Motorcycle Insurance Comparison 2019 »save up to 70%»

Motorcycle Insurance Comparison 2019 »save up to 70%»

As with the car insurance, there are also countless offers in the motorcycle insurance – the search for a suitable policy can therefore be very tedious and take a lot of time. A motorcycle insurance applies in addition to motorcycles and scooters, light motorcycles and quads with more than 50 cc displacement.

The liability insurance is mandatory – who has not taken out liability, the affected vehicle may not drive or park in public parking lots. It protects the holder from the financial consequences of damage that affects other persons, objects or the environment.

The partial cover protects the driver in case of damage, such as animals, storms, Schmorbrand, robbery and theft or explosion. On the other hand, fully comprehensive insurance also covers vandalism and self-inflicted damage to your own motorcycle – but only if the person causing the damage can not be proven to be negligent.

If you are looking for the right insurance for your own motorcycle, you should weigh exactly which insurance companies are needed. The cost of comprehensive insurance coverage depends on several factors.

Which factors determine the contribution amount?

The contribution amount of the liability insurance depends on different circumstances. In the first place, of course, the costs depend on what different services are offered to you by the respective insurance – that is, which claims are hedged and how high the respective coverage.

Furthermore, the displacement represents a factor that is decisive for the cost calculation. With every cubic centimeter, the price of the insurance increases. The other way around, it is the age of the driver: the older and more experienced the driver, the cheaper the insurance coverage. Drivers under 25 must expect higher contributions.

The damage class also affects the contribution amount. Anyone who has been riding a motorcycle for a long time and is not involved in an accident will receive a no-claims discount and pay significantly less for insurance. And last but not least, the regional class that depends on the registration area also affects the cost of insurance. Rural districts tend to offer cheaper fares, whereas in urban districts costs tend to increase.

In short, the appropriate fare for your insurance depends on the size of the cubic capacity, the number of accident-free years, your age and the place of approval. This information must be provided at the time the insurance is taken out in all circumstances. Upon application, other factors such as membership in a car club, the marital status of the driver and his profession can be queried.

To deduct the motorcycle insurance from the taxes

A motorbike liability insurance can deduct the holder as well as the car insurance from the tax. It will be inscribed in the jacket sheet of the tax return (lines 41-48) if the motorcycle is necessary for the commute. However, the journey may not already be included in other packages (commuter rate, kilometer lump sums for self-employed). The private use is to be calculated proportionately (§ 10 EStG), a more complex regulation for the double financial management describes the § 9 EStG. With double housekeeping, the holder can sell the full liability insurance, it falls under special expenses. The tax assessment of travel costs is a very complex and also a controversial topic. You should seek tax advice.

Motorcycle insurance: comparison and change

If you compare your current motorcycle insurance with new offers, you will discover almost every year that a change would be worthwhile. This is possible at the end of your contract period, but also in case of a premium increase of your provider, which is not due to external coercion (changes in the law), a new bike or your move (change of the type or regional class). Even after a claim settlement, you can change the insurance.

Changing your motorcycle insurance can lead to high savings. With the motorcycle insurance comparison, you can find a better offer with high performance at lightning speed. If you cancel regularly, a change is straightforward and fast. For the liability insurance, you should choose the package cover offered by most insurers up to 100 million euros. Always observe the minimum cover amounts, which should be € 7.5 million for personal injury, at least € 1.22 million for property damage and € 50,000 for pecuniary losses.

Partial and fully comprehensive insurance are particularly worthwhile when your bike is new. If necessary, choose a reasonable deductible to reduce annual insurance costs. Fully comprehensive insurance is even recommended to bikers even more than car drivers, because the risk of vandalism is much higher for a motorcycle.

How to save on motorcycle insurance

How much you ultimately pay for the insurance coverage of your motorcycle, also depends on what austerity measures you take. If you only drive your motorcycle in summer and leave it in the garage in winter, you can save money with a season license plate. Accident-free driving also pays off: Every year, when drivers ride their bikes accident-free, the damage-free class increases and they have to pay less. Should an accident happen and little damage occur, it is worthwhile to pay for such damage yourself. Otherwise you will be downgraded in the non-infringement category and pay more for the insurance in the future.

In the case of partial and full insurance, increasing the deductible can also lead to a considerable reduction in the insurance. This is usually at 150 to 300 euros for the partial coverage and 150 to 500 euros for the comprehensive insurance. However, if you agree on a high deductible, you will be fully responsible for the damage for minor damage below the excess amount and for higher damage you will pay the stipulated amount before the insurance covers any remaining costs.

Motorcycle insurance for novice drivers

New drivers are always classified in the most expensive category of damage 0 because they statistically have an increased accident risk. However, if a driver buys his first bike at least three years after he has obtained the motorcycle license, he is immediately classified in damage class ½. The registration of the motorcycle as a second car can also lead to a discount.

Conclusion: You should pay attention to the motorcycle insurance

There are some important points to consider when taking out motorcycle insurance. In addition to the factors such as the regional class and the age of the driver, which can not be influenced, there are some measures that you can take to save on insurance. It is always important to remember that austerity measures such as a season indicator and a high deductible have a restrictive effect on your flexibility and the reimbursement of costs in the event of damage.

It is also advisable to choose a high coverage under all circumstances. Because the higher this turns out, the better drivers are protected in case of damage. Who does not put on a sufficient coverage, may even have to pay for high costs.

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