Boxer puppies – really everything you need to know about them

Boxer puppy

If you see boxer puppies, you will immediately fall in love with these cute, slightly clumsy dog ​​puppies.

Profile: Boxer

  • Country of origin: Germany
  • FCI group: 2 – Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molosser & Swiss Mountain Dogs
  • Size (withers height): 53 – 63 cm
  • Mass: 25 – 32 kg
  • Older: up to 12 years
  • Use: companion dog
  • Suitable for apartment: Yes
  • Grooming: Small effort
  • Can be easily educated: Yes
  • Get along well with other dogs: medium
  • Needs a lot of physical activity: Yes
  • Suitable as watchdog: medium

Boxer – the stubborn but loving dogs with the true-hearted look

Before you want to buy a boxer puppy, you should be aware that this dog breed fully grown and likes to weigh 30 kg. First, you will certainly sting the wide mouth with the Vorbiss in the eye. Together with the strong stature and the short catch, the bit with the mighty stature was responsible for the names Saupacker, Bullenbeißer and bear dog. These names also give information about what the boxers were originally kept and bred for.

Boxer puppies are playful, curious and very spirited dog puppies. Boxer puppies are also reputed to be particularly fast, an old saying goes, “Boxers act before they think”. But with good and strong leadership and loving education they are very attentive and enthusiastic. Boxers need to feel the self-confidence of the dog owner so that they can build trust. However, boxers retain their playful character even as adult dogs.

Boxer puppies are not known to necessarily like them. They lack the so-called “Will to please” and they lovingly refer to them as stubborn or stubborn. All important information, if you want to buy a boxer puppy, you will find in the next paragraphs. From the story about boxer puppies to the attitude and care and exciting education tips we have packed everything in the next interesting sections. Have fun reading and enjoy the dog puppies afterwards.

Buy Boxer Puppies – which price is called up for these puppies

If you want to buy a boxer puppy, you have to expect about 1,000 euros. The amount tends in this area, but can also be 200 euros more or less. In return, you will receive from the reputable breeder of your trust a dog puppy, who is descended from healthy parent animals. In addition, the boxer puppy must have papers and a pedigree. Breeders who have no parents with papers are called multipliers.

If you want to buy a dog puppy that does not have papers, it is actually considered a hybrid because its provenance can not be proven exactly. Also, you have no certainty that the parents were examined for genetic defects and diseases. Buy Dog Puppies – it’s often tempting to get cheap puppies from Eastern Europe. But the shot can go huge backwards. At the purchase price, not infrequently high veterinary bills are added later.

Also, these cheap puppies usually grow up in miserable circumstances in Puppy Mills. There they are neither socialized nor live in hygienic environment. Not infrequently, these dogs suffer from diarrhea, and even diseases like parvo are common in dogs from the East. If you have decided to buy a boxer puppy, which comes from the breeder, you get him with the first vaccinations and chipped home.

So can also contact any questions about education, nutrition and health at any time your breeder. You will also learn a lot about the potential character of your dog by meeting with both parents. A serious breeder will always provide you with good tips and advice on any special circumstances.

Buy a boxer puppy – the story of this breed

Today’s boxers are descended from the so-called Bullnickers of the Middle Ages. These dogs were bred for this cruel dog sport, which was extremely popular between the 16th century and the 18th century, especially in England. You have to imagine this sport so that the dogs fought with bulls, they hunted and dogged their noses. So the bulls should be struck down.

Since 1835 but also in England this brutal sport is prohibited. The Brabanter Bullenbeißer were mated with Mastiff and Bulldogs. Likewise, Molosser and Tibetdogs were crossed to the birth of the breed Boxer. So today’s boxers with all the standards that are retrieved today in this breed.

These dogs were also very popular as butcher dogs. In the slaughterhouses, these courageous and strong dogs helped to drive the animals to the slaughterhouse, and they were also used in the hunt.

The emergence of the name Boxer, there are different theories. For one, the name indicates that it was kept in boxes, but there is also the story that it was named after a German butcher named Boxl, who kept many of these dogs. Boxer can also point out the earlier use as a fighter. Also, the name describes a popular behavior of these animals. Boxers like to sit on their hind legs and box with their front paws in the air or their opponent.

Buy Boxer Puppies – what you should know about their character

Boxers are strong dogs and even with adolescent boxer puppies put a decent dose of power behind them. Boxer puppies should therefore be bought by strong dog owners who already have experience in dog ownership. Boxer puppies are very headstrong and it takes a lot of loving patience to educate them. If you want to buy these dog puppies, get ready for long training sessions. The good thing about the education of these puppies is that they are very eaten and do almost everything for good treats. With punishment you bite on boxer puppies but on granite, while training, it means every exercise over again.

Boxer puppies are by no means stupid. They can, if their senses are addressed, be absolutely attentive and enthusiastic about all training. In this race, much of the play instinct takes place, which they do not put off until old age.

Boxers are loyal dogs that build and need a close bond. Boxers are friendly dogs who have to take a certain skepticism towards strangers, but are then very accessible. Boxers also think until old age that they are still a small puppy and jump happy with a set the beloved owner or mistress on the lap.

Boxers are alert dogs, who also like to defend their home and farm. Especially males are also known to be a bit combative with their peers. By contrast, only a complete socialization, which must already begin with boxer puppies. Visiting a puppy school is absolutely advisable if you want to buy a boxer puppy. Look at the best in advance a good dog school in your immediate area.

Dog puppies buy – the education of boxer puppies

As mentioned in the previous chapter, boxers need a consistent and rigorous education. They demand a strong hand and a leadership they can rely on. Boxers are considered stubborn, but also sensitive. Therefore, it is immensely important here to never enforce education through punishment or punishment. If boxers are educated incorrectly or not at all, they may become behavior-prone.

Boxer puppy buy – the appearance

Boxers are usually between 53 and 63 cm tall and weigh about 25 – 32 kg. So they are by no means a flyweight and also have a lot of power and energy. Her coat is short, smooth and close to the body. This breed comes in different colors and patterns. Probably the most common color scheme is yellow or red, which in reality corresponds to various shades of brown. They can also be brindle and very dark.

The face is mostly black with often white lines and badges. Somewhat rarer can also be pink spots here. The physique is stocky to square and is supported by strong bones. Even if the boxer is massive, he must not be clumsy or cumbersome. Boxers have good muscles and are always agile and lively with enormous power.

Boxer puppies buy – worth knowing about attitude and care

These dog puppies are particularly undemanding in grooming. All you have to do is bathe these dogs when they have rolled into mud. Boxers love to be scrubbed regularly with a brush. You should always use a moisturizing dog shampoo while bathing. For shoppers, dog shampoos for sensitive skin are particularly good, your vet will be happy to advise you in the selection.

Boxers are usually very confident as a puppy, lively and also strong nerves. Therefore, these dog puppies are also ideal for families with children, as boxers are not intimidated by noise and turbulence. In addition, boxers are fond of children, provided they are well socialized and the children learn early, how to deal with a dog puppy works.

Boxers are not kennel-keeping dogs and are not animals that like to be left alone for a long time. Boxers need a lot of exercise and love hours of walks. Boxers also like nose work and retrieving. With patience and loving consequence you can educate this dog puppy to a faithful and loving dog, which follows you through thick and thin.

Typical diseases of the boxer

Boxers are not considered a particularly healthy breed. Therefore, it is extremely important that you buy your dog puppy from a breeder who knows the genetics of the dogs and excludes sick dogs from the breed. Boxer deformities are most common in the joints, osteoarthritis and spondylosis.

Therefore, it is also important that the dog’s muscles are well trained from the young and the dog does not suffer from being overweight. Also, tumors and heart disease are more common in boxers and also these dogs are prone to allergies. Against allergies a balanced diet with high meat content provides a remedy.

As nice as the white boxers are, these are especially affected by diseases. Usually these animals become deaf and blind already at a young age. Inquire before buying a puppy if a so-called audiometric test has been carried out.

Boxer puppies buy – a brief conclusion

If you are active and well with a strong and strong dog cope, then the boxer may well be right for you. You should not be so dogged about having a dog that convinces with general obedience – because the boxer does not do that. Boxers can be well educated with love, consistency, patience and in playful packaging, but never lose their own will. A responsible dog owner never tries to break this will.

With a healthy diet, regular check-ups at the vet and enough exercise, you can experience a long and beautiful dog years with a boxer.

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