Best bicycle folding lock 2019 – here thieves look into the tube

Best Bicycle Folding Lock 2019 – Here thieves look in the tube

With the fuel prices our car should now often stay in the garage and in good weather I wanted to go to work by bike.

Logically, that I also checked the chain lock during bike cleaning, which has wintered in the garage. I wanted to unlock it, drive a practice lap, but it does not click, it jams!

My neighbor comes with his bolt snow >

Terrifying, how easy a bicycle thief would have been all year round!

U-locks and chain locks are too powerful for me, but a compact folding lock is just right for my bike.

These are the current favorites:

Best Folding Lock – Abus Folding Lock Bordo Granit x Plus 6500
(buy on Amazon)

Favorable folding lock – Baytter folding lock
(buy on Amazon)

The best folding locks

1st recommendation – Abus folding lock Bordo Granit x Plus 6500

  • Rods 5.5 mm thick
  • soft 2-component sheathing
  • Transport bag with rattle protection
  • Weight: 1580 g
  • Price: EUR 89.95

Founded in the Ruhr area in 1924, Abus has become the market leader in security technology for homes and mobile homes.

After the production of solid padlocks and door cylinders, the first bicycle locks were extended from 1958 onwards. In 1971, Abus introduced the first lever lock on the market. All three of today’s production sites are located in Germany.

The processing

The ABUS folding lock Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500/85 is immediately visible, it is the flagship of its brand. Extremely solid elements made of hardened steel connected with special rivets ensure the high safety of your expensive bike.

A plastic coating completes the clean processing of the castle. The supplied bracket for attachment to the bottle holder is secured with a tab and rattle guard.

The security

With a length of 85 cm, the ABUS joint lock from the Bordo series offers sufficient scope to connect the wheel to an object. The massive material weighs a proud 1580 grams, which makes it twice as heavy as many a competitor.

This results in the highest possible level of security 15 and the certification of the ADFC receives: The extremely breakthrough turntable lock is suitable for Fully Fully insured wheels over 2500 Euro value.

A highlight in the truest sense of the word is the LED key, which puts an end to poking around in the dark. Cyclists who do not compromise on safety are on the safe side with this folding lock.


+ robust
+ lit key
+ available in red, black and white


– short hanger
– heavy
– expensive

2. Cheap – Baytter folding lock

  • Length: 85.5 cm
  • 6 joints
  • Size:. 6 x 19.5 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 900 g
  • Price: EUR 16.99

The cheap Baytter Faltschloss enjoys high popularity: It occupies 3rd place on the Amazon Bestseller Charts. From the sale price of the lock, which should make up about 10% of the wheel value, you can see that it is apparently used for the large group of utility wheels.

The processing

The manufacturer does not name the metal of which the Baytter Bicycle Lock Folding Lock Bicycle Motorcycle with Frame Bracket Black is made, but with 900 grams it is relatively light. Six links with a total length of 85 cm are not quite as flexible, but sufficient for thin posts or bike racks.

The sturdy plastic holder can be attached to the frame with Velcro fasteners or screws. There are three keys that are best dealt with from the beginning with some WD40 or sewing machine oil. The grease film prevents rusting in the cylinder, which makes it difficult to insert and turn the key.

The security

The joints of the plastic encased elements have some play, resulting in the middle security level 4. According to customer opinions, the material can easily withstand the occasional thieves.

For its class, the Baytter offers good performance as a lightweight folding lock, but if you want to secure an expensive bike or a motorcycle, giving you a higher-quality folding lock gives you a much more soothing feeling. An identical product is under the label Tonyon in the trade.


+ hardened steel
+ Plastic sheathing
+ good mount


– rusts quickly
– hakelig
– insufficient function

3. The Trelock Folding Lock FS 300/85 Trigo ZT

  • Tredur special steel
  • Security level 3
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Price: EUR 39.90

The cyclist stronghold Münster is the home of the brand Trelock. Founded in 1854, the company is one of the oldest manufacturers of bicycle accessories in Germany.

State-of-the-art technology and precise manufacturing ensured that the bike circles were well-known. In addition to high-quality ironing, cable and folding locks, the first NFC-controlled bicycle lock came from the Innovation Center on the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

The processing

A very high-quality workmanship and uncomplicated handling distinguish the Trelock Folding Lock FS 300/85 Trigo ZT. The scope of supply contains the suitable plastic holder, which excludes lacquer damages at the wheel mounted on the bottle holder or frame. Nothing rattles or wobbles here.

The security

The built-in Tredur steel weighs only 750 grams, which is surprisingly low compared to similar makes. There are two keys.

85 cm in length is enough to connect the bike to thinner poles, but you better look for a reasonably secure parking lot, because the security level 3 of six possible levels is rather mediocre.

The Trelock Trigo may impress occasional thieves, but if a professional goes to work, you should use the Tredur FS 300 only with wheels up to about 200 euros worth.


+ resistant to cold spray
+ reorderable keys
+ inexpensive


– Plastic attachment breaks quickly
– Cylinder blocked

4. AXA Flc 800 folding lock

  • Length: 100 cm
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Size: 10 x 3 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 1100 g
  • Price: EUR 37,90

Founded in 1902, AXA began manufacturing and distributing hardware and hinges for windows and doors. In the 1920s, safety technology for the home and bicycle formed the two focal points of today.

Today, in France, Poland and the Netherlands, rechargeable wheel lighting, shroud and chain guards, and various bicycle locks are being developed.

The processing

The AXA Flc 800 folding lock is with 100 cm length and 8 mm strong steel links the best selling of all folding locks of this manufacturer.

The bracket is mounted with two screws as usual on the frame or bottle holder. An optional orange or dark gray neoprene cover protects the Axa folding lock from dirt and moisture, above the cylinder is a dust cap.

However, this Neoprene wrapper, which is in itself useful, causes a lot of fumbling when packing and unpacking the holder, so many cyclists prefer to put the Axa Folding Lock 800 in their backpack quickly.

The security

Thanks to a new 3D technology, all chain links can be freely moved and rotated in all directions. Thanks to its great flexibility, its length and its relatively low weight, you can also attach your bike to angled objects.

The keys also fit the battery compartment if you have an e-bike. With 9 out of 15 points, the security level is in the middle range, which is appropriate for the low price.


+ Bars instead of chain
+ good handling
+ adequate size


– very tight mount
– key can bend
– without wetness protection on the cylinder

5. Fischer folding lock with holder

  • Length: 85 cm
  • including attachment
  • Weight: 998 g
  • Price: EUR 17,99

The carpenter and organ builder Philipp Moritz Fischer invented the first pedal bicycle in 1853 to carry out repair orders faster in his customers’ homes. The machine was for private use only.

His son Friedrich founded the FAG Kugelfischer, where the trade in bicycles and sewing machines ran alongside. The bicycle brand Fischer, which was founded only in 1949, continues to assert itself through high-quality bikes and extensive accessories.

The processing

The Fischer Folding Lock with Holder, One size, 85852 gives a solid appearance with the plastic-coated, hardened steel elements, which moves occasional thieves to move on.

This also applies to the holder, which can be attached either with screws or Velcro strips. 85 cm in length offer many options to tie the wheel.

Very practical is the LED lighting on the key, as blind plugging in patience sample. On the other hand, buyers report that the lock can not be opened after a short period of use.

The security

When the elements are pulled apart quickly, it can happen that the rivet slips out of its holder or makes annoying rattling on uneven tracks noticeable.

Generally one can say that light weight is an indicator for low break-in protection: in five seconds an official Fischer Faltschloss test was already finished.


+ 2 locks can be coupled
+ LED key
+ inconspicuous


– stiff joints
– early corrosion from the inside
– identical product at the discount store

The folding lock winner in our comparison

To make it short, our best folding lock in this comparison is also at the folding lock test of various magazines right up there: Stiftung Warentest, well-known magazines, the ADFC and independent product testers evaluate the Abus folding lock Bordo Granit x Plus 6500 with the most reliable break-in protection, the mainly due to the high weight, as the safest bike lock of its kind.

Best Folding Lock – Abus Folding Lock Bordo Granit x Plus 6500
(buy on Amazon)

Favorable folding lock – Baytter folding lock
(buy on Amazon)

In addition, the precise production of the cylinder, special reinforcement of the known weak points and the comfortable handling are included in the evaluation. [Source:]

The price-performance victory has been secured by the Baytter Faltschloss bicycle lock. Although it is robustly made of hardened steel, it weighs only 900 grams and has high security for its category.

Its price is about 60% among the competitors, which results in a suitability for wheels under 400 euros new value. The functionality is also to be considered with a good 85 cm length equivalent. The manufacturer grants a 10-year warranty.

Our recommendation is due to the Trelock folding lock fs 300/85 trigo zt. It has what makes a good folding lock: with a cylinder that resists cold spray and equipped with drill and anti-pick protection, at most one professional can crack the Trelock Folding Lock, if that.

Likewise, the Trelock folding lock offers corrosion protection, a click-in guide for easy unlocking in the dark and sheathed elements made of Tredur steel. Keys can be reordered with the key code

When folding lock buy without bargains

When the cycling season starts in the spring, the starting signal for bicycle thieves also falls. Not only expensive designer bikes or e-bikes are stolen, but also normal wheels, which are insufficiently secured, are evident from police files.

Which bike lock you are considering depends on the value and the circumstances, where and how long the bike stays alone. A link lock is relatively safe, but do you always want to carry two kilos in your pocket? Two alternatives are still available: the U-lock and the combination lock.

A padlock or a folding lock?

Large padlocks can be temporarily removed from the frame, but in the search for a parking space, they prove to be quite inflexible.

Imagine what length and width would be needed to attach to a lantern – it does not work. So fit almost only regular bike racks with thin bars to attach a padlock.

A bicycle folding lock can be compactly folded according to the folding rule principle and transported well in a holder while driving. When it comes to break-up security, the high-quality folding lock and a padlock are about the same.

Especially recommended is the Abus lock from our comparison, as it has withstood professional destruction as the only make.

Despite the use of intelligent picking tools and heavy bolt cutters, the examiners were unable to crack the Abus folding lock within 180 seconds.

Why 180 seconds?

Bicycle thieves stop at the target object for at least three minutes. Time enough to crack a cheap folding lock unnoticed and drive away – if it takes longer, the thieves give up.

What makes safe bicycle locks?

Precisely predicted: The 100% secure bike lock does not exist. Instead, look for criteria that indicate good quality.

1. The steel

The better the grade of steel, the higher the security against breakage? This claim is only partially true. It is true that saws or lever tools definitely move forward too slowly, the thief gives up.

The sticking point with cheap folding locks are not the steel elements, but inferior material of the joints. Therefore, do not buy a lock under 40 euros, but only those made of continuously hardened steel.

2. The lock cylinder

If there is no attack surface with a smooth, robust design, thieves manipulate the cylinder using three methods:

drillPay attention to a manufacturer’s instructions for drilling protection.

Kältespray – An insufficiently protected bike folding lock can be iced up with the spray and destroyed with a hard punch. The inner components of qualitative mechanics are elastic, so that cold spray is ineffective.

picking – Experienced thieves open a cylinder in seconds with a kind of lock pick. A picking protection thwarts the use of these special tools.

3. The usable length

In order to fasten your bike to various objects, you need a folding lock of at least 80 cm to 90 cm in length.

What advantages does a folding lock still have?

The folding lock makes it difficult for thieves to set tools on the basis of their structure:

  • A saw For example, it barely engages because the segments of the folding lock are movable.
  • Since the individual limbs are flat, also finds one bolt cutters unfavorable attack surface.

You can attach a folding lock holder directly to the wheel and always carry the folding lock with you. Alone the presence of a massive castle has a deterrent effect on thieves.

Security levels – empty promises or bar for quality?

Some manufacturers advertise their locks with a high security rating. The classification is based on a scale whose values ​​were not created by the TÜV or an independent testing institution, but in-house.

  • at Abus 15 classes,
  • Masterlock and Kryptonite 10 levels,
  • at Trelock 6 levels.

Which valuation basis the brands each use, is unknown. A rogue is who thinks that own products occupy the lower ranks.

Abus wants to revise its ranking, because so far in the evaluation design and handling incorporated into the security class. This may refer to the sheathing of the steel parts that provide security against scratches in the frame.

Far more brazen, some manufacturers set their locks to the highest security level for marketing-only reasons, even though independent product testers clearly found less reliable results.

A reliable orientation about the quality of a folding lock is given by the TÜV and the ADFC (Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club e.V.) on the basis of their test seals.

Does it also a no-name folding lock?

Safety comes at a price and weighs heavily. Nevertheless, a cheap folding lock has its raison d’être in parking lots with less risk.

This is the case for example at video-monitored parking stations at the train station or when the bike is parked in the garage at night.

What if I have to crack my folding lock myself??

Maybe the key is rust-proof in the cylinder, or you just lost the key. Anyway, you will not get your own bike from the spot.

1. WD40 spray

Some shocks WD40 Spray slowly loosen the armor, the key can be moved again and you can reorder a spare key with an enclosed code number from the manufacturer.

2. Locksmith

If necessary, you can also request a locksmith service when you present a purchase receipt or other proof of ownership for the bike.

This will be an expensive fun though.

3. Cutting tool

If all else fails, ask your neighbor if he can help with his tool. Then you will see exactly what quality your castle is.

Always arguing with the key?

Then a folding lock with numerical code would be an interesting option.

Before you go and buy one, read the results of the Stiftung Warentest, because according to the report, all the corresponding models in the bike lock test were cracked in 20 seconds and failed accordingly.

Thus, the question of folding lock or combination lock itself has answered.

Two locks = double security?

Often the advice is given to complete the wheel with two different locks. Particularly safe is a turntable lock, as used for example by Abus and Kryptonite.

For each turntable lock model, a separate tool worth 300 euros is needed to crack it. If one thinks logically, the bicycle thief will get the tool for the best-selling lock to increase his hit rate.

In this case, it would be the Abus Granit Plus, a high-end lock on which the most expensive racing planes hang.

Strategically advantageous for bicycle owners would therefore be a cheap Kryptonite turntable lock, which in turn contradicts the thinking structures of criminal people and can not be cracked with the Abus tool.

Locks with pins that are pushed down to open by turning the key can be opened in no time with a locking gun or, if necessary, with a paper clip.

It may make 40 seconds difference until a lock or two are eliminated.

Connect the bike properly

The best bike folding lock is of no use if it is placed just as an immobilizer through the front wheel and around the frame. Then it will simply be carried away.

Always connect your bike to a fence or lamppost that is at least as strong as the lock. Otherwise, the weaker attachment object is unceremoniously cut off and the wheel and lock are taken along.

The lock itself should always be mounted high on the frame, either around the handlebar and through the spokes, the seat post or, in the case of men’s wheels, around the center bar.

Why put the castle up??

If the bike lock is attached near the floor, thieves offer better levers with bolt cutters.

One part is placed on the floor, foot placed on it and pulled up at the other leg with full body weight and both hands.

For low-lying U-locks, a jack can be used to try to squeeze the bracket apart.

And if there is no way to connect the bike?

Unfortunately, vehicles are also stolen from the bicycle cellars of larger residential complexes. In this case, you can join the wheels of all family members on the front or rear wheels.

Such a bulky, heavy package can hardly carry away unnoticed. Of course, you should also take your expensive bike computer and the bicycle helmet (or children’s bike helmet), because it has a thief quite easy game.

What backup is there still?

Labeling makes the theft unattractive, as the resale value decreases and the one that is easily transferred during a check. Insurances grant a 10% reduction for a registration.

1. GPS

If you want to play it safe with your expensive designer bike, you can equip it with a GPS tracker in addition to a folding lock.

In case of theft, or in a huge parking lot, the bike can be located by mobile phone. The data transfer via a SIM card, however, causes ongoing costs.

2. Bicycle insurance

As a general precaution, you can take out a bicycle insurance policy, which will be refunded in the event of damage if the wheel was attached to an object with a suitably proportioned lock.

3rd coding

An encoding is attached to the frame as a sticker, with a needle punch or as an engraving.

Authorities and police determine from the number and letter sequence the regional license plate, the municipality and the street and house number, the initials of the owner and the year of registration.

Where do I get an encoding??

Coding is carried out by the ADFC, bicycle dealers or the police. Branches of the ADFC awarded for coding appointments.


High-quality folding locks made of hardened steel offer an almost equivalent protection against theft of your bike compared to iron or chain locks. It is not automatically the most expensive model, but the make best, which offers the greatest suitability for everyday use in your case.

Best Folding Lock – Abus Folding Lock Bordo Granit x Plus 6500
(buy on Amazon)

Favorable folding lock – Baytter folding lock
(buy on Amazon)

If the test winner with 85 cm length is too short for your parking, it is worth taking a second look at the market leader Abus. The Bordo Big 120 with 5 mm thick elements also performs very well on product testers.

The biggest advantage of folding locks is their malleability, easy handling and compact transport system. So you have “certainly” the longest pleasure on your bike.

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