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Dental aesthetics in practice Gahmlich & colleagues

Aesthetics is also very important for most people in the dental field today. Whether a bleaching, gemstones or the like, dentistry holds a variety of ways to beautify your teeth ready. The practice Dr. Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover have set themselves the goal of making every patient happy with a radiant smile.

Have you ever thought about dental aesthetic measures? But are not you sure if it’s right for you? Then you are exactly right in our Hanoverian dental practice. We are happy to advise you without obligation and will respond individually to your wishes and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you by e-mail or telephone or directly on-site in practice.

General information about dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics – future with bite?

A common saying is: who wants to be beautiful, must suffer. But not in our dental practice directly at the Kröpcke in Hannover. We are your dental partner for beautiful teeth. With the help of the latest techniques and innovations, we are able to respond to the needs of our patients and to treat them without any problems or pain. Dental aesthetics is a high priority for many today, which is why we call ourselves Dr. med. Gahmlich & Colleagues have specialized in this field among others.

General information about dental aesthetics

Today’s ideal of beauty consists not only of flawless skin and a great figure, but is now composed of various factors together. Thus bright white teeth that are perfectly lined up are sometimes a beauty aspect in today’s society. The goal in our practice Gahmlich & Colleagues is to give you a natural laugh. If your teeth are too white and too straight, it will be unnatural and not authentic to your fellow human beings, so we advise you in advance.

Our services

Services of the practice Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hannover

The goal is to give the patient a permanently beautiful smile. We fulfill this goal by applying professional and innovative measures to our patients. In our practice we follow a well thought-out quality management in order to provide our visitors with a satisfactory treatment. The team in Hannover is looking forward to your visit, is well trained in the field of dental aesthetics and has many years of experience in this field. We offer you the best options in the field of dental aesthetics:

  • bleaching
  • Home whitening
  • Bleaching at our place
  • tooth jewelry
  • Prophylactic measures for white teeth
  • Invisalign for correction of tooth position
  • Bleaching for Hannover

    The whitening describes in the dental aesthetics the professional whitening or bleaching of the teeth. This is done via a low-dose hydrogen peroxide paste, which is applied in several sessions for about 15 minutes on the teeth while irradiated with a UV light. The final result lasts up to five years for a healthy diet. However, if you smoke or drink a lot of red wine, coffee or tea, this lowers the longevity of teeth whitening. If the whitening is performed by a qualified specialist, there is no risk for the patient from Hanover. It is important that you do not try out whitening applications yourself, as this involves some risks. This is not to be confused with the home bleaching, in which you have a briefing beforehand by a dentist of our practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Colleagues received. This procedure is carried out at home by means of a rail.

    The advantages

    The advantages of the dental practice in Hannover

    Our practice directly on the Kröpcke leaves nothing to be desired. Our team in Hanover is not only specialized in the field of dental aesthetics, but is also well positioned to meet every patient. In addition to the dental services we offer our patients further aesthetic treatments, such as lip spraying with Botox or hyaluronic acid. So you can not only beautify the teeth, but also leave the practice with full, beautiful lips.

    Through regular training and further education, we always stay up to date and can offer our practice visitors the most innovative options and not only get better, but also faster with new procedures. We know how important your free time is and you do not want to hold up unnecessarily long with outdated methods in our practice in Hannover.

    patient information

    The billing of dental aesthetics

    The whitening of teeth is recorded as a private benefit, which the patient has to finance himself. In contrast, the health insurance with dentures, such as crowns, a fixed subsidy of 20 to 30 percent, so that the patient has to carry only a certain amount of own contribution. The condition for a partial reimbursement is, however, that the patient has regularly taken control appointments in advance. If you require special dental services regarding dental aesthetics, we recommend supplementary insurance, which covers a certain number of treatments each year.

    Aesthetic teeth through daily dental care

    Regular dental care is a basic requirement in dental aesthetics in order to create a visually appealing image. The patients from Hanover are being trained by our trained team of specialists. Gahmlich & Colleagues pointed out the careful dental care. We are happy to give you tips and answer your questions about daily care.

    It is important that you appear twice a year for prophylaxis in order to prevent unwanted discoloration. Depending on how the condition of the oral health is, the teeth cleaning should be done several times a year.

    You should also refrain from certain enjoyment and food, or limit their consumption. Special mention should be made of red wine, coffee, black tea and nicotine.

    The development and the future

    The development of dental aesthetics in recent years

    Dental aesthetics has become more and more prominent in dentistry in recent years, as the interests of society put dental aesthetics first. The preventive measures, as well as the minimally invasive work in the oral cavity are increasingly in the focus of the dentists – as in the dental practice. Gahmlich & Colleagues from Hannover. We are careful to suggest the most economical and effective solution.

    The dental aesthetics in the future

    The goal of dental research is to develop even faster and more substance-sparing procedures. The tooth substance should be preserved as long as possible, despite major surgery in the oral cavity. It is not only the patient in the foreground, but also the dentists, because the modern therapy methods are much more user-friendly and easier to learn from the dentists.

    We look forward to you

    Dr. Gahmlich & Colleagues warmly welcome you to Hannover

    We are pleased, if you as an interested website visitor on our website could receive helpful, interesting information on the subject of dental aesthetics. Our Hanoverian team practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Colleagues are always available to answer any further questions and advise you in detail and individually. If you are considering the dental aesthetic performance of our team, you can contact us by email or phone. We are looking forward to your visit.

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