Implants dental implants dentures frankfurt westend – dentist westend frankfurt dr

Implants dental implants dentures frankfurt westend - dentist westend frankfurt dr

Implants: more quality of life

Eating, talking and laughing like with your own teeth

There are several reasons why teeth can get lost: Caries (Tooth decay), periodontosis (Tooth loosening) or one accident. The question is always: How do you close the gaps? For a bridge, healthy teeth often need to be ground. For implants with crowns not.

Many people with Partial or full dentures suffer from the fact that their dentures are not sitting properly, that they can no longer eat properly and feel insecure with it. How can you help this patient? Today, more and more people are choosing implants and they have good reasons for doing so. Why this is so, what implants are, when and how to use them and much more can be found here:

What are implants??

implants are artificial tooth roots that are used in place of the former teeth in the jaw. They are made of titanium or ceramic. There are so-called one-part and two-part systems:

One-piece implants consist of one piece. After inserting the implant, the so-called implant post projects out of the gum. On this, crowns, bridges or removable dentures are attached either immediately (s.u.) or after a certain healing time.

Two-piece implants grow under the gums. After being healed, they are exposed. Then a structure is screwed into the implant, on which a crown, bridge or removable dentures is attached.

Implant information to download

Implant information for prosthesis wearers

The benefits of dental implants

For your teeth and your mouth:

  • They replace lost teeth as if they were one’s own.
  • There is no need to sand healthy teeth for bridges.
  • You can do fixed teeth instead of removable dentures.
  • Implants prevent bone loss in the area of ​​missing teeth.
  • They have more chewing power and comfort than with dentures.

For your quality of life:

  • Fixed teeth give you more security when talking and laughing.
  • You can eat whatever you like with your own teeth.
  • They have a better taste sensation than with dentures.
  • They feel less with implants "old" as with prostheses.
  • Because of the usually longer shelf life of implants, they are often more economical than other types of dentures.

Implant and crown instead of dental bridge

If one or a few teeth are missing, there are two ways to close the gap: you can make a dental bridge or put implants and attach to these crowns.

The disadvantages of a bridge are: For this (sometimes healthy) neighboring teeth have to be ground and in the area of ​​the missing teeth the bone is formed back.

If you place an implant in the area of ​​missing teeth, you can attach to these crowns, which look like natural teeth and with which you can chew as with your own teeth. The benefits of implants are, that the neighboring teeth are protected, that the bone does not break down in the gap area and that they are as firm as their own teeth.

Fixed teeth instead of partial dentures

If many teeth are missing (especially the back), no fixed bridges can be made. Previously, in such cases only so-called partial dentures, ie removable Dentures are made. Not only did he often look "artificially" He also had other disadvantages: Also for this often had to be ground teeth and you had when biting and chewing not so secure feeling.

Today, most people want tight-fitting teeth. They want to bite off and chew. They sure want to talk and laugh. With implants, these wishes become reality: Often two to three implants on each side are enough to get back to work completely fixed teeth to have. So you can eat, talk, laugh and enjoy life like with your own teeth.

If the "third" do not hold properly .

Many full denture wearers can sing a song about it: the prostheses are bad and you can not eat whatever you like.

Food remains underneath. In between, you often have to go to the bathroom or to the bathroom to clean it. There are always bruises. When talking one is sometimes afraid that they relax and one "to interrupt". It does not taste that good either, because the dentures cover the palate.

It does not have to be that simple: even with a few implants, the third party can be anchored so that you have a secure feeling with it:

You can eat everything you like again. There are no food left underneath. There are fewer bruises. And when talking and laughing you do not need to be afraid anymore.

Dear "Second" instead of "third"?

Some patients do not want a removable denture at all, because they can handle it "old" and feel restricted in their quality of life. You want completely fixed teeth again and this is also possible in many cases with implants.

For this purpose, 6-8 implants are sufficient in the lower jaw and 8-10 in the upper jaw. It can be used to attach crowns and bridges that feel like your own teeth.

Is not the implantation painful?

On the one hand, many patients want solid teeth with implants. On the other hand, you are afraid that the treatment could be painful. Here comes the good news: In most cases, an implantation largely painless and many patients do not even need a painkiller afterwards.

How long does it take for the new teeth to finish??

The hiding time of implants depends mainly on whether they are used in the upper jaw or in the lower jaw. The strength of the jawbone also plays a role. Normally the healing time in the mandible is 2-3 and in the upper jaw 5-6 months.

This time takes the bone to grow on the implant. During this time, the implant should not be strained for it to "in peace" can heal.

In the upper jaw, it takes a little longer, because the bone is less compact than the lower jawbone. Until the implant has healed, the patient gets a temporary to hide the tooth gap.

In some cases, new teeth can be used immediately

If sufficiently stable jaw bone is present, special implants can be used immediately loadable are. What does that mean? The usual healing time of several months is eliminated and the new teeth (crowns, bridges or removable dentures) can be immediately attached to the implants.

This means that the treatment time is kept to a minimum and that you can soon enjoy your life again with your teeth firmly attached.

Let us advise you!

Implant treatments require special training and years of experience of the dentist. They also require careful examination and consultation before implantation. We would be happy to advise you on how you can enjoy your life with teeth thanks to implants. Call and arrange your personal consultation!

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