Ii❶ii dentist krefeld – her professional dental practice

Entire spectrum of
modern dentistry
Over 30 years work experience
Top Rated on “Jameda”
– Germany’s largest medical portal
Short wait by
perfected patient management
Passionate patient care
in family atmosphere

Dentist Krefeld – Your professional dental practice

Dear patients,

Are you looking for a good dentist in Krefeld or do we know and already?

Thank you for visiting my page!

Dentist Krefeld imagines:

I am a third-generation dentist with over 30 years of experience in almost all areas of modern dentistry.

Affordable dentures

of the highest quality “Made in Germany“,

the implants

in the modern painless MiMi procedure (minimally invasive methodology of implantation), broad spectrum of aesthetic and prophylactic benefits – tooth-colored fillings, professional teeth cleansing (PZR), teeth whitening (bleaching) – are the features of my dental practice.

We provide our patients with the motto:

“Dentist Krefeld – good and reassuringly different”

What is meant by that??

  • We treat in a quiet, relaxed, almost family atmosphere.
  • We take care of our patients seriously and passionately.
  • By doing so, we consistently try to foster our patients’ anxieties and minimize waiting times.

Our patients appreciate our quality of treatment and our service and have always appreciated our grades at Jameda – the largest medical assessment portal in Germany.

We take time for you,

In order to present you the modern possibilities of modern dentistry and together with my highly qualified practice team I will constantly take care of fulfilling your wishes for painless, qualitative, speedy treatment to the best of my knowledge.

We strive for our work according to the motto:

“Quality must be affordable”

and I am sure that it contributes significantly to gaining trust and maintaining it over the long term. I guarantee you that the agreed treatment will never exceed the financial limits that we discussed and agreed upon in advance. We also offer a installment plan if desired.

I have personally presented the detailed information about my dental practice, about myself, about my highly qualified practice team, about our services and treatment methods on the practice homepage and can only recommend you to visit the other pages of our homepage.

If you have questions or suggestions, write me or call us.

My dental practice at Ostwall

is located in a prime location of the Krefeld city center or in other words in the Krefeld – Center in a medical center on Krefeld-Ostwall, in a well-known silk gallery, which is easily accessible by all means of public transport. Numerous parking garages are available nearby.

I wish you all the best in these senses and I look forward to personally welcoming you to my dental practice at Krefeld-Ostwall.

Your dentist Michail Golmann

Dentist Krefeld understands his craft

The patient reports:

Dear Dr. Golmann. Before I met you,

I even could not dream that I would go to the dentist with a smile

and come back later with a smile from the dental office. Thank you for the professional “retreading” a dentist who understands what his craft!

Unbelievable, but I like to go to this dental practice today. Thanks to the great practice team!

Self-employed from Krefeld. 50 years old.

Dentist Krefeld – Good and reassuringly different

An anxiety patient reports:

All in all, I can say:

The result exceeded my expectations and clearly!

I would definitely recommend to choose this practice for treatments! I can only advise anyone who is also afraid of visiting the dentist to go to this dental practice. There you will be looked after nice, experienced a nearly pleasant stay (that’s right!) And

also gets a really great result for a good price!

I am very happy that there is this dental practice in Krefeld! Thank you!

Cash patient from Krefeld. 51 years old.

Dentist KrefeldTreatment without pain

One patient reports:

I came to my dental office a few weeks ago. It is a beautiful modern practice and I wanted to use a new dental crown. At first I was very afraid of the treatment and possible pain, but I was a very

nice practice team and a trusting dentist received friendly

and advised on the planned intervention very well and comprehensively.

I found that really pleasant, because I felt like I was in good hands! I actually experienced a treatment without pain in this practice!

That’s really great!

So I got a new ceramic tooth crown, it looks very nice! I really did not have any pain and that really got me excited because I was more afraid of the whole thing.

I have to add that the treatment was even cheaper than I initially thought.

But it’s also great that the new crown fits right the first time and is so well adapted to the other teeth. Even now, a few weeks after treatment, the crown is perfect and it does not hurt!

The result is cosmetically perfect, almost invisible! It does not even notice that I have a denture! You would not really accept it when I smile! I have fun smiling again, finally! Before, I did not smile much, because I was afraid, you can see my tooth gap! But that has happily done now!

Cash patient from Krefeld. 34 years old.

Dentist Krefeld – cordiality, competence and professionalism.

The patient reports:

In the search for “Dentist Krefeld“I am on Dr. med. Golmann encountered and recommend him gladly!

In practice, I was well informed and treated. The nice team is perfectly recorded and organized. I got a consultation at short notice and was received very friendly. Since I am an anxious patient and was often in emergency services at various practices, I was able to experience the special calm and gentle atmosphere in practice. Almost feel Golmann.

Dr. Golmann actually took a lot of time

for my investigation with subsequent consultation. I was taught about different fillings, about variants of crowns, bridges and implants, which would be suitable for me, in peace.

Among other things, I was explained why a professional teeth cleaning in the periodontal disease, which was found in me, is particularly important. Dr. Golmann was right and after the PZR my gums did not bleed anymore, even the teeth got whiter.

The treatments were well organized and performed: no stress, no time pressure.

And what was especially important to me: without pain!

I hardly even noticed anything in the anesthetic syringes. Already after the first treatment I was not afraid anymore.

The result exceeded my expectations.

Everything from Dr. Golmann was made, looked very beautiful but at the same time absolutely natural.

Thank you Golmann and the whole dentist Krefeld practice team for the cordiality, competence and professionalism.

Cash patient from Krefeld. 42 years old.

Dentist Krefeld advises online

Thank you for your understanding and your answer! I am impressed and enthusiastic! I would wish that my dentist would spend so much time talking. Unfortunately, that does not work out there, “because the next patient is already waiting”.

And since you are not even paid for it,

I am especially grateful to you for investing so much time in this matter …

At the same time, this fact also promotes trust in you.

Patient from Lake Constance, 55 years old.

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