Loft bed archive

Loft bed archive

Loft bed – the solution for small spaces

The loft bed is THE highlight in the children‘s room for many children. Kids love the thrill of sleeping high and in small rooms this bed is the perfect solution. Due to its height of about 150 cm or more, the space below offers itself for various possibilities. This variant of the cot is available in a simple form as a wooden frame with a ladder, classic or semi-high, or as a play and adventure bed with plenty of accessories. This could include a textile curtain, canopy or tower. A slide is in most cases even more. As you can see, there is a large selection of bunk beds. You can find these here

The most important information about the loft bed


The safety of your child must be guaranteed. A loft bed is a little adventure for children and they are often unaware of the dangers. They are not used to the new height yet and treat the bed differently. Therefore, it is important that the loft bed is equipped with an all-round protection. This may only be interrupted in the area of ​​the ladder and, if present, the chute. This so-called fall protection must be at least 16 cm higher than the mattress. In the best case, the new bed complies with safety standard EN 747. This applies to high and bunk beds and should also be marked with a GS mark. This ensures safety through special tests.


With a lying area of ​​90 × 200 cm, you have to add a few centimeters for the outside dimensions. It is important, of course, from what material the cot is and what equipment it has.

With a half-height bed, the lying surface starts at about 100 to 110 cm in height, while your child in a classic is about 150 cm.

When buying, you should especially make sure that the desired bed really fits into the nursery. Even bunk beds with slides can have a width of two meters. Also pay attention to the ceiling height. This should be so high that your child can not hurt his head when he straightens up in bed.


The bed is usually made of solid wood. For this purpose, wood is taken from beech or pine, and it is also painted. There are also manufacturers who offer untreated and untreated wood. Another possibility is a cot made of metal.

When buying, pay attention to a bed whose wood has been cleanly processed. There must be no wooden parts. For a loft bed made of wood also applies: The wider the bedpost, the more stable the cot.

In the case of a metal bed, make sure that the parts are inserted into one another so that there are no sharp edges.

All materials must be free of pollutants and sweat and saliva.

Mattress and slatted frame

The mattress and the slatted frame have a size of 90 × 200 cm. The standard size has the advantage that it fits in all beds of this size. This means that both can be used for a long time. Provided you pay attention to a good quality. Mattresses are available in different variants, a slatted frame ensures air circulation and prevents mold on the mattress.

When buying the following things are important:

  • So that the mattress does not invite you to jump, foam or latex is recommended. A spring mattress often looks like a trampoline.
  • The slats of the slatted base must feather well and adapt to the mattress
  • The mattress should be equipped with a removable cover. Especially children sweat a lot and other liquids come in contact with the mattress. So the cover can be easily removed, washed and re-opened. The mattress stays clean and can be used longer
  • Ventilate the new mattress well after purchase. If possible, place it outside or in a room that you can ventilate well. The remaining pollutants that are left disappear after about two weeks.


The loft bed can be equipped with different accessories depending on the manufacturer. The simplest variant is the loft bed with a ladder. This can be extended with a slide. With textile accessories it can become a themed bed. In this case, the bed can additionally be equipped with a curtain that closes the area under the lying surface. Another option is a tunnel, canopy or canopy. This is attached to the sides of the sleeping box so that your child lies underneath. Even a tower can be an accessory. This is located above the upper part of the slide. Some manufacturers still offer bags that can be hung on the bed or shelves that provide a storage space on the headboard.

No matter which accessory the loft bed has, it must be mounted and mounted so that your child can not hurt himself. Ladder and slide must be as flat as the frame and must not be trip hazards. When making textile accessories, make sure that there is no risk of suffocation and that no cords loosely protrude into the bed.

tip: It would be an advantage if the ladder and slide can be mounted left and right. So you have no difficulty later, if you want to redecorate the room or put the loft bed in another room.

The questions about the loft bed

When is a loft bed suitable??

A loft bed is recommended from three years, half-height beds can be used before. A child is ready for a loft bed if they can assess the dangers and climb the ladder. In addition, it must know that a bunk bed at night is there to sleep and not to play. The new height also plays a big role. Is your child ready to sleep at this altitude or is it afraid? To find out, you should talk to him first of all, but also let him try it out. Go to a furniture store and show him a loft bed or visit someone who has such a cot. This will help you to determine if a loft bed is suitable for your child.

What can you put under the loft bed?

A half-height bed offers less height and can therefore be used as storage or for playing while sitting or lying down. A cozy reading corner, a place for the dolls or a garage for the cars can be found here.

A classic loft bed offers more options. In addition to the ideas already mentioned, which can be implemented not only under a half-high bed, the space can also be used for a table and chairs for toddlers, a desk or for additional storage space. Also a guest bed could find space here. The possibilities are almost limitless.

How long will a loft bed be used??

A loft bed can be used as long as the child fits in and as long as it finds this species interesting. Here, the entire primary school age can be considered, ie up to 12 years. In addition, the bunk bed can still be used. Especially young people appreciate loft beds, because you can not look in directly and so some privacy is available.

Why a loft bed??

Children love these beds because they can climb and possibly slip. A loft bed invites you to play and stimulates the imagination. They also find it great that they are allowed to sleep at height and thus have a sense of independence.

Loft beds are also space-saving and fit through the wide selection of materials, colors and themes in almost every nursery.

Is there a growing loft bed?

There are manufacturers who offer growing variants. These can often be extended from the cot to the youth high bed. You start with the sleeping level on the floor, depending on the manufacturer can still use grid. The older the child gets, the higher the sleep level can be. The bedposts always stay the same. At the beginning, they are used for a canopy sky, later they support the loft bed and provide a space underneath. There are also beds that are easy to turn around. If the little ones still sleep at a normal height, the posts can be used for a curtain or sky. Later you turn the bed around so to speak, the sleeping box is now upstairs and the lower part leaves an extra room. Another possibility is beds that can be extended or increased with additional extensions in the bed post.

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