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Holidays with children – family holidays in the Allgäu

Families traveling to the Allgäu have high expectations: happy children who can discover nature, warm and genuine hospitality hosts and a wide range of sports and activities. You can find the magic mix in and around Hopferau while living in idyllic landscapes and all that true to nature!

Holiday on a farm

A holiday with this child is certainly the best. In addition to fun and games on open fields and in a barn, visitors can learn something about animals and nature. Experiencing search eventful days makes falling asleep that much more easy. You can find superbly furnished 3 and 4 star establishments and passionate farmers in Hopferau. Learn more about holidays on farm

Summer holidays with the family

In the summer months, the possibilities for families visiting the Allgäu are endless: a children’s holiday program, hiking trails from easy to challenging, swimming in numerous natural lakes, cycling tours, discovering castle ruins and much, much more! Everywhere as far as the eye can see, the beautiful Allgäu alpine landscape serves as a great adventure playground for the entire family.

Winter holidays with the family

Snowy winter landscapes and recreational fun in the snow – that’s the perfect combination for the holidays with children in winter. Visitors can find fantastic ski resorts, children’s ski lifts and fun games around Hopferau. Of course there is also winter hiking, sledding or ice skating, and those who like it a bit can enjoy a sleigh ride through the winter wonderland.

Tip for the entire family:

Torch-lit walk

A highlight of the children’s program in Hopferau is the torch-lit walk to the Beichelstein alpine hut during the summer holidays. The hike starts at dusk and takes about 40 minutes to reach the alpine pasture where visitors can enjoy a breathtaking alpine panorama. Afterwards, the journey goes back to the meeting with torches in hand.

Holiday tips with children on bad weather days

Despite being a record summer in 2015, it can sometimes be rainy days. Hopferau: castle tours, dairy tours, indoor playgrounds, fun at water parks, climbing walls or day trips to Kempten, Augsburg or Munich.

Fairytale royal castles

Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles are truly a fantastic experience for young and old who are just going for a short walk around the castles, a trip to the Marienbrücke Bridge or a tour of the King Ludwig II’s private rooms. Learn more about the castles

Bathing fun in the sun

Perfect for the family summer holiday: beautiful natural lakes and ponds can be reached from Hopferau by bike or car. Whether a quick refreshment on a biking trip or a day by the lake, you are guaranteed a magnificent mountain scenery of the Allgäu Alps and top water quality. Can be used as canoeing, riding in a pedalo or fishing.

Bathing fun indoors

When the weather is not cooperating, the water parks in the region are the ideal place for fun on holidays with children in pleasantly warm temperatures. For example, the ABC with slides and Crazybob in Nesselwang (see picture), the Pfronten spa with panoramic views of the mountains or the Cambomare in Kempten. Parents can ring out the day enjoying the sauna.

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