Cars advent calendar: our top recommendations 2019

Cars Advent Calendar: Our Top Recommendations 2019

Cars Advent calendars have been very popular with children for years. The small gifts will certainly be met with enthusiasm by the car fans. Especially in the Christmas season it is a big concern of many parents to surprise the children accordingly.

A favorite with children is still an advent calendar, which should shorten the long wait until Christmas Eve every day with a little surprise. Meanwhile there are advent calendars in the most different variants. Especially popular with children are calendars from popular films. Especially small children can identify with the characters and heroes of a film accordingly.

For children, Christmas and pre-Christmas is a very special time of the year. With a matching Advent calendar parents can make their little children this time a special everyday experience.

We show the best Cars Advent calendars!

Cars Advent calendar: The best variants

For some years, the movie Cars is very popular and in Advent the Cars Advent calendar. This is not only reflected in the number of admissions in recent years. Meanwhile, there are the film, which is very popular especially with children, to purchase a variety of products.

Especially at Christmas time, the Cars Advent calendar is a real hit. Many parents can beautify their children with this gift the pre-Christmas time and provide bright children’s eyes.

Advent calendar with useful stationery

Conclusion: With this advent calendar, your child receives useful stationery that can be used both in everyday life and at school. With the popular Cars Style, the various items are child-friendly and very handsome.

Cars advent calendar with many interesting gimmicks

Conclusion: The calendar includes many different little toys around the topic Cars. Your child will surely appreciate the various little toys.

Calendar with cool racers

Conclusion: The content of this Advent calendar provides children with plenty of enthusiasm. With the well-known cars from Cars your child can directly adjust the races of the popular car engines directly at home.

Advent calendar with cool accessories

Conclusion: This calendar is suitable for all children who like the Cars movies. The calendar contains various accessories for the movie Cars 3.

Cool race action in the advent calendar

Conclusion: With this advent calendar, your child will certainly have great joy. Every day a new part can be found for a play set. In the end, then, with the different parts fast racing scenes can be adjusted.

Popular cars as a kit in the advent calendar

Conclusion: This product is suitable for children over 4 years. Especially for children who like to tinker, this is an ideal gift to shorten the time until Christmas a little.

All information about the Cars Advenskalender

In the following part you get more information and we give tips for the purchase of Cars Advent calendar.

Disney / Pixar: About the company

The so-called Pixar Animation Studios in America belong since 2006 to the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group. Pixar Studios have released some well-known and popular movies such as “Finding Nemo” or “Toy Story” in the past.

The company has also achieved a very popular film with the various Cars films. However, the company itself was well ahead of 2006, when Walt Disney took over. The beginnings go back to the year 1979. The company name “Pixar” is a fictitious artificial word and consists of “Pixer” and “Radar”.

However, the original core business of the company was not the production of films, but the development of the Pixar Image Computer. Another interesting fact is that in 1986, Apple founder Steve Jobs bought the then part of Lucasfilm and then renamed it Pixar. Thus, the current name of the company was born.

Information about the Cars movies and the series

There are now a total of 3 parts of Cars. The first part came already in the year 2006 in the cinemas. The main character that can be found in all 3 films is the car called Lightning McQueen.

The car shown is intended to represent a NASCAR. In the respective films the main character experiences the most different moments and adventures. Together with other actors, who are also cars, he solves many challenges. He is only able to solve difficult situations with the help of the cooperation of his friends.

The films are child-friendly and convey important attributes such as courage and trust. Other characters include Hook and Sally. After Cars 1 in 2006, Cars 2 was released in 2011 and Cars 3 2017 in theaters. In the years 2008-2014 even a series was shot to Cars. Altogether there were 15 episodes in 2 seasons. The length of 3 minutes per episode was manageable and adapted to the needs of children.

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Make Cars advent calendar yourself

In addition to the Cars Advent calendars, which are available for purchase, it is also possible to build a corresponding calendar yourself. Depending on creativity and craftsmanship, this is relatively easy to do.

Corresponding small gifts for the door are available commercially. In this way it is possible that you make your child their very individual and unique Cars Advent calendar. Depending on the claim, this calendar can then be designed accordingly. Corresponding specifications can be found on the Internet.

In addition, there are also appropriate accessories for the construction of such an Advent calendar to buy. In this way it is possible to design and build the individual calendars yourself. In shops or online shops for craft supplies, matching material can often be found easily and quickly.

With such a very individual calendar, you as a parent can give your children a special treat in the run up to Christmas. If there is a suitable little gift behind every door, the joy of the children is certainly very great. With a self-made Advent calendar, the pre-Christmas period and the waiting until Christmas Eve can be shortened accordingly.

Are there any other advent calendars for Cars 1, Cars 2 and Cars 3??

According to our research, there are currently only Cars Advent calendar for the movie Cars 3. With a little luck, however, it is also possible that a corresponding calendar with motifs from previous films can be found on the Internet. In the well-known portals for used things you can certainly find it here.

In addition, there are on the market now Cars Advent calendar with a variety of motives. From the great diversity can certainly find a suitable motif, which likes the child especially.

In addition, new Advent calendars with a variety of motifs will be produced again and again in the future.

Here is a Youtube video in which all 25 doors of an older Cars Advent calendar are opened:

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Buy in retail?

If you do not want to buy on the internet, you can also buy a Cars Advent calendar from other dealers. However, it is usually the case that the calendars are sold accordingly only at Christmas time. Thus, the period when you can purchase such a calendar, rather manageable. In addition, these products are not distributed in every store, but only in selected stores.

  • Rossmann: The drugstore chain Rossmann sells many different products around the daily needs of life. Especially at Christmas time and Advent calendars are in the range. Surely then can be found here also a calendar with Cars motives. The Rossmann drugstores are distributed throughout the Federal Republic, so you can find a branch in your area.
  • L >Filled with chocolate, cars and figures?

For some years there are advent calendars in the most different forms and variants. In addition, there are now not only the known calendars, which are filled with chocolate, but also still calendars with other interesting surprises.

Especially for the movie Cars there are calendars with figures or cars on the market. The children directly benefit from the content and can enjoy the toys for a long time. Depending on the type of calendar, entire sets are included. In this way it is possible to reconstruct entire scenes from the things in the calendar.

There are hardly any limits to the children’s imagination. Especially for children who like to tinker, there is also the possibility of building a car based on the different parts in the Advent calendar itself. Such an advent calendar promotes the skill of the child. Advent calendars are therefore certainly also there to learn and try out today.

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