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Locator prosthesis

A locator prosthesis is a combination of fixed and removable dentures to provide a complete edentulous jaw. As a rule, a locator prosthesis with four implants per jaw is attached. Each implant contains a so-called locator. This construction element has at the upper end a flat male part, which fits exactly into the counterpart in the removable denture, the female part. Both fasteners fit together to provide a strong and stable connection, similar to a button on clothes or bags. The titanium locators are easy to care for and offer a defined hold for the actual plastic locator prosthesis.

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Beatrice Egli posts a great photo of herself on Instagram. And reaps a Shitstorm. Because what can be seen in the background causes excitement.

Athens – Beatrice Egli is currently posting wonderful pictures with sun and sea and her usual radiant laughter. But when she posted a picture of herself online a few days ago, the pop star not only received positive comments. The reason for this was not Beatrice herself, but the background that can be seen on it.

Beatrice Egli gives concerts on the high seas

Currently Beatrice Egli is giving concerts again. So far nothing new. But not on the mainland, but on a ship. And no, it’s not an excursion boat on Lake Geneva, but a cruise ship. “Stars at Sea” is the name of the cruise, in which stars such as Maite Kelly, DJ Ötzi and Thomas Anders will take part alongside Beatrice Egli until 12 October. And normally their fans think it’s great when Beatrice posts great pictures on the road.

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child Erkle > January 25, 2017 Comments Off on Children’s clothing by The North Face: Thermoball and Triclimate against frost

Children’s clothing from The North Face protects the outdoor kids against snow and cold. In addition, the best-known outdoor brand in the world uses the same high-quality materials as the adults. After all, most kids spend more time on a winter’s day than some adults do all week.

Snowsuit by The North Face for the little ones. With Thermoball this practical model is lined.
photo (c)

“Long wait!” A good friend asked me at the ISPO stand of The North Face and held out an outdoor jacket. I took the jacket in my hands and I noticed how light it is. “Now guess what this jacket is lined with?” I asked my counterpart. “Hm, you are doing it today anything but easy … ..” and I was lurching into it. As it turned out later, the jacket is insulated with a thermal ball. So too Toddler Thermoball ™ suit . The little ones always have to sit on the sled and can hardly move in the winter. In such a situation an adult also freezes. The North Face uses Thermoball for this practical snowsuit to protect the kitten. Even if this fiber is wet, it warms. Another plus: this insulation does not contribute thick and weighs little. Light rain and snowfall keeps this suit off. Thanks to the wide zipper, it can be opened comfortably and the little ones are quickly stowed away.

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Inflammation of the gums

Gingivitis and bleeding gums

The gingivitis is one of the most common Diseases of the teeth or the gums. As a rule, the inflammation is due Bacteria from the oral cavity caused, which spread after their formation and thus can attack even more areas. Studies show that about 80 percent of Germans have acute gingivitis or, at least in the recent past, had gingivitis. Not always this is recognized immediately, because the associated Bleeding gums are often overlooked, dismissed recklessly or occur later in the course.

Tartar removal – effective prophylaxis against gingivitis

Even if the gingivitis does not necessarily hurt right away or the gums may not even bleed, you should take this disease seriously. She is relative easy to treat, by going regularly Remove tartarn, you can also help her out well. This is no less important than caring for the teeth. A gingivitis is just as dangerous as the classic toothache. If left completely untreated, the bacteria spread steadily in the mouth, attacking the gums and the periodontium. Thus, in the worst case, the gingivitis is the precursor to the third or the periodontitis.

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52 hours in New York

Last year, when I reported to a friend of my Stopover Tour Island – New York, she looked at me incredulously. “You want to go to New York for a weekend?” She could not believe that I could experience such a city in such a short time without stress. And yes – New York is huge. However, anyone who makes sure in advance what he wants to see, can also stroll through New York quite relaxed. I spent only two full days in “Big Apple” and discovered so much. Do you want to go on my journey with me? Let’s go!

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”! There is some truth to this saying away. Everyone knows that a healthy diet strengthens the immune system and makes you less susceptible to disease. This is especially true for our teeth – after all, they are the first to come into contact with food. Those who eat the wrong food and neglect dental care will sooner or later feel this in their teeth. If you want to bite powerfully and stay healthy, you have to provide your teeth with sufficient nutrients.

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Cars Advent Calendar: Our Top Recommendations 2019

Cars Advent calendars have been very popular with children for years. The small gifts will certainly be met with enthusiasm by the car fans. Especially in the Christmas season it is a big concern of many parents to surprise the children accordingly.

A favorite with children is still an advent calendar, which should shorten the long wait until Christmas Eve every day with a little surprise. Meanwhile there are advent calendars in the most different variants. Especially popular with children are calendars from popular films. Especially small children can identify with the characters and heroes of a film accordingly.

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Bronchicum® faq - everything you need to know


Here you will find all the product information for our products as a download.


Any questions? We look forward to your wishes or suggestions and are happy to help.

What is Bronchicum ®? ?
Bronchicum ® is a herbal medicine for coughing. There are various dosage forms such. Bronchicum® juice, Bronchicum® Elixir, Bronchicum® drops or Bronchicum® thyme lozenges are available.

How does Bronchicum ® work? ?

Bronchicum ® quickly dissolves the mucus and calms the irritated bronchi.

Which active ingredients are included in Bronchicum ®?

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Help in a way that suits you best: as a godmother or godfather, with a one-time donation, as a private person or company. Your help works!


With your commitment you show solidarity with the most disadvantaged people in the world. Our projects start where help is needed most urgently. We help people to help themselves. Support us in this:

child sponsorship

A child sponsorship changes lives: for the children, their families and the whole region.

village sponsorship

Their support helps people in their environment sustainably and creates perspectives for the development of an entire region.

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Periodontal disease – how does the treatment work and how successful is it?

Periodontal disease preceding periodontal disease is an infectious disease caused by different types of bacteria in the mouth. The pathogens may pass from person to person, so that they are transmitted from parents to offspring. They settle on the plaque and form the biofilm plaque. This plaque is primarily deposited in the interdental spaces and at the gumline. The inflammation of the gums, known as gingivitis, is caused by toxins and acids that excrete the bacteria.

As a result, swelling of the gums occurs, which additionally complicates dental care. The resulting gum pockets contain other germs that cause inflammation of the tooth bed. If this attacks the bones, the gums retract. It exposes the tooth necks so that the teeth look longer. The process also causes the tissue in the interdental spaces, the papilla, to recede. If the bacterial infection affects bone and connective tissue, dentists call it periodontosis.

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