Diner dash 2 – player guide nrw

Diner dash 2 - player guide nrw

Diner Dash 2

Description of the game:
In "Diner Dash 2" you slip into the role of the young Flo, which wants to save four restaurants of their friends from the unscrupulous shark Mr. Big. This brings namely already in its demolition vehicles in position, because the restaurant owners can not pay their rent. So the young waitress has to help out quickly and bring money back into the coffers with organizational skills. But in principle the background story is secondary and has no direct influence on the gameplay.

Educational Assessment:
The task of the player is to take over the entire service area of ​​a restaurant, with all the associated problems. To master this task, the player must assign seats to the guests, take orders, forward them to the kitchen, serve the food and, of course, cash in later. Depending on the level of customer satisfaction, which is measured on a scale of 0 to 5, the amount of the tip also falls off. The faster a guest was served, the more generous it is. It is important to adjust to the individual guest. There are young women, families of three with a small baby, mobile addicts or business women, all with different needs. Silent guests do not want to sit next to loud people, others want to be served faster than others, and so on. With some special features that can be unlocked throughout the game, the player has the opportunity to make his customers happy in other ways, in addition to the spreadsheets and quick controls. People waiting in line in front of the restaurant can be calmed down by waiting for a small podium speech or an extra bank. An espresso machine makes it possible to bridge the waiting time for food. At higher levels, there’s also a phone that Flo can use to call a backup waiter or a musician to cheer up the guests. To make matters even more complex, programmers have added another small feature. So guests have different colors. Previously unused chairs are colored by these. From now on there will be extra points if the color of the guest matches that of the chair.
The control is intuitive and consists entirely of quickly clicking the objects in the most tactical order. Also very playful, the sound was designed. It sounds very subtly from the speakers and helps by acoustic characteristics of the guests, such as. screaming babies or a soft rumble to keep track.
A certain amount of computer skills, such as speed, tactics and the ability to keep track are the basic requirements for "Diner Dash 2". Because though "the principle [. ] learn quickly" (Player, 14) and the graphics are very colorful, this game is not just for kids. Also for adults "Diner Dash 2" a real challenge. Many of the youthful testers struggled with frustrating moments and often gave up disappointed. If the first levels are still quite easy to master, the further the game progresses, more of the game elements mentioned at the beginning will be added and the predetermined minimum score will be very difficult for many players to achieve. Mistakes easily happen and the mood of the guests drops in no time to zero. Therefore, it is advisable to first play the game on the Internet. The provider provides for this an online playable version on his homepage.

A short game fun for in between, which can quickly cause frustration due to its sometimes very high level of difficulty, especially in younger players.

The predecessor "Diner Dash" differs only slightly in scope and graphics from the version tested here and is additionally available for the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable systems.

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