Handytarife for children: prepaid or contract? 10 tips for parents

The best mobile phone tariffs for children: prepaid card or contract for the kids? – 10 tips for parents

A good tariff for children‘s mobile phones or smartphones is even more important to most parents than the device itself: we found this out in our survey “Mobile phone tariffs for children” with more than 1,000 participants in the spring of 2019. In our guide, you will learn our favorites as cheap SIM cards for the next generation and can read what you have to pay attention as a parent when deciding on a prepaid card or a mobile phone contract.

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Handarife for children: Our favorites in November

Your own cell phone or smartphone will become more and more natural for the next generation as well. According to the current children’s media study, 35% of six-to-new-year-olds already have one, and among the 10 to 13-year-olds there are even 83%.

For parents, it’s important to have one suitable mobile phone tariff for the offspring To find: Accuracy with the inclusive services and good price performance are particularly important for the right phone card for children.

The more than 1,000 participating parents in our survey also selected one of the most important features high quality of the mobile network and Cost control functions. In addition, ideally the tariff should also be flexibly adaptable and able to grow with the kids, e.g. if more data volume is needed for mobile internet.

The first mobile phone tariff for children from 5 years and up is an important decision that we need to meet parents. As first entry-level tariff Our recommendation is: Favorable contingent tariff with monthly inclusive units or prepaid card with credit for recharging. Some providers also have special children’s tariffs on offer. These often expensive upgrades do not necessarily have to be from our point of view.

The variants prepaid tariff and contingent tariff offer after our experiences one sufficient cost control and also help the children, one responsible handling to find the running costs for the smartphone or mobile phone. With a prepaid tariff the entry costs are particularly low, mobile phone costs are charged in advance with the loaded credit. In the standard version, units for telephony and SMS are calculated individually, currently averaging 6 to 9 cents per unit in our tariff comparison.

You can expand your prepaid rates with Monthly billed tariff options. Here is also a data plan with it, with the kids also outside the wireless range use apps and access to the mobile Internet. You do not have to spend more than 7 to 8 Euros per month for such upgrades.

Alternatively, you choose a tariff with a fixed price monthly contingent of minutes, SMS and data volume. Our recommendations provide sufficient power for children from about 5 euros a month. With a longer term, the monthly fee is usually reduced compared to the monthly terminable variant.

Our tips for the best children’s tariff for beginners: Pay attention to a prepaid tariff that attractive tariff options with sufficient data volume and free units for SMS and telephony can be activated! In addition, you should choose a SIM card that the Block expensive special numbers allowed and has an itemized bill with no extra charge on board. A quota tariff should be contractually inclusive at least 100 free minutes per month. So that your children are also easily accessible, the power quality should be correct and in any case (!) The LTE network should be available. Of course, with our concrete rate recommendations below, we take care that here Quality and performance are right!

For older children and adolescents are in our estimation so-called postpaid tariffs the better choice. A change from an existing prepaid card into a contract rate is also no problem – in most cases there is even a bonus for the number portability. From about the age of 8 years, we consider a postpaid tariff a better choice, depending on the experience of the child even with Allnet flat rate for children over 10 years.

In such a mobile phone contract you pay in advance to the monthly flat rate contractually guaranteed benefits, eg. a data flat rate, an allnet flatrate or monthly free minutes and SMS flatrate. The costs therefore remain easily calculable, in addition, the tariffs are often inexpensive and comfortable, since the need to recharge credit is eliminated.

Tip: About the itemized bill, you can always follow with a contract rate, with whom your children call. Activate this function and use it sensibly without too much control. In our rate tips, the itemized bill is available free of charge.

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Every month we choose our favorites for children out of the multitude of available rates. Below you will find our current rate tips. In addition, we also give you these tips along the way, with which parents accompany their offspring as best as possible on the way to a responsible handling of the mobile phone:

  • 1 Decide together with your child:
    A child-friendly mobile tariff should be reasonably priced and have the right features that match your child’s usage habits. Before you decide specifically for an offer >2 Decide on a good mobile network:
    Definitely choose a tariff with LTE support, as the UMTS networks will soon be dismantled and then shut down. If possible, do a network check at your place of residence if you want to be sure. The D networks (Telekom or Vodafone) beautiful >3 Avoid expensive costs from the beginning:
    Cost falls at mobile phone tariffs are e.g. an automatic data system that automatically charges paid data volumes for mobile Internet after consumption of the inclusive units. This can be a big hassle for parents and cause cell phone costs to explode! You should also expensive expensive phone numbers and in-app purchases directly from the Prov >4 Pay attention to the terms of the tariffs:
    With a 24-month mobile phone contract, you’re not so flexible to respond to changing usage conditions for your kids. For this you often benefit from a low monthly fee. Weigh off, which is more important to you! In case of doubt, decide >5 Cleverly set options for families:
    If you do not choose an Allnet flatrate for unlimited phone calls (and SMS), you should enable community fare options if available. This is particularly suitable for families: family members communicate with each other free of charge. In addition, the major mobile telecom, Vodafone, o2, 1&1 also own partner cards, additional cards and family options on offer. Also use this offer if possible, if you or your partner already has a tariff with these offerers!
  • 6 Accompany your child attentively on the way to the mobile world:
    Try to practice responsible use of your smartphone with your son or daughter. Always stay in conversation with your child! Please also remember: If in doubt, you may also be legally responsible for the activities of your children’s smartphone – keyword Störerhaftung.
  • 7 Activate the itemized bill:
    Using the itemized bill of exchange, you can keep an eye on your children’s phone calls via their smartphone. Do not use this option, which is provided free of charge by our rate tips, but at least randomly for the benefit of the child! It is good to know who your children are in contact with.
  • 8 Plane enough data volume:
    Especially by V >9 Take care when traveling and traveling abroad
    Before a family vacation or traveling with children, the prices for Internet, telephony and SMS should be checked in the destination country – especially if it goes abroad. No roaming costs are incurred within the EU. When traveling abroad or overseas, it can be very quickly expensive. On the topicTraveling with children” you also best reads our own guide on cell phone rates abroad.
  • 10 Check for a better fare:
    If the current tariff does not do what it should, check from time to time a change to a better tariff! In the meantime a tariff change is very simple and largely automated possible, mostly even without annoying forms. As a bonus for the Rufnummermitnahme there are usually extra credit.

Our tariff tips in November 2019: Mobile phone tariffs chosen by us – recommended for children

A cheap Allnet flat rate for unlimited calls to all networks at the provider mobilcom-debitel is currently our recommendation for children over 10 years. The tariff also offers a data flatrate in Telefonica’s LTE network 1 GB monthly LTE data volume. SMS costs 9 cents. The basic monthly fee is currently at 9.99 euros 5.99 euros for a full 24 months reduced. A connection fee does not apply.

These advantages are offered by our current tariff recommendation:

  • Allnet flat rate in all German networks (mobile and landline)
  • monthly incl. 1 GB data volume mobile internet with fast LTE speed (up to 50 Mbit / s)
  • very good value for money: only 5.99 euros monthly fee for a full 24 months
  • free itemized bill included (TIP: activate when ordering)
  • 15 Euro change bonus for call number transfer
  • EU roaming is included: no additional costs in other EU countries
  • no one-time connection fee
  • no automatic data
  • The included SIM card is guaranteed to fit in all current phones and smartphones
  • For more than 27 years, mobilcom debitel has been offering cheap mobile phone tariffs for more than 7 million customers

Currently, many parents choose this rate as Entry-level fare for their children. A particular advantage here is that after exhaustion of the monthly LTE data volume with reduced speed on mobile Internet can be accessed. Or you book additional data volume (500 MB cost cheap 2.99 euros, 1 GB costs 4.99 euros once).

Alternatives to an Allnet flatrate for telephony and SMS are mobile phone contracts with monthly inclusive units. In the monthly basic price are here Free minutes, SMS and data volume for mobile internet included.

As a contract rate for children, we currently recommend especially the tariffs of the online shop Smartwatch.de, which have been optimized for the needs of children. These are available SIM cards in the D networks (Vodafone, Telekom / T-Mobile) from 6,99 € / month. Special advantage: Within 60 days, the contracts can be revoked if not satisfied.

Tip: Our favorite is that Offer in the D network of Vodafone. Here are 1 GB data volume plus 100 free minutes and 50 free SMS per month included. The tariff in the network of the Telekom is somewhat better with the network quality, which offers however less data volume for the mobile Internet.

(non-binding test by 60 days right of withdrawal)

Prepa >

As Prepaid mobile phone tariff for the first child mobile phone This prepaid card is well suited: WhatsApp SIM offers a flexible prepaid SIM card with no contract or monthly fee. Only the consumption is paid: Telephony and SMS cost 9 cents per unit. Flexible charging options include two tariff options with monthly 600 or 3000 free units for data, telephony and SMS. A special feature makes this offer our favorite among the mobile phone cards for charging: The Messenger App WhatsApp can be used for free at any time for texting, even on the go without data volume.

Further recommendations for children: Aldi Talk, BLAU, discoTEL, congstar, Vodafone

To the tariff >
Review One of the most widely used mobile phone tariffs in Germany is Aldi Talk in the Telefonica network. For families, it is particularly cheap to call each other and to other Aldi Talk SIM cards. In addition, there are some tariff options that can be flexibly booked. To the tariff > BLAU offers contract tariffs as well as a prepaid tariff with 9 cents per unit and flexible tariff options in the LTE network of o2. Special advantage: Monthly 10 MB LTE data volume inclusive inclusive. In addition, 10 euros start credit + bonus with number portability. To the tariff > Congstar is working in Deutsche Telekom’s D network. Telephony and SMS cost 9 cents per unit. In addition, there is flexible tariff options including data flat rates and quota tariffs. Credit can easily be charged. Caution: LTE only for an additional charge! To the tariff >
Review Only 6 cents cost SMS and telephony at discoTEL per unit. 10 Euro starting balance and 20 Euro change bonus are attending. Tariff packages can be flexibly activated. Our tip for kids: Option Clever S with 500 MB LTE-Internet, 100 free units for SMS and telephony for 4.95 Euro / 4 weeks. Network: Telefonica. To the tariff > In the D network of Vodafone FYVE also offers a cheap prepaid cellphone card. The flexible standard rate (9 cents per minute and SMS) is easily expandable by six tariff options from 5 euros per month. 25 Euro change bonus is currently included, in addition there are 10 euros starting credit. To the tariff > The Vodafone LTE network is working Prepaid brand from Vodafone. Cost per unit: 9 cents or flexible tariff options. Advantage: surf the internet with maximum LTE speed!

Further information from our guide

  • Family maps, Parterkarten and additional maps: In our overview we show current offers for partner maps, family maps, additional maps of many offerers (Telekom, Vodafone, 1&1, Telefonica / o2, etc.).
  • Störerhaftung Filesharing u.a .: In case of legal violations liable the supervisors. Additional protection is provided by child protection apps such as Kaspersky SafeKids.
  • Mobile radio abroad: When traveling or on a family holiday abroad, some rules must be observed in order to avoid additional costs. Here we show what they are.

Comparison of the cheap mobile phone tariffs: The best mobile phone contracts and prepaid tariffs at a glance

All tariffs classified as recommendable can be found here in the price comparison. As a pre-selection we have only selected LTE tariffs and tariffs WITHOUT automatic data.

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