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manduca XT baby carrier

Is she a native successor to the manduca First?

The manduca baby carrier has long been a true classic among baby carriers. The new model manduca XT represents the optimized successor model of the manduca First. The manduca XT grows individually without accessories from the beginning to the end of the wearing time. For the wearer and the baby, these improvements are not only visible but also noticeable. In the manduca XT already newborns feel cuddly and secure. The wearer has both hands free and the back is relieved.

Important in a comfort wear but not only the handling and comfort, but also the appearance. The new manduca XT does justice to everything: It looks really good and is a real eye-catcher.

The most important facts:

    Practical all-in-one baby carrier Made of organic cotton From 3.5 to 20 kg usable Adjustable bar and back 3 different carrying positions Infinitely adjustable between wearers Pleasant to wear, easy to put on Classic or in modern designs

  • This all-in-one baby carrier grows from birth to the toddler: bridge infinitely adjustable.
  • Innovative drawstrings relieve back and hip of the baby. No neonatal use needed.
  • 3 wearing instructions (stomach stretcher, hip seat, back carrier). Supports the M position
  • Ergonomic and comfortable: Soft padded, three-way adjustable shoulder straps become over-crotch.
  • All materials are strictly controlled for harmful substances. 100% organic cotton fabrics. Neck and.

The new baby carrier from manduca: manduca XT

The new manduca XT is an all-in-one baby carrier. No matter how old or how big the baby is, the manduca XT is infinitely adjustable. It fits newborns from a weight of 3500 grams. The so important for the baby “M position”, also called squat-spreading position, is always guaranteed. It relieves the not yet mature hip and spine of the baby.

Manduca is easy to set up and continuously adjustable

The shoulder straps allow a fine adjustment, so that the baby on the one hand always fits tightly against the body, but still has enough space.

The manduca XT is available in numerous color combinations, so everyone will find the right model for their taste. The material is made of pure organic cotton both inside and out.

The details are well thought out. Thus, for example, at the end of the back part there is an integrated headrest, which can be rolled up as needed and stowed away in a flap to save space. It forms a small bead that optimally supports the baby’s head in the neck area. In the sun, wind or rain, but also when the baby sleeps, this headrest can be rolled out and fixed to the shoulder straps at an individually selectable height.

So that the hip belt can not even accidentally rise, here is a safety buckle attached, which can only be opened consciously and with both hands.

Available in these colors

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the new manduca XT is above all the infinitely adjustable web width of 16 to 50 cm. This ensures that the baby sits in the right position from day one. The adjustment of the bridge is quite simple, without snaps, Velcro or bands. Also, there are no disturbing folds that may be pressing the baby.

By the way, it is very easy to adjust the manduca, even if the baby is already sitting in the manduca. Both the hip belt and the shoulder straps can be easily regulated in the distance and thus easily allow frequent switching between multiple wearers.

Thanks to the zipper in the back, the back area for newborns can be extended. The child sits deep in the manduca stretcher and the head is optimally supported. If the baby wants to see a little more and can hold the head safely, the back part can be easily shortened again. For a toddler, the back is extended again by opening the zipper, so that the back of the child is best supported. This also differentiates the manduca XT stretcher from other baby carriers.

But above all, it is important that the wearer can create the manduca alone without the help of another person. The undressing is very fast. The buckles on the back are easy to grip and can be adjusted in height, just as it seems the most comfortable to the wearer.

The carriers can be guided parallel or crossed

For maximum comfort, both the shoulder straps and the hip belt are softly padded, nothing cuts in, nothing pinches. If you want, you can also wear the shoulder straps so that they are crossed over on your back. For some wearers, this position is a bit more pleasant.

Whether the manduca is used as a back carrier or as a baby carrier: the baby’s weight is optimally distributed over the shoulders and hips thanks to the wide and padded hip belt. So the wearer gets significantly less back pain than other support systems.

Some users find the six buckles on the manduca stretcher disadvantageous and complicated.

The back strap can be basically closed alone, but some find it difficult to find the right position for it. The carrying position on the hip does not feel quite optimal for some wearers.


    Infinitely adjustable bridge Height-adjustable backrest Safety buckle on the hip Integrated headrest that also serves as a neck support The hip belt adjustable between 75 and 147 cm Shoulder straps can be worn crosswise and in a backpack style Leg area, shoulder straps and hipbelt are padded


    Tailoring does not need to be easy for anyone to close and open the hip belt. Not always optimal

putting on manduca: putting on the stretcher

The manduca stretcher is easy to put on. First, the hipbelt is adjusted individually in the width and then attached as possible lying on the hipbone. Then the belt is tightened again so that it fits tightly. Now the baby is inserted so that the material of the bridge reaches from the back of the knee to the back of the knee. This can be customized. Next, the shoulder straps are placed over the shoulders and closed on the back of the cross belt.

Next, it goes to the fine adjustment of the stretcher: both the shoulder straps and the back strap on the back can now be individually adjusted in the width or positioned differently.

The manduca can just as easily be taken off again: first the cross-connection in the back is opened, then the baby is placed in a safe place. Only then the hip belt is opened with both hands (safety buckle!) And the manduca removed.

Anyone who is unsure about creating a manduca or has problems should have this proven by an experienced support consultant. In the manduca carrying instructions are some tips on how the creation can be done quickly and easily.

If the manduca is used as a back carrier, however, this requires a little practice if you have to put it on alone.

manduca wearing variants and functions

Newborns and smaller babies are carried on their tummy during the first weeks of life. They feel the heartbeat of mother or father and they always have their baby in view. If the child is a little older, it can also be worn on the back in the manduca. This is possible from about 3 months. The carrying technique on the back is the easiest way to accomplish two. If you have some practice, you can place the baby on your back alone in the manduca. This is relatively easy compared to some other baby carriers or sling.

manduca XT is suitable as a back carrier

Special features of the manduca XT

The special feature of the manduca XT stretcher is the absence of the neonatal insert, which was typical for the predecessor model manduca First. Due to the fully adjustable bridge this is no longer necessary. The manduca first with newborn use is the predecessor model. The manduca XT does not need a newborn insert.

To the brand manduca

The manduca stretcher has been around for about 17 years and is manufactured by the company Wickelkinder. Hardly appeared on the market, the manduca developed into a true parent‘s darling. It is versatile, easy to adjust, looks chic and fits almost everyone.

The first model was the model manduca First, the predecessor of the manduca XT. The First was a manduca with a newborn use.

The manduca stretcher is a fullbuckle stretcher, which means buckle closure and regulation.

Manduca is generally available in some standard colors, but also in special colors. Occasionally models are also produced in Limited Editions.

Various accessories round off the practical manduca stretcher: for example, protective covers for the straps, a bag for utensils or practical carrying covers, which Wickelkinder also has in its range.

Today, the manduca stretcher is an international brand and the company Wickelkinder is a leader in the baby carrier and sling market.

Test Conclusion for the manduca XT

The weaknesses that the first model manduca First still had, namely the not completely adjustable bridge are fixed with the new model manduca XT. The seat reducer of manduca First is therefore obsolete. In addition, many accessories, which previously had to be purchased separately, are already integrated.

With the manduca XT the company Wickelkinder has designed a stretcher that meets every requirement: It is easy to put on, back-friendly, comfortable for the wearer and the baby carrier. The design is simple but appealing and the material is 100% organic cotton. The straps are softly padded and maximize comfort.

The manduca XT suits everyone, big, small, fat or thin. The material wears well and the features make it a really great fullbuckle stretcher that meets all the demands of a high quality ergonomic stretcher.

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