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There are over 300 recognized apprenticeships in Germany that you can learn after school. Pretty much, or?

Find out which profession suits you!

These training occupations exist

There are over 300 recognized apprenticeships in Germany that you can learn after school. Pretty much, right? However, statistics show that around three quarters of all women and two-thirds of all men start their education in the 25 most popular occupations. But what about the other 275+ job profiles that exist in Germany? On our website, we have compiled an overview of all the professions you can learn: No matter if dual education, school education or dual study – you will find in each job profile detailed information on tasks, training content, prerequisites, future prospects, salary and of course to companies that currently offer free apprenticeships in the profession. Depending on where you are currently in your career orientation, you can search for training occupations by various means.

Professions from A-Z

If you want to get an overview of the various training occupations, you are right here. In our list of A as Nursing over E as educator and K as a businesswoman for office management to S as social assistant or Z as a dental assistant are all job profiles in alphabetical order here.

Occupations by topic

You are still not quite sure what training it should be, but already know approximately in which direction it could go? In our theme world, you will not only find an overview of well-paid occupations or professions with a future, but also training occupations in the fields of social professions, commercial professions, professions in IT, professions in the civil service, craft trades or occupations with high school, where you Additionally, you can discover many dual study programs. Of course, that was not all! Further occupations and information can be found in our overview Training occupations by topic.

Professional Check

Find out which profession suits you! Fireman, athletics world champion, princess, boxer, influencer or policeman – as a child you knew exactly what you wanted to become. Only if you are now faced with a career choice and can choose between hundreds of possible occupations, your old dream job comes to shaky and you ask yourself: "Which job fits me?" The answer is the professional check!

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Search in the professional lexicon

Your career aspiration is clear! But now you want to get more information about the training, learn what you have to pay attention to in the application for this training profession, or know where you can pursue your work at all. In our keyword search you can search for your dream job and find the right job profile with all the important information. Also, if you do not know exactly what is the interesting training occupation for you, you can use the free text search. For example, you give as search term "mechanic" You will be shown the various mechanics professions such as aircraft mechanic, tool mechanic, cutting mechanic and industrial mechanic, as well as related professions such as metal workers.

Occupations by occupational fields

You are already 100% sure in which industry or occupational field you will complete your training and now want to inform yourself about which apprenticeships there are? No problem! No matter if technology, logistics, metal, hotel and gastronomy or office and administration – in our professional fields you will definitely find the appropriate training from your desired training area.

dual study

If you are already sure that you want to complete a dual degree after graduating from high school, then you are right in this area. You will receive general information about the dual study program as well as about colleges and universities and at the same time you can get an overview of all possible dual study programs. Whether you want to start with the Bachelor of Arts in business administration as a manager, with the Bachelor of Science Applied Computer Science in IT as a programmer or with the Bachelor of Engineering Engineering as an engineer – in Germany there are now a number of dual degree programs and we introduce it to you.

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