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Vacationing with kids in Florida

The Sunshine State is perfect for vacationing with kids in Florida. You can rent a holiday home and there are many interesting amusement parks to visit. So you can do that some […]

Florida Central

The Florida Central area is also particularly popular with holidaymakers. Because this is exactly where the amusement park metropolis Orlando with the well-known parks. Especially families with children choose this region. But of course there is […]

Florida southeast

The Florida Southeast region is a popular tourist destination. Because there are the popular cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. As a rule, most tourists land at Miami International Airport. This is […]

Florida southwest

The city of Cape Coral is located in Florida Southwest which is very popular with Germans. But there are many other interesting cities there, such as Fort Myers. As a rule, there […]

Refueling in Florida

Florida and the refueling of the rental car The refueling in Florida is a little different than in Germany and for tourists there is a lot to note so you will not get in trouble. In general, most have […]

Florida cities

There are a lot of Florida cities that are worth seeing for tourists and there is an overview of all Florida cities which are interesting for tourists and where to visit. Of course it offers […]

Florida information

The Sunshine State of Florida is the southernmost state of the United States with about 19 million inhabitants and a popular tourist destination. Especially Germans like to go on vacation there, as the sun is shining and the sun is shining. […]

St. Petersburg

In the central west of Florida, St. Petersburg, with 244,000 inhabitants, is located in the city center, with 2.7 million people living in the metropolitan area. The nickname is short St. Pete and the city is very popular among the […]

Florida cruise

Cruise from Florida A Florida cruise is very popular with tourists and the Caribbean is within easy reach of the ships from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. If you want a cruise in […]


Tampa in Florida The metropolis of Tampa is located about 133 miles north of Cape Coral and it takes about two hours to get there by rental car. For a day trip almost a bit too far away. One should […]


Certainly a very nice destination from Cape Coral is to visit the city of Sarasota which is only 82 miles northwest. With the car in about 1 hour and 30 minutes reachable and there are […]


Orlando Amusement Park Metropolis Florida The undoubtedly most popular amusement park metropolis in the world is Orlando, which is approximately 160 miles (259 kilometers) from Cape Coral. With the car, the metropolis is in about three hours […]

Palm Beach

In the southeast of Florida is Palm Beach with 8,800 inhabitants where it is an offshore island where many rich people live in beautiful luxury villas. Right next to it, West Palm Beach is practically on the […]

Marco Island

In the south of Florida, Marco Island is a beautiful island paradise where you will fall in love very quickly. Only 16,000 inhabitants live in this city and there the Ten Thousand […]


The metropolis Miami is certainly one of the most famous cities in Florida which lies about 154 miles southeast of Cape Coral. That’s about 247 kilometers and with the car you can reach Miami in just over two […]

Lehigh Acres

About 36 kilometers east of Cape Coral is the town of Lehigh Acres with around 86,000 residents which is also very popular with Florida vacationers. Formerly this was a suburb of Fort Myers and today is […]

Key Largo

The first larger and better known city on the Florida Keys is Key Largo, where many tourists stop in before heading down to Key West. From there it is still 97 […]

Key Biscayne

The island of Key Biscayne is off the beaten track near Miami and Miami Beach where many rich people live in beautiful dream villas. There everything is still very quiet and you did not have the […]

Fort Myers Beach

The beach resort of Fort Myers Beach is perfect if you want to be on the beach and certainly you would also like to go to the beach once you are in Cape Coral holiday. Although there is a […]

Fort Myers

The metropolis of Fort Myers is easily accessible from Cape Coral via numerous bridges in just 15 minutes by rental car. The distance is about nine miles and most tourists know Fort Myers from […]

Fort Lauderdale

The Venice of America Fort Lauderdale can be reached from Cape Coral in about 140 miles and the car hire takes about two hours and 15 minutes. So for a day trip very well suited and […]

Florida Keys

In the far south of Florida lies the Florida Keys, which consists of more than 200 coral islands. The most famous city there is Key West where most tourists want to go. But it takes a long time from Miami […]


Estero is a city in southwest Florida with approximately 22,000 inhabitants where there are a particularly large number of gated communities and also numerous shopping opportunities. Many inhabitants come first over the winter months and spend a few hours there. […]

Daytona Beach

The metropolis of Daytona Beach is a good 257 miles (413 kilometers) northeast of Cape Coral and the population is 61,000, but in the metropolitan area almost 500,000 people live. The nickname of the city is World […]

Cocoa Beach

The seaside resort Cocoa Beach is located on the central east coast of Florida and is of course a popular tourist destination. Cocoa Beach belongs to Brevard Couunty and its population is only 11,000 and it has […]


A kind of flagship city located 35 kilometers southwest of downtown Orlando is Celebration. It is a so-called Planstadt with 7,400 inhabitants which was built in the day of the Walt Disney Company in 1994. First […]

Clearwater Beach

In the central west of Florida, the seaside resort of Clearwater Beach is located next to the town of Clearwater. Both cities together have around 100,000 inhabitants and it is a popular Florida area for a […]

Bonita Springs

The town of Bonita Springs is easily accessible from Cape Coral in about 40 minutes by rental car. There are also many rich people living there and you will recognize this very quickly by the numerous […]


In the southwest of Florida is the millionaire metropolis Naples with about 20,000 inhabitants. But more than 315,000 people live in the metropolitan area and many rich people live there. It is one of the highest millionaire densities in […]


In northeast Florida, Jacksonville is a very large city with over 820,000 inhabitants. More than 1.3 million people live in the metropolitan area, making Jacksonville one of the largest cities in […]

Cape Canaveral

In the central east of Florida, the Cape Canaveral stretch is famous for the Kennedy Space Center, which of course is one of the most important US aerospace sites. Until a few years ago […]

Amelia Island

Amelia Island in Florida In the northeast of Florida Amelia Iceland is an offshore island which is very nice for a visit. Incidentally, it belongs to the Sea Islands, where it is the southernmost. […]

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