Implantology of the practice clinic nilius for aesthetic dentistry

Modern treatment methods for perfectly fitting and durable dental implants

When dentures more and more people rely on an artificial tooth root, also called dental implant. This is introduced into the jaw where it serves to attach an individually planned denture. On the dental implant different types of dentures can be placed such as crown, bridge or denture. The procedure of insertion is referred to as implantology.

Enjoy your life thanks to a well-fitting dental implant “with the right bite". The practice clinic Nilius in Dortmund supports you on the way there with modern implantology and gentle treatment methods. Whether implants made of titanium or ceramic (zirconium oxide), we provide comprehensive advice in a trusting discussion. With our competence and experience, we select the optimal implant system for you and the right implant type for your jaw conditions. With dental implants, for example from the white high-performance ceramics zirconium oxide, we offer esthetically high-quality dental implants, which are also extremely stable and unbreakable, so that you can last a lifetime.

During dental implantation, ie when inserting dental implants, our experienced team prefers contemporary treatment methods of so-called keyhole surgery. They allow minimally invasive, patient-friendly procedures and at the same time convince with optimal results.

Dental implants

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High-quality, customized dental implants for every dental situation

Our experienced team uses its knowledge on a daily basis to ensure that everyone has the best possible care with a dental implant. In acute cases of disturbing gaps in the teeth we offer a fast implant planning according to the conceptteeth in one hour". Thanks to 3D diagnostics and 3D surgical planning using a digital volume tomograph (DVT), we can set the dental implant precisely within a single treatment session in our practice clinic and immediately provide it with a precisely fitting crown. Immediately after the procedure you can relieve the tooth and enjoy all the food.

Thanks to modern implantology and implant prosthetics, we can fully restore the function and aesthetics of damaged teeth and even tooth loss. In implant prosthetics, we attach the single-tooth prosthesis, the bridge or the total denture directly to the dental implant. The firm seat, a high chewing comfort and a high-quality aesthetics speak for this solution.

Older people with dental problems often resign because they believe: “With me, nothing works." Targeted jawbone optimization and individually adapted bone augmentation, also called augmentation, offer far-reaching possibilities for successful tooth implantation. We do everything we can to ensure that the dental implants in your jaw find the optimal hold and can bite you right again.

Trust our internationally recognized specialists for dental implants

The Praxisklinik Nilius cooperates scientifically with several German and European university hospitals. Through this university-oriented implantology, our clinic is always up to date and always has the latest dental implant materials and designs. At international congresses and in further training events, some of which take place in the premises of the Nilius Praxisklinik itself, our competent doctors pass on their experience.

If you need a dental implant, confidently contact our team to get high quality dentures that are up to date with the latest research. Benefit from the low-risk and modern treatment methods, which, among other things, enable fast, low-pain wound healing. During the placement of the dental implant, our team looks after you with transparency and sensitivity, so that you feel comfortable with us and can already look forward to the increased quality of life through your new teeth.

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