What do holidays in karwendel in july? Tips summer vacation

What do holidays in karwendel in july? Tips summer vacation

July holiday in the Karwendel

What can you do in July in the Karwendelgebirge??
During a holiday in July in Karwendel you can enjoy the summer nature to the fullest. All hiking trails, whether in the valley, through the gorges, on the sunny plateaus or at the very top of the summit are snow-free and easy to hike. Even on the alpine pastures, the cows are found in July. Some of the Alpine roses are still blooming.

–> here everything about the beautiful alpine roses.


Go hiking at sunrise!
July is the time when summer seems to be endless. I really like these weeks. The most beautiful lighting mood you have when you get up very early in the morning and make a sunrise walk! If getting up would not be, I would often go for a sunrise walk. So you do not have to get up so early, I stayed at the mountain inn above in the Rofan mountains. So I had to walk less far in the morning.

And here in the movie I show you the mood on the mountain:

A special mountain summer hike in July to Ladizalm
Very nice you can feel the mountain summer on a hike up to the scenic Ladizalm. It lies in the heart of the Karwendelgebirge in the Johannistal on the way to the Falkenhütte. The rustic old wooden hut has often been the subject of advertising films and advertising posters. The wood darkly dyed by the sun, the roof weighted with stones seems like a fairy tale. The Ladizalm is wonderfully situated on green alpine meadows where the cows graze in July.

The picture book scenery is completed by the stone walls of the Lalidererwände. You rise several hundred meters above the green alpine meadows. Almost vertically, the most famous Karwendel peaks tower like a reef into the blue sky. Similarly impressive are the Lalidereralmen in the Laliderertal and above the large Ahornboden.

Mountain biking in July
For trained mountain bike Ladizalm there is an officially approved MTB track. It leads up to the Falkenhütte, a very popular destination. Possible is also a bike & Hike Tour for endurance athletes who want to experience the Karwendel intensively: Go to the Falkenhütte by mountain bike and then walk up to the Mahnkopf. Awe is a fitting feeling in these unique places.

July is also the time to do very good multi-day mountain bike tours from hut to hut. It is the time of the Transalp – the crossing of the Alps on a mountain bike. A scenic route leads through the Isar Valley up to Sylvensteinspeichersee and via Falkenhütte and Ahornboden into the Inn Valley, where the long ascent to Weerberg follows.

Hut tours in July

Multi-day hut hikes in the Alps
In July you can also make very nice multi-day tours in the mountains. The Karwendeltour and the König Ludwig Karwendeltour are the most famous hut tours in the Karwendelgebirge. Even more beautiful, I find the 2-day hike around the Wettersteinhütte.

I liked the landscape in the Wetterstein Mountains, which is in no way inferior to the Karwendel. For lunch we could sit in peace on the hut – without mass rush – and on the way we met marmots, Gamsen, cows and sheep.

If this appeals to you, you should read about my experiences of the 2-day hut hike and watch the chamois here in the film:

Bathing in the mountain lakes

To cool off in the lakes in the Karwendelgebirge – or hike to the mountain lake?
When it gets warm in the summer, the lakes in Karwendel have high season. And fortunately there are many! Especially the alpine world Karwendel around Mittenwald is blessed by beautiful lakes. I explored the 10 most beautiful lakes in the area for one summer! The great mountain lakes have crystal clear water and make the bathing experience something very special.

Take a look in my article about the lakes in the Karwendel, what great waters you find here! You can combine swimming with hiking on the lake. If you "just" If you are looking for a lake to swim or swim in, you can look right here:

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