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Accident insurance comparison: Find the right fare

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Accident insurance protects you around the clock

Why take out a private accident insurance? Quite simply: The statutory accident insurance does not protect in your free time. Statistically, however, most accidents happen then. With a private accident insurance you are protected around the clock and around the world against high accident costs, for example for rehabilitation measures.

To the right one Tariff with a good price-performance ratio Finding an accident insurance comparison helps. Quick and easy to get an overview of cheap accident insurance. Before you can get started, some personal data such as age and occupation are needed. Find out why this information is important and what you should pay attention to when choosing a fare.

Age and occupation influence the contribution amount

Your age and occupation are important for the comparison. Why? – Both factors can affect the amount of the contribution.

Job: Depending on the accident risk of your activity, this can have an impact on the contributions for the accident insurance. So a craftsman has a higher risk of injury than a mere desk job. For particularly dangerous professions, insurers charge risk premiums. It may also be that the insurance cover is rejected.

Older: Older people often recover more slowly from the consequences of an accident or they are more seriously injured. The insurance often has to pay more for older policyholders. Age can therefore influence the insurance premiums.

Consider it: Your information must be complete in the insurance contract and the truth. Otherwise, there are fewer or even no benefits in an emergency.

Important fare details for comparison

When you take out accident insurance, it is important that you do not save on the wrong end. Although less power leads to a lower contribution, in the event of damage insurers pay less. Below are some important ones Comparison criteria with explanation – so you can choose exactly the services you want:

comparison criteria

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The basic sum, often called the (basic) invalidity sum or the sum insured, serves as the basis for the calculation of the invalidity benefit. This is a one-time payment and the most important benefit of accident insurance. You can set the base amount together with the insurer. In case of emergency you will receive – depending on the severity of the long-term damage – a certain percentage of the sum insured. Only in case of total disability, there is the full amount. Usually a basic sum is recommended, which is the four to six times the annual gross salary is. Young people should usually choose a slightly higher total.


There are tariffs with and without progression. With a progression, you can increase the one-time benefit. Because this determines the multiple of the sum that you receive after a serious accident. From a degree of disability of 25 percent You will also receive more money. You can choose between different progressions, often 225 percent, 350 percent or 500 percent. For example: In the case of total disability, with a sum insured of 100,000 euros and a progression of 350 percent, you will receive a total of 350,000 euros. It usually makes sense to agree on a progression. However, before agreeing on a very high progression of, for example, 500 percent, you should better increase the amount of disability. Because then you get even with disability levels under 25 percent more money.

Inval >

Degree of disability is crucial to how much money you receive after an accident. Insurers determine this in the limbs tax. Here is what degree of disability applies to the loss or impairment of a body part. An example: The loss of the complete hand corresponds to a degree of disability of 50 percent. With an insured sum of 100,000 euros, the insured will receive 50,000 euros. If a progression has been agreed, the payout amount may increase further. Depending on the provider and tariff the degrees of disability may differ. Therefore, take a look at the articulated tax in the insurance conditions when you compare accident insurance.

Tip: For some occupational groups, for example physicians or musicians, there are often special articulated taxes, which secure certain risks higher. After all, the loss of the index finger affects a surgeon more seriously than an office worker.

Performance in the event of death

Policyholders can arrange a death benefit for their relatives. If the insured dies after an accident, then the survivors receive the agreed amount, for example the Costs for the funeral to pay. Often a death penalty of 5,000 – 10,000 euros is set. Depending on the reserves and overall financial situation, this additional service may make sense.


It is possible to arrange an accident pension as an extra benefit. This is a lifetime, monthly payment, the insured received after a serious accident. This requires a degree of disability of at least 50 percent. If you agree on an accident pension, you have to pay a much more expensive contribution. Do you already have a disability insurance, an accident pension is usually not necessary. Conversely, an accident pension can make sense if you can not take out occupational disability insurance for health reasons.

Transient performance

If you still suffer from an impairment six months after the accident, you can receive an additional payment, for example € 2,000. With this transitional benefit you can pay for aids such as a wheelchair and the Time until the degree of disability is established bridge. The condition: The impairment must be continuous, at least 50 percent and without the participation of diseases.

more extras

You can also complete hospitalization and recovery allowance. Insured persons then receive a certain sum for each day they spend in the hospital. The insured pays for the same number of days after the hospital stay.

Attention: Such extras often lead to high contributions and are usually not worthwhile. In order to compensate for loss of income during a longer hospital stay, an addition to supplementary health insurance therefore makes more sense. Your advantage: The insurance then pays even in case of illness.

Beware of expensive extras

The most important and also central benefit of the accident insurance is the one-time payment. In case of damage, you will receive these in order to pay for the consequences of the accident. In addition, you should think about a death benefit. Other extras usually only increase the tariff. Also, do not bring any accident insurance Premium refund from. Behind it hides an accident insurance, which is coupled with a savings contract. Better invest your money elsewhere. Take into account in an accident insurance comparison as well exclusions. For example, there is no money for mental problems, suicide or mutilation, and war events.

For the undecided: more about accident insurance

Are you still considering whether you should take out accident insurance? Inform yourself here about important points around the private accident protection. What is the accident insurance? And is the accident insurance makes sense?

Accident insurance complements the legal protection

The accident insurance is a voluntary supplementary private insurance. It comes up for the costs of accidents – and usually around the clock and worldwide. Therefore, it is often a useful supplement to the statutory accident insurance. Because this secures only workers and that only if the accident takes place at work or on the way. During your free time – be it a walk in the woods or cleaning your house – you are not insured in accidents. Housewives and men and pensioners are not covered by statutory accident insurance. A private accident insurance protects regardless of whether the accident takes place during work or during leisure time.

In order for you to receive benefits from accident insurance, a permanent physical or mental impairment must be present – insurers speak of disability. Permanently means that an impairment lasts more than three years and no longer heals. A simple broken leg, for example, is not covered by insurance. In addition, diseases are excluded as an accident cause. However, there are big performance differences depending on the provider. Some include, for example, tick bites or epileptic seizures as the cause of the accident. Often you can add individual illnesses for a surcharge.

What counts as an accident?

To define an accident, the insurance industry often uses the formula PAUKE. This means: An accident must be pSuddenly aUssen uinvoluntarily on the Kbody acting ebe a reign. However, the accident term PAUKE leaves some room for maneuver. After all, is a heart attack or a stroke included as an accident cause? Or is it not an “external event”? Insurers therefore subject the definition of accident to PAUKE to different degrees. A good rate, however, includes accident causes such as heart attack or stroke.

For whom is accident insurance useful?

Basically, the accident insurance for anyone who wants to protect against financial consequences of serious accidents, make sense. And that regardless of whether the person is accidentally insured or not. After all, statutory accident protection does not apply in the home and at leisure. However, there are some groups of people for whom accident insurance is particularly useful.

Young people: In their spare time, young people often face an increased risk of accidents, for example when driving or climbing. With accident insurance they are protected. But beware: Risk hobbies such as diving or paragliding are often not insured or only at an additional cost. In addition, in an emergency, young people often face gaps in their care, as they have not been able to raise assets and have no or low pension entitlements. A private accident insurance can therefore be very useful for them.

Housewives, children, pensioners: Children are only insured in the kindergarten or school and on the direct path between the educational institution and the home – so private accident insurance for children can make sense. Housewives and pensioners are not at all protected by the statutory accident insurance. In both cases, the appropriate accident protection is therefore very important.

What many do not know: If you are covered by accident insurance both legally and privately, you may receive benefits from both insurances in the event of an occupational accident.

Who else does not receive any occupational disability insurance – be it for financial and / or health reasons – can protect themselves with a private accident insurance, at least in serious accidents. The contributions are cheaper and the health issues less comprehensive. However, if there is already a previous illness, it may be that the insured person receives a smaller part of the insurance benefit. Insurers handle pre-existing diseases quite differently. Therefore, here too: Compare fares and use an accident insurance comparison – online is particularly convenient and practical.

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