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As if it were the Own …

Modern dentures should be functional and aesthetic. It should give you the feel of your own teeth and increase your quality of life through the use of high quality materials. With the prosthetic restoration of individual gullets or one toothless jaw as well as the perfect repair of tooth defects, it is today with the reconstructive dentistry it is possible to reproduce teeth so that they are almost indistinguishable from the original. Here comes above all the CEREC Manufacturing Technology We use it in our own practice laboratory for individual and aesthetic prosthetics ceramics finished in just one session.

Which dentures solutions are there?

Which prosthetic solution is suitable for you, we will be happy to clarify with you in a first consultation. Basically, there are stuck and removable prostheses, dental bridges and crowns to disposal. A particularly comfortable solution is dentures on implants, which gives a secure feeling when chewing, eating and talking. Prosthetics is thus the planning, production and insertion of dentures for defective or missing teeth or the replacement of jaw parts. Thus, the causal system remains in balance and there are no long-term problems.

Individual treatment plan and careful diagnostics

The goal is to enable you to have healthy, natural-looking teeth over the long term. Based on precise and careful diagnostics, we will gladly prepare a tailor-made therapy plan for you. In combination with the sub-disciplines of prophylaxis, periodontal therapy, aesthetic dentistry and implantology, we achieve optimal treatment results in reconstructive dentistry.

CEREC – Ceramic Reconstruction without impression in one session

High-quality dentures should not only be functional, but also convey the feeling of one’s own teeth and look that way. That is why we also offer manufacturing technology with modern CEREC technology metal-free dentures ceramic (e.g., zirconia). 3D CEREC – Ceramic Reconstruction – is a process for the production of inlays, onlays, overlays, crowns, partial crowns and recently even bridges, which are constructed on the computer and milled directly from a ceramic block.

This is in the CAD / CAM procedure The tooth is recorded directly in the mouth via a special camera and displayed on the computer in 3D. The advantages of digital impression taking Compared to the conventional spoon technique, on the one hand, in the three-dimensional representation, there is a precise one Planning on the computer screen, on the other hand avoiding the typical “gagging”. After the computer-aided design has been completed on the computer, the data is sent to a grinding unit and the desired dentures are milled from a (tooth-colored) ceramic blank (Computer Aided Manufacturing). For quality optimization and for the highest aesthetic demands, after applying the restoration to the restoration in a ceramic oven, a glaze layer is fired. Almost everything happens directly at the treatment chair, so often the new dentures can be used in just one session.

What does modern dentures cost?

For a removable bridge or a “dentition”, the statutory health insurance covers part of the costs as part of the standard care. High-quality ceramic prosthetics that are part of aesthetic dentistry, such as veneers or inlays, are largely a private service. The same applies to high-quality dentures on implants – here, too, the statutory health insurance for dental crowns or (partial) prostheses made of ceramic or precious metal usually makes no major additional payment. The remaining own contribution can be secured by a private supplementary insurance!

You still have questions about ours dentures or to CEREC production? Then make an appointment now!

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