Ihl – international college liebzell – 155 ratings for studying

IHL – International University of Applied Sciences Liebenzell

State-recognized Liebenzell International University

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The International University of Applied Sciences Liebenzell (IHL) was founded in 2011, is institutionally accredited by the German Council of Science and Technology and is state-recognized by the state of Baden-Württemberg. The IHL emerges from the “Theological Seminar of the Liebenzeller Mission” (ThSLM), founded in 1902, of one of the largest mission societies in Europe, the Liebenzeller Mission (LM).

“Studying with a global horizon” is the motto of the IHL and means that the study is Bible-oriented, practice-oriented, intercultural, missionary, promising and holistic. The university profile of the IHL is based on the areas of theology, mission, interculturality, social work and counseling.

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IHL – International University of Applied Sciences Liebenzell
Heinrich-Coerper-Weg 11
75378 Bad Liebenzell

155 reviews from students

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Feel study

You study in an ingenious and colorfully mixed community.
Both teaching and living together enable learning for life
The lecturers prepare students very well for our upcoming professional life. And of course, fun and joy should not be missing and are therefore always to be found!

Depending lecturers

The lecturers are quite competent in their field, and there are also individual lecturers with very good teaching skills. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all lecturers, sometimes it can become quite monotonous in the lecture and one wishes for more creativity for the presentation of the material.

More than a degree

In the main course there are many interesting modules that can be taken. The lecturers have a lot of expertise and can convey it well. Nevertheless, the handling is personal and the lecturers take time for questions and for one-on-one discussions.
The Study and Living Community (SLG) promotes and strengthens the community among the students on the “mountain”. By working together in the “tent time” also a community is created, which over the rei. Continue reading the report

Education with heart

Very warm college, where the lecturers really care about the students, show a high motivation and offer outstanding quality in teaching. Due to the manageable size of the classes, intensive lessons are allowed, in which the students can participate directly and are especially challenged to think and discuss critically.

It is a great privilege to be here!

The lectures are very interesting, the lecturers sympathetic and competent. It seems important to them that we not only study for our studies, but for our lives. In addition, they manage to explain the theory comprehensibly and with examples from the field and you can tell them the enthusiasm for their subject.

I feel very comfortable in the study and cohabitation community and it’s just wonderful to live and study together with so many Christians. The community here is really something special that I’ve never experienced before. Often there are common actions, such as Sports or games evenings. Best of all, how to carry one another here and support the other when he is weak (through prayer or encouragement).

The IHL is a wonderful place to study in a family atmosphere and a home where I can also grow spiritually and in dealing with other people.

Interesting, challenging and versatile

The combination may be a bit challenging in the beginning, but in the end it’s a huge opportunity. The lectures are for the most part practice-oriented and through placements you get a good insight into the professional field. The lecturers are open and helpful.

Study Plus

Studying at the IHL is not only a spiritual, but also a spiritual broadening of horizons! Knowledge and personality are strengthened and challenged in the study and through interactions among students! Here is not only studied, but one is also in a life school! The offer of a semester abroad is a good opportunity for anyone who wants more!

Personal growth

The lecturers of my modules all have many personal practical experiences that they pass on to us. In addition, the degree program is very practical, where we can also learn and contribute a lot through various internships and responsibilities of campus life. There are many partner universities for a semester abroad and good support and advice. In all areas we get all-round good advice, also for us personally there are free offers such as coaching, mentor and pastoral care.

Good overall package

The study experience is very intense and apart from the very good lectures, you can also learn a lot through the community of students. There is a very good care, enough places and a short way to lecture rooms and library.
The library has plenty of jobs, even if the book inventory is rather small due to the small size of the university. For a distance loan facility is offered.
The lecturers are very competent and report. Continue reading the report

Holistic learning and growing

Through the combination of theology and social work, faith is not only “theoretical”, but offers opportunities to integrate it into practical fields of action of social work. Compulsory internships starting as early as the first semester prepare well for later working life and provide a multi-layered and exciting insight into practical fields.
With the integrated life community and offers for the development of personality, the study offers not only “intellectual growth” but also spiritual and personal growth.
Similarly, career prospects after graduation are very diverse and attractive.

A mix of topics that complements and enriches

I like the variety of topics (theology, education, social work). The subject areas complement each other well and build on each other in part. The small class size enables active participation and exchange. The university is very familiar, contact with the lecturers is possible on short ways. The community among the students is very good.

Studying together, living together

The area of ​​the university is located on a mountain in the small and beautiful spa town of Bad Liebenzell. Students from the first to the fourth semester live together in various shared apartments on the beautifully designed campus. The way to the lecture lasts a maximum of two minutes, which is a great advantage.
Through the Study and Life Community, we maintain a very personal relationship with the lecturers and on campus within the students and de. Continue reading the report

Holistic learning

The International University of Applied Sciences Liebenzell is a very special university. By living directly on campus you live in close fellowship with the other students, which is a very educational experience.
The relationship between students and lecturers is very close, and the lecturers take a lot for their students and not only give them the material they need to teach.
The students of the Study and Life Community also guarantee the students a deeper support during their studies. Here one can perceive and accompany the own growth and the change by the Mentoring or Coachingangebote.

Together, practical, approachable, good

The university is characterized in particular by the community.
In addition to the academic aspect (earning potential must be a “matter of the heart“), the university / faculty also focuses on your personal development and strengths, and you can face challenges in a variety of ways (even outside BaLi) look outside the box and work on you.

I recommend the IHL to any (future) student who does not need a metropolis in order to feel at home, to grow personally and academically and to share with the community – Christian. Bubble – at heart.

Motivational studying

The student body, which lives here on the mountain, is very much on the pulse. You feel right at home and in good hands. The study and living community, competent lecturers and the varied dishes of the kitchen makes you feel completely taken care of.

The combination of theology and social work is very interesting and makes the study very varied. The university provides many varied internships and opportunities to inform and engage.

Surrounded by the beautiful Bad Liebenzell (where people go on vacation), beautiful forests and students, you will find an ideal place to study for the balance of celebrations, work and quiet times;)

Holistic education

There is a family atmosphere throughout the campus, yet the courses are academic and scientific. The lecturers are absolutely near and really try to give their knowledge and their life experience to all their possibilities. Due to the intercultural aspect and the connection to the Liebenzeller Mission, a broadening of horizons is guaranteed in any case. Through joint events of all students and the personal faith is not too short.

Most innovative degree program in Baden Württemberg

The program offers a broad overview and a variety, especially for experienced lecturers. The theology, which has space in the study course, gives the whole a recognition value and offers additional qualification. In the main course the courses become more interesting.

Unique combination with a lot of practical relevance

There are very few similar offers in Germany, like here at the IHL. The study is well thought out and balanced. It combines social work with theological aspects. Incidentally, we have many events through the study and living community, where we can be strengthened in the faith and take personal mentoring and study support. The start time was very well designed and organized, so that I could quickly find my way and settle down. By. Continue reading the report

Studying with content

I’m studying in Liebenzell and may be taught by many professors. What I like very much, because they have a great store of expertise and teach us pedagogically. We have a good mix of learning in the form of lectures but also independent learning. The lecturers work with a new level of knowledge and also leave room for discussion and their own opinion. I also like working on people and their character through the associated SLG (

Mega community which supports

Due to the short distances between lecturers and students, an exchange is very possible. Even under the studies, everyone is taken along and supports where help is needed.
It is really fun to study here.
The community after the lectures is very strong and you get in touch very quickly with the other courses. It benefits greatly from the experiences of students of higher grades.
Due to the good equipment of the university many possibilities are possible, one is demanded but also promoted.


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