Surgery – Dentists Osnabrück, dr

Surgery - Dentists Osnabrück, dr

prosthetics & surgery

The modern dentures offer a lot of ways to replace missing teeth appropriately. We take care of this.


We work together with the master dental laboratory art of smile. The dental technology laboratory works according to the latest techniques. The dental technicians of kind of smile are available to us and you from the first planning to the preparation and integration of the dentures at any time. The color and shape design for CAD / CAM made crowns and bridges are individually determined on the patient so that they are indistinguishable in the mouth of real teeth. Bridge scaffolds and crowns can be tried on short notice to control the appearance of the impression.

Only an interdisciplinary collaboration between dentist and laboratory leads to an optimal solution.

Among other things, our laboratory produces:

  • CAD / CAM technique and others Milled crowns, bridges and implant abutments
  • Metal ceramics / all-ceramics / pressed ceramics / laboratory-made inlays in ceramics or precious metal
  • Bio-Galvanokronen and milled Galvanosteg constructions
  • Telescope, milling and bedding technology
  • Implant Prosthetics
  • Complete dentures
  • Äquilibrierungsschienen
  • Long-term temporaries in composite
  • denture repairs
  • denture
  • Veneers and shell technology
  • snoring Published
  • Color determination on the patient


An implant is an artificial tooth root that is anchored in the bone by implantology. In most cases it is made of titanium. For simplicity’s sake, compare an implant with a ‘branding dowel’ in the wall. What can you fix everything about it? By comparison, your teeth will be the same again.
Implants offer a variety of treatment options for tooth loss. So a single tooth can be replaced or a whole tooth area. For example, in old, loose and wobbling prostheses several implants are placed so you can bite undisturbed and strong again.

In implantology, in the first step, the implant is inserted into the jawbone. If this then fused with the bone, the implant shoulder is exposed and inserted a construction screw. The dental technician then makes an individual tooth-colored crown on this structure, for example.

Implantology has been established and scientifically researched for decades. In compliance with all hygiene standards, the success rate for an implant is 99.5%. Minimally invasive surgery and low implant diameter are routine.

The procedure must be planned individually with you. We discuss with you in detail the procedure and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

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