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Tips for a not so terribly boring Sunday in Berlin

Sunday is the day of the week that does not suit me. Why? Because there is not much to do there. In Australia, on Sundays, you could at least go to the mall, which has become my favorite pastime over time. But in Berlin, since the shops are closed on Sundays. So what to do?

I quickly realized that after all these years abroad, a rethinking on my part was needed. Since my Sunday’s main job was gone, I had to stop to see what else there was to do in Berlin on Sunday.

Fortunately, I was able to say that there is always a lot going on on Sunday in Berlin. So there’s no reason to spend Sunday with Netflix on the couch, because the following ideas will inspire you to rediscover the city!

Shop again on a market

Markets are a very popular phenomenon in Berlin, and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them are open on a Sunday (such as the excellent Turkish market on Friday on the banks of the Landwehr Canal), but the Sunday markets in Berlin are definitely one of the city’s most popular markets.

For example, visit the trendy flea market in Mauerpark, where you will find a large selection of souvenirs, Berlin design and lots of lumber. Also nice is the flea market at Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain or on the RAW grounds. Are you in Berlin in december? Some of the markets are being replaced by Christmas markets; These are abundant in Berlin, and of course, are also a great idea for a lazy Sunday.

Flea markets always make fun in Berlin, because here you will always find some weird, strange things that nobody needs.

Meet for brunch

Brunch is totally hip in Berlin. The perfect idea for people who like to sleep a little at the weekend and then spend hours with friends and chat. You can then try out new dishes and have a perfect excuse ready to pop the champagne early in the day.

There are plenty of brunch restaurants in Berlin, but I recommend that you take a closer look at them: Time for bread (Alte Schönhauser Allee 4), where delicious pastries and good bread are served, House of Small Wonder (Johannisstr. 20) Where Japanese food is on the menu, 1900 Cafe Bistro (Knesebeckstr 76), where coffee and atmosphere are just perfect, or the Russian Pasternak (Knaackstr 22-24), where you can savor as much of the buffet as you like. It’s better not to be late for brunch, as these restaurants tend to fill up to last place on Sunday.

Take a relaxed walk

On a sunny Sunday, Berlin is a great city for a relaxing walk. The choice of possible routes is really huge, from walks through the Grunewald or the Tiergarten, to trips to the Schlossgarten Charlottenburg, the Botanic Gardens, the Volkspark Friedrichshain or Treptower Park. Or, who is less green, who can stroll along the boulevard Unter den Linden and look at the many historic facades. At some point, the big construction site is certainly finished.

Go to the cinema again

Cinemas used to be the magical place of my childhood, when you did not have great high-definition TVs, streaming services, and an endless catalog of good series. But the cinema can be fun as well. Well, it is not cheap, but now and then you can treat yourself to the visit, quite classic with overpriced popcorn and great coke. At Potsdamer Platz, original versions are shown again and again. Afterwards you can stop by the Australian and try a mixed corroboree plate. Saved Sunday.

In the DDR Museum one experiences the public and private life in the GDR. An incredibly exciting and entertaining exhibition.

Visit an unusual museum

Maybe you live in Berlin and you already know some museums. Maybe you also think that museums are more for tourists and therefore not worth a visit. But did you know that in the city there are also a lot of unknown, but no less interesting museums, which are very interesting to look at? I recommend, for example, the visit of the really cool computer game museum, the German Spy Museum, the Ramones Museum and the DDR Museum (here I wrote about it). For children especially the Natural History Museum and the Science Center Spectrum of the German Museum of Technology are a great choice.

Swing up the fins

To do sports in Berlin, you do not necessarily have to sign a toggle contract with a fitness center. Because it is also different, especially if the weather plays along. In the many large parks you can jog wonderfully. With the bike, if necessary, rental bike, you can explore the city and the many Kieze. And in summer, there are of course numerous lakes to choose from. At the Volkspark Friedrichshain you can play beach volleyball, provided you bring net and ball with you, at Ahoi Ostkreuz you can rent a canoe for a trip on the Spree, and at BergWerk and MountMitte you can practice climbing.

Meet new people

Your circle of friends is too boring, are you new to the city or are you just visiting Berlin? Then see if there’s an interesting Meetup happening nearby. The community is very active in Berlin, also very international, and so there are always ways to escape the urban loneliness.

Go back to the zoo

Hand on heart – when was the last time in the zoo? Zoos are such places you rarely visit, unless you have something to do with young children. But once you’re there, you’re wondering why you do not actually go there more often.

It’s a little bit like walking in a park, but with the bonus experience of watching wild animals. Of course there are two zoos in Berlin. The Berlin Zoo is very popular with tourists, because it is beautifully located in the middle of the Bahnhof Zoo. A little further out, in the eastern part of the city, you will find the Berlin Zoo, in the middle of which even a small Rococo-Schlösschen is located.

Even in winter, a trip to Potsdam can be a lot of fun. To see here: The castle Sanssouci.

Make a day trip to Potsdam

I think Potsdam is always worth a trip, and to fly from Berlin to Potsdam is child’s play (in this article I explain how it’s done). Potsdam is conveniently less than half an hour away, and the train ticket is super cheap.

There is a lot to see in Potsdam. From the UNESCO-protected ensemble of castles and gardens near Sanssouci to the charming old town with its pedestrian zone and magnificent buildings. And if the weather does not play along, there are also great museums to explore in Potsdam, such as the cool Film Museum.

Enjoy the old fashioned coffee and cake culture

Even as a child, I loved the original German ritual of coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon. In Berlin, there are a few great cafes that can come up with exquisite cake creations, almost as if you were in the heart of Vienna. My favorite place is Franz Karl Kuchenkultur (Bötzowstraße 15), which is open even on Sundays..

Tasty treats again an ice cream

In Berlin there is the best ice cream. So, now it’s out. And do not you dare to contradict me, because I know I’m right. The Berliners love their ice cream, and for some years there are some really cool ice cream parlors in the city with fantastic taste creations. For example, visit the Caffe a Gelato (Potsdamer Platz Arcades), EisPiraten (Grünberger Str. 85), Chipi Chipi Bombón (Warschauer Str. 12) or Rosa Canina (Pasteuriser. 32). There is a lot to discover: lime-chilli-coriander, pineapple-parsley or raspberry-cardamom.

The house Schwarzenberg and the associated courtyard are among the street art hotspots of Berlin.

Embark on a street art exploration tour

The beauty of Street Art is that it is constantly changing, like a free open-air art gallery that is always changing. That’s why it’s always fun to visit the well-known places in Berlin, to be surprised again and again by the artists. By the way, you can find a lot of street art at Hackescher Markt near Schwarzenberg, but also in many other places, for example in Kreuzberg. What exactly are these, I explain in this Berlin Street Art tour to self-assembling.

Take a river cruise

If you ask a tourist in Paris if he has also planned a cruise on the Seine for his visit, he will probably say “yes”, because a Seine cruise is simply a part of Paris.

In Berlin, on the other hand, the Spree cruise is not that important, but I think it’s fun to see the city from a boat. The best are the cruises that run both on the Spree and on the Landwehrkanal, so that in three to four hours once in a circle and returns to the starting point. You can then see attractions such as the Oberbaum Bridge, the zoo, the Reichstag and the government district. I have had good experiences with Riedel shipping company.

Treat yourself to a beer

We Germans love our beer! It is practically always available and part of our culture. In summer, of course, the many beer gardens are a good starting point for a Sunday beer, for example the Prater in Prenzlauer Berg, the Strandbar Mitte or Klunkerkranich in Neukölln (view included). A great selection of craft beer can be found in the evening, for example in the Hopfenreich, Kaschk and the small but fine Monterey Bar.

Go swimming again

As already mentioned, there are many good bathing lakes in Berlin, which of course are the best address on a nice summer day. Some can be used free of charge – at least in some areas – others have a lido where you can find toilets, changing rooms and a snack bar. In the colder months, the supply of good swimming opportunities unfortunately falls enormously, because in Berlin, there are no significant pools. In Potsdam, however, has recently opened a new swimming pool called Blu with slides and all Pipapo, which one should definitely be tried.

Explore a new neighborhood

Berlin is a big city that consists of many so-called neighborhoods. The slightly strange thing about Berlin is that many old Berliners seldom get out of their neighborhood and therefore actually only know the city very one-dimensionally. There is so much to discover: exciting little shops, hip cafes, crazy people, street musicians, weekly markets.

Just in the districts away from the tourist crowds, there is the true Berlin to see, as we locals experience it, such as on the streets of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg. Not all are of course the same or interesting, but I recommend a visit to the Bergmannkiez, the Kollwitzkiez and the area around the Boxhagener Platz.

In Treptower Park you can rent canoes, pedal boats and these sweet rafts on the Spree.

Rent a raft

At least in the warmer months you can rent a cool little raft in Berlin and sail on the Spree. The rental of floss and go you can find near the island of youth in Treptower Park. There is a wide range of possibilities, from small Indian tipis to large houseboats everything is there. You can even have a barbecue installed and stay on the rafts. Whether for two or with a few friends, certainly a great idea.

Go on virtual scavenger hunt with geocaching

Geocaching is a great excuse to go out for a reason without a valid reason. When Geocaching tries to find a hidden “cache” somewhere in the city. The hints and approximate location can be found via an app. There are dozens of caches in Berlin, and the simplest ones are available for free. Practically a kind of scavenger hunt for the digital age.


Yes, yes, I know. I have taken for this article the dilemma of missing shopping on Sunday in Berlin as a hanger. But of course there are a few exceptions in such a big and touristy city like Berlin. In some places, shops and supermarkets may also be open on Sundays, especially at touristic places such as Zoo Station. On this map you will find all information about the places where you can also shop on Sundays..

Some Sundays a year are still open to sales, which then make use mainly of the large department store chains, hypermarkets and shopping centers. Especially in December in the pre-Christmas period, it is possible to get rid of his money in the shops on Sunday. This page lists the upcoming dates for an open Sunday in Berlin..

And then there is still the need to Spätis, a real Berlin institution.

The best ideas for a fun Sunday in Berlin

I’m sure that this list has given you a few suggestions on what to do in Berlin on a Sunday. So there really is no reason to avoid the city on a Sunday or lazily planting your butt on a sofa and let the weekend go by. If you come up with other ideas that are missing in this list, then I am looking forward to a message!

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