Elementary insurance for protection during natural events

Elementary insurance for financial protection during natural events

Bad weather alert in Germany. Insure now better and damage from natural events will be taken over by the insurer in the future. All information about elementary insurance.

Elementary insurance short & sweet:

Bad weather alert in Germany. Insure now better and damage from natural events will be taken over by the insurer in the future. All information about elementary insurance.

Elementary insurance short & sweet:

Bad weather alert in Germany. Insure now better and damage from natural events will be taken over by the insurer in the future. All information about elementary insurance.

Elementary insurance short & sweet:

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Natural disasters also in Germany a danger?

Disaster alerts due to natural events also occur more frequently in Germany. Still well remembered is the Elbe flood in 2013, the large parts of Germany under water sat. And in the summer of 2016, bad weather is sweeping across the country. Flooded towns and evacuations are the result. At that time, as well as today, natural disasters forced families to leave their homes and many lose their personal belongings. Homeowners stand in front of the ruins of their home. Looking for such great catastrophes Germany home, each time incurred damage in the billions.

But who comes up for weather damage? Many are still waiting for the compensation of the last few years, as the new storm clouds are already opening. Since such natural catastrophes can not be ruled out in the future too, it is advisable to hedge oneself and not to forego the insurance cover for natural hazard insurance.

What is an elementary insurance?

Elementary insurance, often referred to in the insurance industry as elementary damage insurance, is an insurance policy that, depending on the nature of the contract, protects both the owner and the tenant from the financial consequences Consequences of natural events protects. Insured are the building or the property of the policyholder, which depends on the exact contents of the policy. As a rule, damages caused by the following natural events are assumed:

How can a elementary insurance be completed?

As a rule, elementary damage insurance is not a separate insurance policy. Because this protection can usually only as an optional additional module within a homeowners insurance and home insurance. Thus, elementary insurance is usually only available in combination with one of these two products.

But it should be taken into account that the scope of insurance of the two Elementary insurance variants clearly different from each other. Accordingly, one should first inform himself in detail about the respective scope of the elementary protection and compare whether this is relevant for the individual case.

What are elemental damage?

To be taken over in the course of this additional module natural hazards. In other words, costs for claims that are attributable to the insured natural events. Accordingly, it should be checked before conclusion of the insurance, which natural hazards the respective tariff hedges. Because not always the entire range of natural damages must be covered by the elementary insurance.

Elementary insurance in the course of home contents insurance

Will in the course of the Household at the same time an elementary insurance is agreed, their insurance coverage extends to the complete household contents. This means that the elementary insurance not only covers the repair costs for the damaged inventory of the residential property. If the inventory has been completely destroyed, the replacement value of the affected items will normally be reimbursed. Since both tenants and owners can be affected by such natural damage, this is worthwhile Hedging for both sides. Finally, both parties want to know their belongings secured.

Elementary insurance: insure the house with homeowners insurance

The second variant to the conclusion of a Elemenarversicherung concerns the Home Insurance. If this protection of the dwelling is combined with an elemental damage insurance, its protection extends to repair costs, both on and off House or on outbuildings such as the garage arise. Accordingly, the outbuilding must also be included in the scope of insurance of the homeowners insurance. Often, the draining after flood damage and the subsequent renovation of the affected building are also insured. In the case of a total loss, the costs of constructing and constructing an equivalent property are also covered.

But only for Owner of real estate or landlord is worth a homeowners insurance. Elemental damage, which is the corresponding Property uninhabitable usually can also be insured. In such a case, the resulting rent losses or the costs of an alternative accommodation will be covered by the corresponding insurance.

When is an elementary insurance useful??

An elementary insurance is not compulsory insurance. This means that policyholders must decide for themselves whether they want to include this additional module in their policy or not. Basically, but the Hedging by an elementary insurance for both tenants and landlords or owners of a property makes sense. While tenants are only concerned with elementary insurance in combination with household contents insurance in order to protect their belongings from damage caused by natural events, landlords or owners of a property should also refrain from taking out homeowners insurance. For homeowners who even live in their property, even offer both insurance companies on. Thus, both the house itself, and the household effects can be insured in the house.

Who can take out elementary insurance??

But not every person has the opportunity to take out elemental damage insurance. Are these regions known to have a very high flood risk it can be very difficult. After all, the risk probability also plays a role here. Insurers have their own classification into hazard classes. Before concluding an insurance policy, a check is made as to which risk exists and whether the property in question can be insured at all.

In addition, it may also happen that in particularly high-risk areas special precautionary measures of the homeowner are required to receive elementary insurance. This includes, for example, the equipping of doors, basement windows and light wells with appropriate security systems. The tiles of endangered rooms of a property may also be a prerequisite for insurance coverage. In addition, the restriction may exist that the storage of electronic devices and valuables is only on the upper floors of the building.

What should an elementary insurance cost??

A lump-sum price for the protection by an elementary insurance can not be mentioned in principle. Finally hang the Costs of elementary insurance equal to several factors. In addition to the distinction whether this additional module is completed in addition to household or homeowners insurance, plays the respective Scope of insurance of the offer a crucial role. In addition to the individual services, the maximum height of the costs to be taken into account should also be taken into account. After all, the insurance amount should be high enough in any case. In addition, the danger risk of the corresponding region should be considered when concluding such an additional module.

A factor that affects the costs, which you usually can not ignore in elementary insurance, is the excess. Especially in building insurance, it is often required for the additional module. As a rule, such a deductible is provided for the performance of the elementary insurance. If there is an elementary damage, this agreed amount must be borne by the policyholder himself.

Elemental damage insurance for protection during natural events

Of the Additional element elementary insurance can be completed both in the course of a homeowner and within a homeowners insurance. Which insurance makes sense depends primarily on whether it is a tenant or the owner of a residential property. Whereby the household insurance is usually worthwhile for both sides. With the help of an insurance comparison, the different tariffs and the individual services can usually be compared directly with each other. Then the desired insurance can be completed easily and quickly online.

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