows that he rethinks his products down to the last detail, continually improving them and simply emphasizing perfection – and that is the competent and obliging support in blessing.

  • Accustomed high quality materials
  • High precision processing
  • Innovative design highlights
  • Also for larger ones & heavier gamers suitable
  • Tip: Follow the green button to Caseking for the best deal

Features of the luxury chairs

In my test for the EPIC I could look at a noblechairs with genuine leather cover exactly – since then I also sit on it regularly. He is next to King and ProX my top favorites. Here are some impressions of the tested chair for you:

I especially like that the two cushions are covered with soft flow. Other manufacturers should take this as an example and at least offer it as an alternative – super comfortable!

The noble embroidery on the genuine leather cover make an appealing diamond pattern. Sitting on real leather is noticeably more pleasant – the material behaves naturally and breathes.

In terms of adjustability, the noble chair leaves nothing to be desired: 4D armrests, lockable tilt mechanism and a stepless tilt function – no one can do better.

The wheels measure 6 centimeters in diameter, do not grind or scratch and are gentle to the floor – whether parquet, laminate or carpet. My tip: the ▷ Blade reels from AK also fit here.

Very classy-looking, subtle logos can be found on the EPIC and round off the high-quality overall picture optimally.

Pure luxury, not just for gamblers

If you like something more serious but still sporty, you will find the new models in brown / beige and brown / black. Even more luxury sports car feeling is simply not possible. If I ever refit my office or need a meeting room, then these noble noblechairs will definitely find themselves in it!

So far, there are these noble reference variants only in the real leather version – So you have to dig deeper if you want to buy such a piece of jewelry. It is just a luxury product, but the price-performance ratio is very good. Comparable chairs, as z. B. DXRacer has in the pipeline, cost 700 € or more – so the current state. So here you definitely do not go wrong and I can only recommend this reputable gambling chair.

noblechairs sponsorship in Esport

Noblechairs draws attention – even in the esport sector. For example, the manufacturer offers sponsorship to large teams such as SK-Gaming or PENTA Sports, thus working hand in hand with its target group. The following models are currently very popular:

  • PENTA Sports version for fans
  • Here you will find good offers:

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