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Culture, shopping and wonderful landscapes in this place in the southwest

About Andratx

Andratx is an old Mallorcan town located in the Tramuntana mountains valley, home to one of Majorca’s most interesting modern art galleries. Its old-fashioned, narrow streets and rustic heritage make it an authentic place that is definitely worth a visit. International visitors are welcome here.

The stunning location of Andratx in the southwesternmost tip Mallorca has already inspired many artists and writers and has attracted a variety of celebrities. The crowded city center with its winding lanes points to the past on almost every corner. In the surrounding, extensive farmland one can Combination of luxury homes and managed farms find fresh, local produce. Andratx is therefore an ideal starting point to explore one of the most beautiful southern areas of Majorca.

Many new visitors are confused because of the harbor of the same name, which lies on the coast. The city Andratx is not the same place and lies further inland.

Read our guide to make the most of your visit to Andratx.

The southwest of Mallorca

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History and culture

Andratx was founded before the Roman invasion in the 2nd century BC. The Romans called it Andrachium. Coins, pottery and other artifacts were found here from this era.

Andratx was built inland to escape the regular attacks of pirates. Because of this, 14 watchtowers were constructed in the 16th century, of which 12 are still left today. Until the influx of overseas residents in the 20th century, Andratx was a quiet, rural community; Nowadays there is a lively, international mix of inhabitants. The city is still very traditional And above all, there is a good selection of local and regional products and facilities – nevertheless there is the opportunity to shop and dine in the immediate vicinity.

The area is well known for growing local produce such as Oranges, almonds, olives or grapes.

Andratx was inspired by a series of amusing books by Peter Kerr known, whose family once owned an orange plantation in the countryside, outside the city. British TV presenter Selina Scott also wrote her book ‘A Long Walk in the High Hills’ based on the area, and John Noakes, of the BBC’s children’s program ‘Blue Peter’, lives here.

Main attractions in Andratx

If you fancy some art and culture, you should be the cultural center CCA Andratx visit nearby. A fantastic place to see some of the best contemporary art on the island. The gallery has various exhibition rooms, a good café, a tasteful museum shop and impressive grounds behind the building.

CCA Centro Cultural Andratx

The largest and definitely the best contemporary art gallery in Mallorca. A visit to the CCA in Andratx is compulsory for all culture lovers. […] CCA Centro Cultural Andratx

History buffs will be sure of the neighboring churches Santa Maria de Andratx and s’Arracó, as well as the Castell de Son Mas (today the town hall) or the ruins of the former Trappist monastery La Trappa delight.

The Andratx immediate nature is breathtaking, many visitors come to this part of Majorca, just to enjoy the mountains, valleys, forests and the coast.

Shopping – Andratx is perfect to fresh, local produce shopping. If you like it a little more luxurious, head to nearby Port Andratx, which has fashion, art and gift shops.

What to do in Andratx

A lively weekly market takes place on Wednesday mornings. Sunday morning will be one informal wine tasting in the Bodegas Santa Catarina and if you are looking for some romance and relaxation, we recommend that you have a picnic in the vineyard there – a particularly nice experience.

The famous nature reserve of the Dragonera Island is also reached quickly and there are regular boat trips from many surrounding towns. There is also a challenging golf course nearby that is popular with the island’s celebrities.

If you feel like some beach is Cap de Mar one of the best mallorca. Andratx is also popular with hikers and cyclists.

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Golf de Andratx

Golf de Andratx is a beautiful place in southwest Mallorca, favorite with celebrities. His excellent golf academy works with the latest teaching methods and multilingual PGA professionals. […] Golf de Andratx

Restaurants in Andratx

Andratx offers a wealth of restaurants, from upscale cuisine to small, cozy restaurants. The gastronomic offer in Andratx has greatly improved due to the international community of tourists and residents that characterize this part of the island. The neighboring Port Andratx offers one breathtaking view over the mountains and the marina It is home to a number of other restaurants. Nearby, in Capdella, there is the well-known Michelin-starred restaurant Zaranda – the only restaurant on the island that has been awarded two Michelin stars.

Restaurants in Andratx

Feel at home in one of Andratx’s relaxed, family-friendly restaurants. […] restaurants in Andratx

A star dinner in the restaurant Zaranda

With two Michelin stars, the Zaranda offers a memorable dining experience based on a selection of tasting menus by Fernando P Arellano. […] A star dinner in the restaurant Zaranda

Hotels in Andratx

If you are looking for accommodation near Andratx, we would Castell Son Claret recommend a beautiful, luxurious 5 * hotel that offers peace and tranquility in a picturesque landscape of Es Capdellá provides. The hotel also houses the Michelin-starred restaurant Zaranda, by the innovative chef Fernando Pérez Arellano is directed.

Hotel Castell Son Claret

The Castel Son Claret hotel in Es Capdellá, near Andratx, is a 5-star luxury hotel offering a Michelin star restaurant, a spa and much more. […] Hotel Castell Son Claret

Events in Andratx

Most events in Andratx are either cultural or religious. Noteworthy are the Easter procession in the city and a festival in the Trappist monastery in late August / early September, where there is also a procession and dances to see.

The modern art gallery CCA and the Bodegas Santa Catarina Both have special event calendars. You should check the data before going there. Port Andratx harbor is also regularly hosting events worth visiting.

Living in Andratx

Although Andratx is quite international, it still offers one authentic, Mallorcan experience for those who choose to live here. Unlike many other southwestern cities in Mallorca, Andratx is not a resort – you can shop without eating linguistic problem, eat and ask for directions, but you have to expect to have to get the words out if you do not speak Spanish – for Catalan and Spanish! Andratx is not the ideal place for active singles, but very suitable for families who would like to integrate into the community and for nature lovers.

Property in Andratx are more affordable than many other places in the southwest Majorca, but you have to consider various aspects: Centrally located houses in the city are in good value for money, but only a few have a parking space and most need a modernization. A building in need of renovation can be bought for just € 200,000, but the typical price range is between € 350,000-700,000.

Outskirts properties that offer views of the sea or mountains also have fair prices, but you often have to go a long way in buying a home in perfect condition. Normally, between 500,000 and 15 million euros are required for a detached house.

So Andratx is a popular choice for those who want a quiet, rural home that can go from a rustic ruin to a custom built luxury villa. It is important to make sure that you choose the right environment, because the areas around Andratx can be very different and all have a different character. For example, the little village S’Arraco rather posh, while St elm a small seaside village specializing in seafood and fish Camp de Mar sleek and upscale – prices are different everywhere.

You also have to be careful that buying your dream home in the area is also legal, as unfortunately there have been problems with corruption cases in the past. However, a good lawyer should be able to find out for you. One of the benefits of living in Andratx is that everything is open all year round.

The surroundings of Andratx

If you live in Andratx or visit the city, it is a good idea to explore the area as there is much to see and do within a 30-minute drive. Most notable is Port Andratx, the lively fishing harbor with designer shops and gourmet restaurants. Es Capdellá is a beautiful mountain village near the bigger city Calvia and Camp de Mar is a beach resort with golf course and many luxurious sports and relaxation options.

Camp de Mar

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Sant Elm

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