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Holiday in Holland with children

Holland – the land under the sea

Holland is known for its long sandy beaches on the North Sea, windmills and impressive dykes and locks. Perhaps you still know regions and cities such as Amsterdam, Zeeland, the islands of Texel or Ameland, West Frisia and the IJsselmeer. Large parts of the Netherlands lie below sea level – sometimes up to six meters – and have been wrested from the sea for centuries in the fight against the floods. The life of the Dutch has always been on and around the water. And every year many vacationers still spend their holidays by the sea. For connoisseurs and the curious, however, especially the regions and landscapes behind the coasts are increasingly attractive. Here Holland is still primeval and original, lovable and not over-molded. Here the serenity and peace, the cosiness and open hospitality can still be found everywhere. Also offers a surprising variety of different possibilities and activities.

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What to do in Holland?

North Sea vacation Holland, vacation at the sea behind the dike, Amsterdam, Gouda, Frikandel and delicious soft ice cream – that’s not all For you and your children what a family holiday in the Netherlands has to offer. For a successful family trip in the Netherlands speaks much more than a beach holiday: sports activities, beautiful nature, exciting discoveries and also a typical Dutch food stall with 1000 different treats. Each family can thus make the holiday according to the individual preferences very varied. Also, the Netherlands is probably the country with the most bicycles after China. No wonder, because the country is flat and always has its own bike paths away from the motorways. Bike tours can therefore be carried out easily and safely even with small children. Holland is also a paradise for a windsurfing holiday, sailing holiday or kite holiday due to the light to sometimes strong wind.

Where to live on holiday in Holland?

A quick access to Holland consists of the western German states. If you want to do the holiday directly at the North Sea, then a beach holiday at the sea in the high season or on a long weekend already overflowed and little relaxed. A sensible alternative is therefore to live a little more inland, just where Holland is still real: far enough away from the full coastal towns but still so close to everything quickly reach.

When should you travel?

The Netherlands offers itself as a travel destination for every season. Especially holidays with children are popular as a family trip during the summer holidays, autumn holidays or Easter holidays and on the extended weekends. For a longer summer holiday, our neighbor is the most demanded. But even a short break or a weekend trip to Holland very much and often undertaken.

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Our destination in the Netherlands offers you everything at once. You will find a holiday on the water, peace and relaxation for the whole family and a place like a holiday from a picture book. The nearby Giethoorn has numerous small canals, little bridges and thatched houses. Sometimes it looks almost a bit like the hobbits. On the IJsselmeer or even right on the doorstep you can windsurf, kite or sail. Cycling and hiking “from the front door” is also very good. A family trip to Monkey Land to Apeldoorn, to the cultural city of Groningen, to Utrecht or to the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam is a rewarding change.

What does your accommodation look like??

You live in a beautiful, well maintained holiday park in very comfortable holiday villas with private lake property. Depending on the claim and size of the family, there are different apartment types to choose from. Each cottage is very spacious in our Seeresort, has many rooms and a private bathing and boat dock. The view from the holiday bungalow goes over the water into nature. There is plenty of room for the kids, a small safe sand beach and a nice restaurant. Although in the Netherlands (almost always) the sun is shining … unlike a camping holiday in Holland you can enjoy a cooler day in the modern holiday homes comfortably in front of the burning stove on the sofa.

We are happy to advise you of Bambino Tours on this holiday offer and its possibilities. Contact us now!

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