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The most important information about the use of the Semesterticket

Are you unsure where your semester ticket applies? Would you like to know where you can travel with local buses and trams or if ICs and ICEs are included in the semester ticket? Need information about taking children, bicycles or pets with you? Then the search has an end, because here you are exactly right!

Local trains

For local trains, your semester ticket is valid for the whole of Lower Saxony, Bremen and beyond. In the surrounding area cities such as Münster, Magdeburg, Lübeck, Paderborn and many more can be approached, just look at the map of the route network. In the area listed can travel throughout the week with the local trains (of course, only in the second class). The use of long-distance transport (IC / EC / ICE) is excluded. There is one exception! Between Bremen and Norddeich (mole) / Emden outer harbor the IC may be used. You must also take care when using the Hamburg S-Bahn: Your Semesterticket applies only to the sections S3 Stade – Hamburg Hbf and S31 Neugraben – Hamburg Hbf. Generally applies to Hamburg, that only the arrival and departure to or from Hamburg possible but you have to solve a ticket for the busses, subways, etc. (see H. Local Transport).

On the way to Groningen

The beautiful city of Groningen is not noted on the map, but since the winter semester 2018/2019 this is also included in the semester ticket. To get there, you can use the RB 57 and the express bus between Leer and Groningen on the route Leer / Weener / Groningen. At the moment, only travel on the express bus is possible.

local traffic

The use of buses, trams and metros does not apply to the entire area of ​​the rail transport, but only to the VBN area. In addition, you can use the bus service in the area of ​​the transport region local traffic Ems-Jade (VEJ) and the traffic community district Cloppenburg. The night owls among you must be careful though: Basically you can go to the next party with the night lines in the areas mentioned, but there is one exception in Oldenburg & Surrounding and in the district Ammerland: In addition to the night expressions and the Nachschwärmern drive there also the night owls, also called Disco buses. For these buses, the semester ticket is not valid.

driving rules

Children up to and including five can ride for free. For children between 6 and 14 years, an additional child driving license must be purchased. Young people over 15 years must buy a regular ticket. A bike ride is not included in the semester ticket, so you must take a bike day ticket to take along. The conditions of carriage of the Niedersachsentarifs apply to the transport of pets.

Reimbursement and compensation

The financing of the Semesterticket is based on the solidarity principle. Thus, in principle, students who do not necessarily need the semester ticket, have to pay their contribution. There are, however, some circumstances that allow a reimbursement of the semester ticket, such as: As in foreign or holiday semesters, illness or exmatriculation. All further information about the semester ticket reimbursement can be found here.

You have questions, problems, complaints?

Then turn to us! Whether you have questions about the route, whether you were denied the free ride by the employees of the Deutsche Bahn, whether you had to pay a fine unfounded or if you simply have suggestions for improvement: Come to the AStA. You can communicate your concern by mail to [email protected], by phone or personally in my office hours – Monday from 14 to 16 o’clock and on Wednesday from 8 to 10 o’clock.


You will also find many other important information


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Monday 14:00 – 16:00
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