Explanatory videos that convince, head – pin explanatory videos

Successful through video.

We produce explanatory videos, product videos and viral clips. Our animation agency does not provide standard explanatory videos, but extraordinary explainer, explain the creative complex products and like to be shared.

Storytelling with explanatory videos
Selling with stories.

In online marketing, the so-called storytelling increasingly important. It’s not just about facts and numbers. It’s about stories. Emotions. Because that’s what keeps you connected and creates a bond with your customers. We help you to make a story out of your products, services and facts. We analyze your topic, find the core of Poodle and find a creative idea to wrap your solution into a great story. We illustrate, animate and set ideas to unique stories.

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The secret video marketing infographic can be found here: https://kopfundstift.de/video-marketing-infografik/

Explanatory video achievements
Our services

explanatory videos

We animate stories that explain your product. With many ideas and a great visual language.


Interesting stories through a sophisticated dramaturgy and creative narrative techniques.


Various 2D, 2.5D and 3D animation styles. On request, also your absolutely individual graphic style.


You need help with the storyboard or general advice on the possibilities of video marketing? Contact us!

video Editing

You already have shot footage? Our video production likes to do film editing or color grading.

Much more

Let us surprise you with what other ways you can surprise your future customers

Explanatory video references
Our references

Whether 3D animation or 2D explanatory video – our showreel shows the diversity of our video productions.

Explanatory video styles
Which style is it allowed??

Which style you choose for your new video also depends on your audience or target. You are not sure with which style you best address your target group? Then let us advise you!

Kinetic Typography refers to the Animation of writing or typography. It lies the Focus on the statement and becomes dynamic through music as well as animation, ie the movement. Smaller graphic elements, but also the arrangement of the typo per se, make the video emotional. The Kinetic Typography Technique lets ideas flow with little effort strongly in scene put.

The most prominent form of the explanatory video: The 2D layers animation. Here, levels are pushed back and forth, and often by means of illustrations and characters telling a story. This makes this form of explanatory video style particularly emotional and perfect for storytelling. The results often create a higher bond with the customer and remain general hang better.

3D animations are the supreme discipline and very elaborate – this is what these videos have a high USP and stay in the memory very well. Such videos are characterized by their unique aesthetics very much like sharing. 3D visualizations are also suitable for Explain processes and procedures on abstract levels and to visualize.

Explanatory video facts
Video marketing in numbers

Video marketing is the future. Here are some interesting numbers and facts about video marketing in this video.

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Rafael Luge
Your contact person

Explanation video General Now again exactly …

Video marketing is on the rise

Videos have a special place on the internet these days. By 2019 will be 80% of Internet traffic caused by videos; Youtube is already the second largest search engine behind Google with 3 billion clicks. The Field of application of marketing videos meanwhile it is also much bigger than cute cat clips: Video marketing can be the decisive advantage to the competition.

A short explanatory video helps products or services quick and easy to explain. The added value of complex products can be conveyed quickly, intelligibly and sustainably. Videos are extremely attractive to visitors increase the visit time on your website 10 times. Learn about many other benefits of explanatory videos and video marketing in general in this video marketing infographic.

The video medium is not just for the entertaining explanatory films, but for a variety of applications: website showreel, product videos, process visualization, architectural visualization, or even as a viral clip.

Explanation video production process – from the concept to the final touch

head & Pen offers the Full service explanatory video productionFrom the concept, the storyboard, the scripting to the speakers and background music to the animation and the implementation; and finally rendering in different web formats – we take care of your explanatory video! The different phases of creating a video can be found here:

1. The concept phase

At this stage, it’s about that Goal of your video establish. What should be achieved with the video and with what message do you reach your destination? The gut feeling of the visitor can be addressed and the whole thing in one emotional story packed or even a technical process for specialists in one 3D Anmimation be explained.

After that Target of the video has been defined, a graphic style is selected that is yours Target group optimally appealing. On request, we can already produce a 3-5 second teaser for you Impression of the graphic style win.

Thereafter, the creation of a storyboard or a speaker text.

2nd production phase

After storyboard and speaker texts agreed with you and a graphic style was found, you have the option (if your video has a speaker) from one Selection of speaker’s voices choosing the most suitable one for your video and target audience – we’ll take care of the rest. At the same time, you’ll get a selection of appropriate ones BGM pieces. Once selected, we start producing the video – timing is crucial!

Shortly before the end of video production you already get a preview of the finished explanatory video.

3. Correction and feedback

After we with the Production of your explanatory video ready are, you have the option in one fixed number of correction loops To communicate your feedback and change requests to the video. Of course, we’ll put these into your video so you end up with one optimal result receive.

After that we can on request different formats ready for you. A compressed video format for uploading to platforms like Youtube or a high-resolution uncompressed video variant for your own archive.

Explanatory videos: A definition

An explanatory video is a relatively short video (usually 60 to 120 seconds), which explains, for example, a product, a service or a specific topic. Important is the so-called storytelling – the Tell a story. This story creates emotions and makes that happen Seen better in the head the potential customer gets stuck. Because with fun in the matter or with a emotional relation In addition, the motivation of the recipient is greater to concentrate his concentration. Facts become like that faster and more sustainable to keep. By a quick representation of complex issues are suitable explanatory videos especially for online marketing. Due to the amusement, the films are also ideal for sharing and spreader Social media platforms.

But not only in terms of social media theme are videos to mention positively. video productions also increase the conversion rate (sometimes up to 285%) and the time visitors spend on websites. Furthermore arises a greater trust, if websites also contain videos. Of course, Google thinks it’s good, because websites are also ranked according to their length of stay.

Style and forms of explanatory videos

An explanatory video can be found in different styles and shapes be implemented. The style or the shape of course depends on the Company and the target group, for which the video is to be produced. On Explainer for a lawyer should have a serious style, while you can get a bit more casual with a football portal. Which style suits you best, can be found in the Briefing Talk clarify.

head & Stift offers the following styles:

  • Comic style
  • Illustration style
  • 3D rendering style
  • 3D networking style
  • Premium Style

The costs

Of the Price of an explanatory video is very variable. It depends on the style, the length, the concept and of course the speaker. To give you an accurate calculation, we need information on Style, length and information about your product. After that we can give you one create an exact offer.

Software for creating explanatory videos

head & Naturally, Stift works with the latest software, in order to achieve an optimal result for you. In doing so we can through years of experience with the Video production get the best results in no time. Thereby we offer a unique price.


We have several years of experience in the field of Explanatory video creation. We supervised projects with different budgets: from a small start-up to a major customer. Our references can be found on the reference page below. Of the Market of explanatory videos is still very young. We provide you with competent advice to help you find the optimum Increase your conversion rate to reach.

Usability of explanatory videos

The so-called Usability is the usability of your website or your digital interface. With your website you are pursuing a goal. This can be an application for a specific service or the purchase of a specific product. With so-called wireframes, you can simulate a scenario here and determine how many clicks the user logs on, for example. With each click the user makes, he gets tired or sinks his motivation to sign up. With image and text, you tire the user here much faster. On Video, on the other hand, builds confidence of potential customers and ensures that the user stays longer with the “stake”. It is certainly clear that a user does not want to dig through long text deserts and will. The user has to realize with a few clicks, why he needs the product. With a good story, the User tied up and so can get better at the Added value of your product focus.

Video marketing with explanatory films

Video marketing is an indispensable part of the future Online marketing. There are many ways to become one to present on the internet through a video or to give his customers tips and tricks on a relevant topic. Explainers are just one example. These videos should then go through the Video marketing optimized and promoted so as to achieve the maximum efficiency.

The Video Marketing is still underestimated. The consequence of this is that the competition is not that big yet and that, with relatively little effort, there are quick successes in terms of website and customer loyalty. explanatory films provide an efficient way to use the social media effect.

The explanatory film Round-about service

As Agency for animated explanatory videos produces head & Not only pen, of course Videos for your business. We also take care of that storyboard – the concept of yours animated video production – and also a particularly striking and convincing visual style of the How-To Videos. Because only with a good story and a very atmospheric visual implementation you can do it with one Explaining video to captivate your visitors, Arouse emotions and thus make the viewer to share your video as well.

The social media effect

Especially the simple sharing of multimedia content is very popular through social media and can thus lead to the so-called social media effect: your animated video spread like a pyramid scheme fast on various platforms and collects likes and shares from users.

Animated explanatory videos promote social signals

Google also likes these so-called social signals (ie likes and shares on the respective social media platforms) and takes these as an indicator for the Relevance of your content (ie your animated explainer). That means the more Likes and Shares your video gets, the higher you slide with the video, but also with your corporate website, go up to Google. With a well animated explanatory video So you can achieve a big impact.

Application areas of explanatory videos

Videos can be up used in a variety of ways become. Mynd did it. Here are the 30 best explanatory videos. However, there are still many more applications – do not hesitate to ask our agency today and find out if your request is feasible.

product declaration

Nobody buys something he does not understand. The visitors to your site will be very quickly continue clicking, You should consider a product or service do not understand. The competition is finally just a click away. And here is the Explanation of your product or service maybe more entertaining? With a explanatory video surely you have that most entertaining medium, what you can use on the internet. But not only on your website does a video make sense. So explanatory videos are also increasing at fairs and for Product presentations in sales talks used. An animation not only relaxes your website, but also your presentations and captivates your visitors with interesting ones visual images on fairs. Within seconds, you can make your products more tangible to visitors. So do not leave your prospects in the dark. Short, crisp, to the point. So you quickly develop sympathy for the viewer and your product.

Internal communication

Videos for the internal communication are more interesting for larger corporations – but here employees can be optimally primed. Important information that can get lost in the daily flood of e-mails can be obtained through a Video for employees be packed interesting. Thus, your message receives much more attention. Get more emphasis from your message and use one Video production for internal communication!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the biggest trend on the internet. That’s it Video marketing and the moving image generally more than a trend. Due to the faster Internet connections videos are now very popular in a large part of the surfing community and are clicked more often. People pay much more attention to moving pictures as text deserts. The application for the Video Marketing or for the moving image are almost limitless. Explanatory videos already find one today Broad application at trade fairs, online and offline shops as well as websites. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 2017 will be 80% of Internet traffic caused by videos become. The video portal is now the second largest search engine in the world. Take advantage of the advantages of video marketing!


In one sales talk Different media and means are used. From flyers, information brochures to the iPad app, various means are used to convince the potential customer. On Video works better here compared to its printed colleagues. Moving images are easier to hang and also have a greater advantage over conventional media. You can also read about the benefits of video marketing in my blog. For your sales, the moving image holds enormous potential. Use sales explanatory videos today – you will not regret it!


E-learning is becoming increasingly popular. Use E-learning videos to explain facts succinctly. Videos offer many advantages over conventional text deserts. through Sound and motion picture operate more senses and make sure that the viewer gets more stuck. Do it with her E-learning offer more attractive and efficient. Through e-learning, the knowledge transfer independent of time and place. The explanatory video as a medium is the first and most efficient choice. With an explainer you make your offer unique. Videos are clicked more often than any other media. Take advantage of that today Advantages of explanatory videos for e-learning!

Young and exploratory

head & Stift wants the enthusiasm for creating crisp explanatory films offer to other companies that have a complex product or, for example, to service providers and start-ups.

head & Pen believes that moving pictures The Internet will continue to shape the present and future, and the playful and emotional transmission of knowledge is the only way to get into attention getting shorter and shorter attention spans. In the meantime, videos on the Internet are no longer just for entertaining, but also for quickly conveying knowledge, topics and facts – and in an optimal way.

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