Abu dhabi travel tips, your honest – detailed travel guide

Abu Dhabi Travel Tips | Your honest & detailed travel guide

Tips from vacationers to vacationers looking for Abu Dhabi? On my travel blog you are absolutely right! Come with me – I’ll show you everything about the fascinating Emirate!

Abu Dhabi Travel Tips: 100% Inspirational Info

Abu Dhabi fascinated – at least me!

Welcome to my blog about the fascinating Abu Dhabi. Now that you have landed here, you are probably planning a vacation in the capital of the United Arab Emirates … A great idea! Maybe you are still undecided? Then my mission is to guide you with my travel tips Fancy a personal adventure in Abu Dhabi close. I myself travel almost every year since 2009 there and am still a fan. Why? You’ll find that out while browsing on this page! :-)

I confess directly: It was not love at first sight. At the beginning I got to know Abu Dhabi only in the context of a short and somewhat unorganized day trip. I went on holiday with my family in Dubai and arrived in the capital I thought: Here are really dead pants! From the retrospective, I have to smile about it. Because I know now, what we have missed everything AND I appreciate that Abu Dhabi is calmer. So that you do not feel the same, I have decided, to share my meanwhile numerous experiences here. With this little Abu Dhabi travel guide I want to pass on valuable travel tips that can turn your trip into an unforgettable trip.

Come along to the glittering desert metropolis on the Arabian Gulf and let me Your virtual guide his! I’ll show you which hotels are recommended, on which beach you can relax the best and which attractions you can not miss even with a short stay. Whether you are planning a pure Abu Dhabi holiday, a combined trip including Dubai or it should be like a round trip through the Emirates: Here you get honest travel tips first-hand.

Do not miss anything thanks to perfect travel planning

Here you can detailed tips ask questions such as: What time is best for visiting the great mosque? Which mall should you have seen as a shopping muffle? But before it goes to fine-tuning, there is an important consideration the ideal travel duration on. Assuming that you want to have a few bathing days as well as time for the most beautiful highlights, you should start 5 days (without arrival and departure) as an absolute minimum. If you still want to accommodate Dubai and / or Al Ain or a desert hotel stay, it should be at least 8 full days.

My most given travel tip! 2-3 nights in one desert Resort make your trip something very special. To live in the middle of the beautiful and wonderfully calm sandy desert, without having to forgo luxury, is truly a special experience.

If you know roughly what corners you want to visit, it’s time to research, like you come from A to B can. It is comfortable by car. But you can also cope well without a mobile pedestal, if you stay in Abu Dhabi City. With transport such as bus and taxi even a trip to neighboring Dubai can easily be completed. But if you put a desert hotel on your to-do-list now after my crush, you should seriously think about a rental car. Now it goes to the Hotel booking. Whether with or without a car: Depending on what you want to see everything, you can select the location of the hotel sent. This will save you time and / or taxi costs.

Abu Dhabi and the Emirates with the rental car

I dedicate a lot of attention to car rental here on the blog. I used to have a car available during my many stays and have come to appreciate this way of getting around. Not because I had always done real round trips, but primarily, because for me a trip to the desert simply belongs. In addition, bringing your own car loads of conveniences – especially in this “car driver”.

Of course, it is also the obligatory opportunity to get to know the United Arab Emirates on a round trip. But I would like to give such travel tips only experienced travelers: Abu Dhabi and Dubai have enough places to see, on a first trip to the UAE, no boredom! The remaining emirates Ajman, Fujairah, Ra’s al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain lag far behind. Longer holidays there are usually considered by pure beach vacationers. That’s why in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi I’ve covered most of the car kilometers so far and am – of course with the comfort of an air-conditioned car – in a strange-quiet world of sand, sun and wind immersed.

Rental car for the comfortable and adventurous

So you do NOT need it necessarily a rental car. Of course you can also do one in Abu Dhabi city pure city and beach holiday in the Persian Gulf do. With a rented vehicle, however, it is easier to make one or the other excursion into the area: Drive to the most beautiful sand dunes, visit the foothills of the Hajjar Mountains or pay a visit to Sir Bani Yas Island. Outside there are certainly exciting goals – especially the desert is one of them. It is great fun, by car through the strange-beautiful desert landscape to drive. Incidentally, this is most impressive in terms of dune height and originality in Abu Dhabi.

Anyone planning a round trip can count on it: The road network in Abu Dhabi and the other emirates is well developed. For us Central Europeans, there is no lack of comfort from street quality to lighting. If one observes the traffic rules and shows a careful driving style at the day, one reaches comfortably by the car the most different areas of the country. On the roads between the coast and the Rub al-Khali sand desert you will discover additional highlights in addition to the tourist attractions recommended in the guidebook. Also places that not overrun by tourists are – that’s how it was with us. And hey … in Abu Dhabi you feed your car with downright ridiculously cheap gas!

If that sounds tempting to you, I suggest various itineraries to and through Abu Dhabi. Valuable hints For the car rental itself and on the road, for example, for travel safety and correct behavior in Arabian traffic, complete the information that I would like to give you on the journey.

indiv > Mosque visit

I would like to help those who are interested in the travel arrangements and that they do Never miss anything without a rental car and travel comfortably. Thus, an important focus is on answering the following questions: What should I necessarily see, even if I classify myself as Kulturbanause? How can I get to my destination as cheaply and time-efficiently as possible? What options are available for guided tours and excursions? Good to know: In this travel blog, I provide only suggestions and travel tips based on personal experiences in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding area.

Look forward to detailed sightseeing tips from the hypermodern Abu Dhabi City to the desert city of Al Ain to the Liwa oasis in the enchanting Rub al-Khali desert, as well as ideas for particularly beautiful hotels and overnight accommodation.

The unmounted > Dunes in the Rub al-Khali

Now the question may arise: Why Abu Dhabi?? Of course, Dubai is the number one tourist destination on the Arabian Peninsula and many tourists travel from there for a day trip to Abu Dhabi. However, Abu Dhabi has long since followed suit and, like the neighboring emirate, opened up to tourism. Meanwhile, there are also in downtown Abu Dhabi much more than just sand dunes, but also futuristic construction projects, fabulous hotels like 1001 Nights, unique attractions for the whole family, a safe environment and a perfect infrastructure.

Due to the fact that Abu Dhabi as a popular tourist destination is not as well known as Dubai, not so many tourists are to be found here. Do not misunderstand: Abu Dhabi is no longer an insider tip, But it is simply not (yet) as in demand as Dubai, where annually around 5 million travel enthusiasts from all over the world arrive. Personally, I find that beneficial: the white sand beaches on the Arabian Gulf, the breathtaking desert landscapes and the luxury shopping temples are guaranteed to be overcrowded in 2020 as well. You could easily say that Abu Dhabi the “Dubai of individual tourists” is. It is just less excited – and thus somehow high quality and chilliger.

Five good reasons for an Abu Dhabi vacation

If you still do not know if Abu Dhabi is the right destination for you, just read it five stunning facts:

1. Here seems almost always the sun And it is much warmer all year round than in Germany – cold and rainy days are thus almost impossible.

2. There are almost off the coast 200 natural islands and also a whole series of artificially created. Thus, Abu Dhabi is perfect for a peaceful and elite island vacation amidst a unique natural landscape, among others Mangroves and turtles home.

3. The 2005 put into operation Emirates Palace Hotel is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world and accommodates tourists as well as government leaders and important state guests in secret suites. It stands as an example for one unique luxury hotel culture, that wants to be discovered.

4. On the island Saadiyat is currently under construction Cultural district of world rank with offshoots of high caliber, international Museums like Louvre and Guggenheim, which are housed in spectacular buildings. Attractions such as the Zayed Mosque or Qasr Al Watan are also a unique experience for lovers of culture and architecture.

5. The Emiratis love dignified luxury in a private atmosphere. This privilege is also given to tourists. No loud and drunken package tourists, no crowded beaches with annoying sellers, no cheap buffets with inferior foods. If these are not prerequisites for a real dream vacation? Service desires in the hotel and fine Gastrogewerbe one searches also here in vain.

My claim to faszination-abu-dhabi.de

All the attractions presented here, I have tested myself and me quite unbiased, your own opinion educated. Unlike traditional travel guides, so all the reviews I make about Abu Dhabi and its tourist facilities are complete free from biased reporting. I have paid full entry everywhere and on every trip all overnight stays and flights to privilegiertenrabatt completely out of pocket. I have never received any grants for positive feedback.

In my texts, I link companies such as Rent-a-Guide and Booking.com as advertisements marked with an *. I use these myself (not only in the context of Abu Dhabi) and therefore recommend them in good conscience. However, I would like you to know that I will receive a small fee if you make a booking after clicking on the link with these companies. For them, their service is not more expensive, I get just such a “mediation commission”. This will finance the hosting and other items that are required to operate this site.

Because I run this blog in addition to a full time job and my approach to do everything myself and to try to test, is costly and laborious, I am far from a claim to completeness. Before your Abu Dhabi trip, please check those travel tips that concern hard facts such as opening times, prices etc..

At the same time I would like to share one with my blog Platform for the common exchange offer – just use the comment function for questions, tips or criticism, write me an email or join Facebook on the Abu Dhabi fans. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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