Private liability comparison ✓

Private liability comparison ✓

Private liability insurance comparison

Why is it worthwhile for you in any case to compare the private liability insurance?

Basically, the legal regulation that anyone who deliberately or accidentally harms another person or causes harm must be liable for this with his entire assets. And this not only with the assets that were developed up to the liability damage, but with all the assets that will be developed for a lifetime.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to take out a private liability insurance

It takes the simple burden of proof, which means that the injured party must prove to the culprit that the latter has culpably caused him harm. If this succeeds, the injurer will be liable to everything he has and will ever have!

It is surprising that a private liability insurance is a voluntary policy and not a statutory compulsory insurance. It is all the more important for you to take care of your own personal liability insurance and to compare all offers according to your personal needs and living conditions and to choose the best individual liability protection. We’ll help you!

Services of private liability insurance

The benefits are the same for all insurance offers, as you can see in the following overview:

  • Examination of the claims of the injured party (passive legal protection), examination of the liability question
  • Defense against unjustified claims for damages
  • Service for justified claims for damages

Reimbursement of personal, property and pecuniary loss in the private sector within the limits of your chosen coverage. This is called exemption of legitimate claims for damages.

This damage regulates your private liability insurance

You can go through life so carefully and vigilantly, but it can never be completely prevented due to a carelessness to cause little or greater damage. For damages that are to be regulated by a liability insurance we distinguish between:

damage to property

personal injury

financial losses

What are the differences between these losses of the order of magnitude and the amounts of damage in liability insurance??

• Property damage

Property damage in liability insurance is always the case, if by your fault objects, the other people belong damaged or destroyed. Your private liability insurance stands for the Cost of a repair or even the new procurement of the damaged object. A special feature that can be included in their individual liability protection by a clause, are damage to a rental apartment in which they live.

Property damage can result in small or large sums of money. For example, if you overturn your sister-in-law’s vase of flowers, your private liability insurance would pay for the damage you caused, as well as the fact that your children would break up and burn down a building. Also, this is a property damage for which you must be responsible, albeit in a much larger dimension.

• personal injury

Due to their serious effects, this form of damage is one of the reasons why we see private liability insurance as a duty rather than a recommendation. If you by your behavior one injure, harm or even kill another person, they are also responsible for the resulting damages and consequential effects.

It is sufficient if they accidentally approach a child with their bicycle, which crashes so unhappily that it suffers permanent damage and by this impairment therapy measures, compensation for pain and, in the worst case lifetime pension because of a disability incurred. Quite apart from the monthly care costs, which must also be paid by them and their earned income.

• financial loss

Such damage is always given when a person acts through their actions financial damage suffers. Here is still between the real financial losses and the unreal financial losses distinguished. A real financial loss relates purely to the assets and it has not preceded any persons or property damage. False financial losses are only caused by a previous person or material damage. If, for example, you incur occupational disability, you must pay the wages as unjustly pecuniary loss.

This is how you answer the question about the coverage amount

Which coverage amount should I choose??

The central question that you have to answer for yourself is the amount of the coverage. The higher the coverage amount is chosen, the more expensive is of course the liability tariff. If you choose too low a coverage amount, you have quickly saved on the wrong end and must pay from the moment this sum is reached, the further damage consequences out of pocket. This can be the case in case of personal injury very quickly, so we always recommend a generous choice of liability coverage.

Cover amounts can range from € 1 million to € 60 million. We definitely recommend one Cover amount from 10 million € complete. Because this sum is the maximum amount that takes over their liability insurance in case of damage, in addition, they are responsible for all payments themselves in the obligation.

Damage examples to help you better assess meaningful coverage.

How to compare your private liability insurance

So high time to take care of a liability insurance, you should not have any. In our comparison calculator, you can choose from over 200 rates and see immediately at a glance the cheapest deals, which you can then conveniently complete online.

The following parameters have to be taken into account in the liability insurance comparison:

• number of insured persons

• Should the liability insurance apply to you alone, individual insurance / singletrack

• Do you have a family and should the liability insurance apply to all family members living in your household?> Family liability insurance

• Are there special risks that you want to protect with the liability insurance? (They own animals, a dog, a cat or a horse.) They live in a rented flat, are ambitious cyclists ….)

At this point a short note on the motor liability insurance short car liability.

All damage, be it property damage or personal injury, you as motorist are not services of private liability insurance, but for that is the legally required motor vehicle liability insurance responsible!

Private liability insurance comparison

You can easily find the right tariff for you in our insurance comparison. We have summarized all the information for you in an overview and also included the reviews from Finanztest. Without a private liability insurance, even a small mishap can mean lifelong financial ruin. We are not talking about the little mishap like a burnt hole in the carpet or the red wine stain on the sofa that would still be to bear and get over.

A flowerpot that hits passers-by from under the windowsill can have far worse repercussions and cause serious damage for which you have to stand financially for a lifetime.

Good liability protection does not have to be expensive, as you will find out quickly and clearly in our comparison calculator. You can enter the following parameters according to your individual circumstances:

• Who should be the private liability insurance?

• An individual, an individual with a child, a family, a family with children?

• To which group of people do they count??

The liability insurance tariffs distinguish between persons working in the civil service and the rest of the workers.

• How old are they?

Special liability insurance rates are offered for certain age groups

• Do you want to install a failure cover??

If, as a victim, you meet a person who is not insured for liability and can not pay for the damage to you, your own liability insurance covers the loss coverage and regulates the damage.

• Should disabled children be insured?

From birth to the seventh birthday children are not able to torture. That they can not be held accountable for their actions under the law. On the one hand good, on the other hand, they probably do not want their neighbors to stay at the expense of the window pane thrown in, because their son who was unable to do the damage caused the damage. You can additionally insure this risk and then you do not have to live with a broken neighborhood relationship in the years to come.

Are there animals in the household that are to be insured??

Cats, dogs or horses can cause great animal damage, which you must reimburse as the owner.

Other parameters that are necessary to calculate your liability tariff:

You will be asked which term you want to choose for your liability insurance. Of course, the tariffs are cheaper, the longer this period lasts. If you have a liability tariff for more than three years, you can expect up to 10% discount on the annual tariff.

Finally, there is the question of whether there has been pre-insurance for the past five years. This question is asked to narrow down whether your tariff will be cheaper because you had no damage in this pre-insurance. If these years were not free of damage, there is still the final question about the damage of the last five years.

Thus the tariffs of the private liability insurance are calculated

Information about the contribution calculation in the liability insurance

The amount of your contribution corresponds to the cover sums you have selected and the number of additional benefits guaranteed. The higher the coverage, the higher the contribution.

The following Discount possibilities offer:

> Agreement on a deductible

> Agreement for a longer contract period

> A member of the public service

> Payment monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually (5% discount)

Do you want one excess lock in?

All rates with deductible are cheaper than those liability rates without a deductible. We recommend offers without a deductible, because in the case of the case they have to pay otherwise substantial damage cost shares out of pocket.

After all these criteria, the liability insurance rate offered to you in our liability insurance comparison.

If, despite our recommendations, you are unsure as to which coverage or which additional benefits you should choose in your private liability insurance, we would be pleased to advise you in person. Get in contact with insurance brokers for Mü

These additional benefits can be included in your liability insurance

Depending on your personal needs, you can include the following additional benefits in your private liability insurance:

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