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Photos: nicolls d.zine © unless stated

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Hamburg Cruise Days

Harbor Birthday

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Harbor Anniversary Event

Archive 2008 press release – for reference

A forest of masts at the Port of Hamburg
Tall ships, cruise ships, naval ships, museum ships and tug boats


The greatest port festival in the world, from 9 to 12 May 2008

HG 2, 18 March 2008

The Port of Hamburg is 819th birthday, the HAFENGEBURTSTAG Hamburg ?? 100 yachts and sailing yachts. stock photography 100 yachts and sailing yachts. All in all, more than 9 May to Monday 12 May. This year’s HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG is at Whitsun ?? with four days to celebrate the world’s greatest port festival.

The first maritime high point is the Grand Arrival Parade, led by the frigate Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, from 17:00 on the Friday. Many of the museum ships and tall ships are taking passengers, for a unique on-board view of the Arrival Parade. Even the general cargo freighter cap San Diego wants to be under the cause for the occasion ?? 160 meters, she is the world’s largest museum ship still in sea-going condition; she is normally moored next to Landungsbrücken, one of the landmarks of the Port of Hamburg. Following the Arrival Parade, the next four days.

The skyline of the Port of Hamburg also wants to be marked by the masts, up to 60 meters in height, of the tall ships Sedov, Kruzenshtern and Mir. All three sail the oceans of the world as training ships, under Russian flag. The Sedov is the world’s largest windjammer still under sail. This 117.5 meter four-master was launched at the Krupp-Germania shipyard in Kiel in 1921, under the name Magdalene Vinnen. The Kruzenshtern has a length of 114 meters and is just a few years younger ?? she is the last of the legendary Flying P-Liners of the Hamburg shipping company Laeisz. She was launched in Bremerhaven in 1926, and christened as the Padua. The Kruzenshtern is a four-master and one of the most beautiful of all the tall ships. The third of the tall ships is the Mir, with a length overall of 108 meters, and reputed to be the fastest windjammer in the world. She was built in Gdansk in 1987.

Dolphin, Dolphin Voyager, Amadea, Albatros and Fram. And the Elbe 17 dock of Blohm & Voss is a scene of action with the Brilliance of the Seas. And there’s another feast for the eyes on the Saturday evening ?? after the conclusion of the great JEVER Firework Display, which starts at 22:30 and lights up the sky in sparkling color for about 20 minutes, will leave port in rapid succession.

The Harbor Lights show, from 22:00 on the Friday night, will transform the Elbe at Landungsbrücken with romantic color. With ferry boats, sport boats, classic ships and boats in full illumination. Visitors on the banks can join in this event with torches, sparklers and cigarette lighters, to the accompaniment of music and pyrotechnical effects.

There will be more naval vessels visiting the port than in previous years. The navies of five nations have announced their presence. Germany is represented by the frigates of Lübeck and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the submarine U22 and the minehunter Fulda. USS Nicholas, Spain their frigate Blas de Lezo and Portugal their frigate Vasco da Gama. Finland, this year’s partner country, is represented by the minelayer Pohjanmaa. The aquatic program wants to include a naval helicopter and special deployment forces of the navy. There will be a total of more than 1000 employees from Germany and abroad involved in this year’s HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG.

A large number of service vessels also want to be there, such as the Bad Bramstedt, one of the most advanced ships of the federal police. The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service are sending their SAR Cruiser John T. Essberger; the Customs the Schleswig-Holstein; Fisheries Protection the Sea Falcons; and the Water Police the Mayor Weichmann. The professional fire brigade have agreed to send a vessel. One of the oldest ships at the HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG wants to be the ferry steamer MS Frederick, launched in Hamburg in 1880 and initially used to carry shipyard workers across the Elbe.

HAMBURG PORT BIRTHDAY is the Tug Ballet, from 18:00 to 19:00 on Saturday 10 May. Captain Dietrich Petersen, team of port tug boats, wants to perform their thrilling dance routines on the Elbe to the sounds of the waltz. The tug boats, each driven by up to 5000 horse power, perform their amazing pirouettes to within centimetres of the embankment.

Other attractions include the parade of museum ships; dinghy trips with police, customs and fisheries protection officers; showcase runs by the sailing and motor yachts; water-ski demonstrations; Dragon boat races with wooden boats from Asia; and the line runner boat races, on the Sunday afternoon, are a must-see for classic boat enthusiasts. The Grand Departure Parade wants to start at 16:00 on Whit Monday.

During the four days of the festival, the HAMBURG PORT BIRTHDAY will take place. For an overview of the event organizers and other useful tips for the HAMBURG PORT BIRTHDAY, visit the website or call the hotline of Hamburg Tourism GmbH, open daily from 8 to 20:00 on 040 30051300. Our gratitude goes to the main sponsor of the HAMBURG PORT BIRTHDAY, the Frisian Brewery Jever, without whose support the world’s greatest port festival could not be held.

2007 archive press release for reference

Tall ships from the seven seas, and a visit to the Old Ladies ??
Attractive water program with many highlights

The biggest festival in the world, from 11 to 13 May 2007

Press release, 13 March 2007. Text remains unchanged

Some of the most beautiful tall ships in the world, historic ships with a fascinating history, and the tug ballet ?? These are just some of the highlights of the 818th HAFEN- BIRTHDAY HAMBURG. The most prominent guests include the last two four-masted barques under the sail, that is the Sedov and the Kruzenshtern, the Mir sail training ship, and the square-rigged barque Alexander von Humboldt. Visitors to the Greatest Port Festival in the World Can Look Forward to an Attractive and Varied Program on the Three Days from 11 to 13 May.

The birthday party starts on Friday, starting at 15:30. It wants to be by the frigate Rhineland-Palatinate of the German Navy, and welcomed by a salute from the Hamburg museum ship Rickmer Rickmers. The crowning conclusion will be the Grand Departure Parade starting at 17:00 on the Sunday. Visitors to the world’s greatest port festival can visit many of the floating birthday guests, and can see them on some of them. Each of these impressive ships has its own story to tell

The Sedov, the world’s largest tall ship with a length overall of 117.5 meters, was built at the Krupp-Germania shipyard in Kiel in 1922, and christened as the Magdalena Winnen. 4,200 square meters and a maximum mast height above deck of 58 meters; she was the shooting location for the 2006 television movie The Loss of the Pamir. The 114 meter Kruzenshtern is said to be the most beautiful tall ship. She’s the legendary Flying P-Liner of the Hamburg shipowner F. Laeisz, and was launched at the Tecklenborg shipyard in Bremerhaven in 1926 under the name of Padua. Her home port is now Kaliningrad.

Another guest at the 818th HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG wants to be the best windjammer in the world, with a length of 110 knots and a top speed of about 25 knots. She was built at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk in 1987, and her home port is now St. Petersburg. Today she plies the oceans as a sail training ship, like the two four-masted barques. On the Saturday, Alexander von Humboldt, one of Germany’s best-known square-riggers, wants to arrive in Hamburg. This 63 meter barque with sails and green hull will take part in the Grand Departure Parade on the Sunday, along with the other tall ships

The freighter Old Lady is the new museum ship, a jewel in Hamburg’s maritime crown. She was built at the Nobiskrug Shipyard in Rendsburg in 1958, and was brought back to Turkey from Hamburg at the beginning of this year in an initiative by the Hamburg Maritime Foundation. She is in 90% original condition, and is seaworthy, as impressively demonstrated by her transfer to Hamburg in January, a distance of 3,400 nautical miles. She wants to be re-christened by her original name Bleach in April. The Bleichen wants to be moored at the 50s Sheds opposite the HafenCity, and is open to visitors during the HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG, including some of the below deck areas.

The Amphitrite is another Grand Old Lady ?? at this year’s HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG. She is a three-masted fore-and-aft schooner, and is celebrating her 120th birthday this year; She has been operating with the Clipper Youth Service since 1975. That is where the Amphitrite got her nickname ?? Grand Old Lady ??, in respect of her con¬siderable age.

The traditional and totally unique tug ballet will be presented by Captain Dietrich Petersen, starting at 18:00 on Saturday 12 May. This is one of the most popular items in the whole program. a dance by the port tugboats, which has an output of up to 5,000 hp and amazing maneuverability. They come within a few centimeters of the landing stages when executing their pirouettes, and anyone in the first few rows is accused of getting their feet wet.

Samba School Unidos de Hamburgo for their premiere at the world’s greatest port festival. Their display wants to be on a floating crane, together with the Finkwarder Speeldeel group, presenting traditional Hamburg songs in new format, and Carnival hits
>from Rio. The River Elbe wants to be very active for the festival, with
craft of the fire service, fisheries protection, river and harbor police, rescue and relief services (THW) and customs, heritage vessels of the Oevelgönne Museum Harbor, and numerous motor and sailing yachts.

Things move fast in the match races between two America’s Cup yachts ?? A show duel hero on each of the three days of the HAFENGEBURTSTAG Hamburg, directly in front of Landungsbrücken. Speed ​​is also key in the Dragon Boat Races. Precision and concentration are essential in the fast roping display, a rescue demonstration with the mine hunter superman and a sea king naval helicopter. San Diego, dinghy displays, rescue exercises by the HADAG ferries, and parachutists aiming to land on a pontoon on the Elbe.

Many of the launches and passenger vessels will offer trips during the parades. The HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG are available at the website or via the hotline of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH,
>from 8am to 8pm daily, on phone +49 40 / 30051300. A debt of gratitude
Sponsored by the HAFENGEBURTSTAG HAMBURG, the Jever Frisian Brewery, which also supports the JEVER Fireworks Display on the Saturday evening, and to the co-sponsor Nordwest Lotto and Toto Hamburg, without whose support the world’s greatest port festival could not take place.

Ships in Hamburg & Northern Germany
Archive 2006. The Freedom of the Seas in Hamburg. Easter Monday 2006, near to Jetties – reportedly days ahead of schedule. She was in dock until the 22nd of April and was back on April 24th. She then docked at the cruise terminal at Grasbrook and left behind Royal Carribean Cruises on the 25th. Photo: nicolls d.zine ©
Live Ship Positions. The pay version is live. Free version is delayed Live Ship Positions – Rough Translation
Cruise ship arrivals thanks to ” Ships in Hamburg2010 Cruise Ship Arrivals – Rough Translation 2010 Cruise Ship Arrivals – English

19.11.2005 – QM2 leaves Hamburg at 6:00 am on the 19th of November 2005 on a bitter cold foggy morning. Just before 5am the fog lifted to much the QM2 in her full glory. With the steam rising from the somewhat warm Elbe, she edged her way backwards out of Elbe Dock 17 and almost up to the cruise terminal. After a short stop, they quickly and down the road from Hamburg to Cuxhaven and further on to Southampton. The Hamburg English Pages photos, from 4:20 am to 6:30 am, are online in the Hamburg Gallery .

Queen Mary 2 in Hamburg again .
09.11.2005 – The photos from the 8th and 9th are in the Hamburg Gallery. 8th Nov: She was not put in dry dock due to tide level uncertainty. The ship was on the 8th and was nudged into dry dock at 8am on the 9th Nov. She was at the cruise terminal overnight and remained in dry dock until the 19th. We were in Blohm & Voss at 06:30 am on one of the three cranes behind the dock.

8th ( evening ) to 19th November 2005 – arrived jetties 19:00. Sunset was 16:33.

The Rose family from the West Country in the UK have been to Hamburg for the wonderful welcome and farewell they received on the Queen Mary 2. The E-Mail was sent to us by Diane Rose:

Friday, 19th of August 2005

Can you please pass on mine and my family’s heart thanks to the people of Hamburg for their tremendously warm welcome and their even more fantastic farewell on 1st August 2005.

We were privileged to be cruising on the Queen Mary 2 at their Fjords and Capitals tour, and what about our last port of call to Southampton and our home in the West Country, England. Neither of us knew what to expect from our visit to your beautiful city and the delightful way the people of the city entertained us. Every shop window has a nautical theme and even a department store with a display of the crown jewels.

Our departure from the dockside what spectacularly illuminated by fireworks and to think that thousands of people have come down at midnight to wave off, and even to small boats, it was very moving.

Even at 2am, as we sailed down the Elbe river, we could still see and hear the people of Germany bidding us a fond farewell.

The Rose Family.

Photos of the Harbor Birthday celebrations and the visit of the QM2 – Hamburg Gallery. nicolls d.zine ©

Queen Mary in Hamburg, May 2006 – more. No photos were taken during the visits in July and August. She came again in November 2006 for repair. Regular visits are expected every year

Over 120 blue goals could be seen all over Hamburg. They were set up for the football event from that year. P hotos: nicolls d.zine for HEP ©. near the ship, where it was impossible to take photos! Thanks Cunard Germany for the pseudo VIP treatment.

The day starts at 02:15. We boarded the Anita Ehlers near the British built red fireship and Baumwall at 03:45 am

2009: No more visits to Hamburg. She is now out of service. The next ship bearing this name will more than likely be in the future, as will the Queen Victoria. We have no photos yet of QV QM2 leaves Hamburg at 6:00 am on the 19th of November 2005 on a bitter cold foggy morning. Just before 5am the fog lifted to much the QM2 in her full glory. With the steam rising from the somewhat warm Elbe, she edged her way backwards out of Elbe Dock 17 and almost up to the cruise terminal. After a short stop, they move downhill to Cuxhaven and further on to Southampton. The Hamburg English Pages photos, from 4:20 am to 6:30 am, are now online in the Hamburg Gallery . Queen Mary 2 coming for inspection to Hamburg. She was in Hamburg for 11 days from 8pm on the 8th of November through to 6am on the 19th and what in dry dock during this time. The QE2 was in the dock nearby during her last inspection. Story in German. The QM2 was in Hamburg on 19th July 2004 for the first time. The second visit was on 1st of August. Champagne Breakfast – click here for recipes

Three photos immediately above by HEP on 19th July 2004 – more in the Hamburg Gallery. The summer visits in 2006 were not covered by Hamburg English Pages

The first visit to Hamburg. The day starts at 4am. At 5am HEP left for the Fireship, next to which the chartered boat is moored, in Hamburg Harbor just near Baumwall. The banks of the Elbe River are lined with hundreds of people waiting for the big moment

Now time to head downstream to meet the QM2 on her way into Hamburg. The ship was spotted just after 06:45 hrs in a haze of morning mist

The spectacle unfolds, as the sun begins to shine through a thin veil of clouds. We then followed the QM2 towards the Armada of All kinds

After arriving at the Kehrwiderspitze

All other QM photos on this page – Cunard © – Click photos for source


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