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Childhood is too short for bad movies

Short film for the weekend: Tulkou (2013)

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Tonight, of course, is once again big football theater, we do not have to reinforce here – who wants to see something with his children, we had this here in recent weeks.

Here is something completely different, a technically very sophisticated and handsome animation by Mohamed Falilou Fadera and Sami Guellai, a sort of variation on “The old man and the sea“:

When Papoo, an old fisherman, captures a merman, he makes a surprising decision: he takes him home with him to win as a friend. In all the excitement, he does not realize that this man is a very different creature that must perish so …

(But do not worry, it’s going to be fine, if quite melancholic.)

Filmfest München: Lola on the pea (2014)

Lola on the pea is such a movie that you immediately like, oh what, want to close in the heart. And then it is really very gratifying to realize that he usually does not do it very hard.

Lola is an outsider in her village. Her mother, of course, but since she regularly wraps her shoulders and back – he’s pretty tight and has some reason for that – and is still young and beautiful, that does not matter so much. Only Barkelt, who owns the port where the ten-year-old houseboat and her mother lie, can not stand Lola’s mother; His son is one of the children who loves to annoy Lola at school and hunts her all over the village.

In such a hunt, Lola gets to know her new classmate Rebin, whose parents do not have much money and who does not say much at school. Little by little, Lola understands that Rebin’s family is illegal in Germany – Kurds from Turkey who can not return to their homeland, but are not allowed to stay in Germany. Rebin’s dad does not like the fact that his son makes friends with a German girl.

Lola on the pea, Germany 2014. Director: Thomas Heinemann, 90 min. FSK 0, rated for ages 6+.

Filmfest München 2014: The Kinderfilmfest

This Saturday starts with the international premiere of Doctor Proktors Pupspulver the Kinderfilmfest of the Filmfest München. For a whole week there are then in Gasteig (Rosenheimer Str. 5) many great, sometimes exceptionally good children’s films to see (here the program) – except for two I have seen most in advance and would like to introduce them here. If you have the opportunity to visit the festival in Munich, you should definitely do so! (And the Bayerischer Rundfunk has held a detailed conversation with the esteemed director of the Kinderfilmfest, Katrin Hoffmann, which you can listen to.)

The festival starts today with the film adaptation of the very great children‘s book Doctor Proktors Pupspulver (Doctor Proctor’s Prompepulver; the book is for example in amazon) by Jo Nesbø, whom I am very much looking forward to; hopefully I can submit a meeting very soon (recommended from 6 years).

And then the worth seeing films pile up. Lola on the pea (from 6) is a German production, which attempts largely successfully to evaporate the topic of “illegality” for six to eight year olds, without taking his whole explosiveness. (Discussion follows in the blog.) “Filmfest München 2014: The Kinderfilmfest” read on

Short film for the weekend: Journey to Squashland (1967)

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Lars von Trier is not known as a children’s film director – my goodness, some of his films hold normal-psychotic adults with difficulty – but of course this strip has a special position in his oeuvre: He shot him when he was only eleven Was years old. And for a kid with a super 8 camera is Turen til Squashland … En Super Pølse movie (approximately: Journey to Squashland – A super sausage movie – Pølser are the well-known, red Danish sausages, and I’m not sure if “squash” in this case is not “zucchini”, as Google Translate claims) a pretty respectable film. (Super Pølse saves the hare with the help of a whale.

Rico, Oscar and the Shadow Shadows (2014)

Rico is a gifted child – that’s what he calls himself, because he can not always remember everything so well and in his mind sometimes the thoughts like bingo balls back and forth. Luckily and self-confidently, he is lucky nevertheless, but it is a wonderful coincidence that brings him together with Oskar – because Oskar is less courageous than Rico, but highly gifted and can recite inter alia, the first hundred and ten primes by heart.

So there are two classically antagonistic children in Andreas Steinhöfels children’s book Rico, Oskar and the lower shade (amazon) – and, as it turns out later, do not do it as accidentally as Rico originally thought. But since the story of a strange friendship, told from the diary entries Ricos, has long since become a kind of Berlin novel for children and a tangible crime story.

Steinhöfel was for Rico, Oskar and the lower shade Rightly showered with prizes – the book is funny, sensitive, exciting and authentic. Last but not least, it seems that the author himself lived for twenty years in Kreuzberg’s Dieffenbachstraße, where Rico is also at home. And of course that means that they also thought about a film adaptation (other books by Steinhöfel like It has sprung a moose has already met this fate). In case of Rico, Oskar and the lower shade It has become a rare stroke of luck, the best German children’s film of the year so far. “Rico, Oskar and the Lower Shadows (2014)” read on

Short film for the weekend: Micky playing soccer (2014)

Okay, a football shorts still, this time a bit wilder – but with the experience of being unable to see anything between many great people, certainly many children will be able to identify. And the goal at the end is almost equal to the 1-0 yesterday by Uruguay against England.



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